Sports Information

Sport at St. Mary’s

At Saint Mary’s we are fortunate to have a busy sporting calendar with many in-school clubs and events. Any of you who know us will understand that the adults like to get involved just as much as the children, even if we aren’t quite as skilled!

Have a read at our information and a look through our galleries as we all love sport at St. Mary’s!

Here are some of the highlights from our Sports Day 2019. On Friday 17th May we held our annual family fun, BBQ and Sports Day. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and our Reception class joined in for the first time.

Woodlesford Run – 2019

Many of our KS2 children took part in the annual run on Friday 17th May after school. We had lots of success and the children once again, represented themselves brilliantly. Henry S came 3rd in A race and Thomas R won the B race by a mile!

Well done to all the children who took part. A credit to yourselves, your parents and your school.

Sporting Calendar:


Premier Sports: 

Premier Sports will be our new provider for PE provision in school from September. They will deliver PE during the school day on Monday and Wednesday. On both days, they will start at 8.30am and provide fitness for the breakfast club children. They will keep to the same evenings for after school provision. This is detailed below and can be booked from 5th July on our own school money system:

Monday – Fencing for KS2 only
Wednesday – Gymnastics – open to all ages
Friday – Archery – open to all ages

There is a maximum number of 20 allowed for each club, so first come first served. The cost will be £4 per session paid in advance on School Money.

FOSM & The Leeds 10K

Thank you to all the volunteers, parents and staff who were involved in the Leeds 10K – it was certainly a hot one! Well done to all.