Our Outstanding School

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School was previously inspected in April 2013. The school is due inspection in the academic years 2023- 2025.
The current headteacher and one teacher were both in post at the time of the last inspection. All other staff have been employed since the last inspection.
The school has been a National Support School (2018-2022),  with its Headteacher being a National Leader of Education since the last inspection (2018 onwards).
The reports and analysis below are the latest external reviews of the school.
We welcome our visit from Ofsted.

Ofsted Reports

Please find below our recent Section 48 Diocesan RE Inspection report. Below is the link to the official Ofsted website where you can view inspection reports:
S48 Inspection Report

2013 OFSTED Report – Outstanding



Documents that demonstrate our Outstanding school

School SEF: SEF March 2023

School Development Plan: SDP March 2023

Local Authority Safeguarding Audit: Safeguarding Audit June 2022

Curriculum Rationale: Our Curriculum Rationale

Pupil Voice: Pupil Questionnaires

Staff Voice: Staff Feedback

Most Recent Sports Premium Report: Sport Premium Nov 2022 updated Feb 2023

 Most Recent Pupil Premium Reports: Pupil Premium Impact Statement 2021-22 &  Pupil Premium Statement 2022-23

Pupil Premium Expenditure Report: Pupil Premium Impact Statement 2022-2023

Parent and Family Feedback https://www.rothwellstmarys.co.uk/school-info/new-families/

Curriculum Diversity Inquiry: Diversity in the Curriculum

Response to post COVID SEMH and SEND support: Pre and Post COVID SEND Comparison and Impact

Equality Target Impact: Equality target for 2019-2023



Parent View

Periodically we will ask you to complete the Ofsted questionnaire via the Parent view page of the Ofsted website. The link is below