General School Information

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If you require something further, please call or email the school office.

0112 2828182

School Staff

Head Teacher – Miss S. Leonard (R.E)

Deputy Head – Mrs S. Sweeney (English & Curriculum Champion)

SENDCO – Mrs S. Sweeney

Office Staff

Business Manager – Mrs H. MacPherson

Office Manager – Ms D. McConnell

Class Teachers

Reception            Miss R. Cohen (Art & DT)

Year 1                  Miss L. Stephens (Maths)

Year 2                  Miss O. Drury (History)

Year 3                  Mrs S. Collins (Music & PSHE) & Miss S. Horan

Year 4                   Mrs R. Poole (Science)

Year 5                   Mr D. Murtagh (P.E.)

Year 6                  Miss R. Nicholson (History) & Mrs H. Hallos (MFL)

Learning Mentor 

Mrs R. Sheldon-Price

Support Staff

Mrs M. Williams

Miss J. Bettison

Mrs L. Laycock

Mrs K. Sweeney

Mrs L. Youhill

Mrs J. Lacey

Mrs K. Penchion


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs L. Laycock

Mrs L. Youhill

Mrs J. Lacey

Mrs K. Penchion

Mrs K. Sweeney

Mrs S. Horan



Mr M. Williams

Cleaning Staff

Mrs T. Timms

Mrs T. Normington

Our School Day

School Day

School Opens           8.20am

Start of Day               8.20am – 8:30am

Registration               8:30am

Reading Practice      8:30am – 9:15am

Morning Break         10.30am -10.45am

Lunchtime               12.00 – 1.00pm

Reading                   2:45pm – 3:00pm

End of day                3.00pm


Monday –        9.00 am Whole School Assembly

Tuesday –         Key Stage 1 Assembly / Class Worship

Wednesday –   Class Worship

Thursday –        Key Stage 2 Assembly / Class Worship

Friday –             9.00 am Golden Book Assembly. This is our celebration assembly for all children in school. This is also a chance for children to share their talents from outside of school.

Upcoming Dates: Please see the weekly newsletter for more dates.

St Mary’s school calendar 2023-24

Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday 29th November – School is having an assessment day to seek accreditation for Healthy Schools.

Thursday 30th November – Year 6 Sacrament of Confirmation – St Mary’s Church at 7pm.

Friday 1st December – Whole school trip to the Pantomime in Wakefield.

Monday 4th December – New parent open afternoon 1.30pm

Friday 8th December – Dress down day (see newsletter in FOSM section for more information)

Friday 8th December – Disco (see newsletter in FOSM section for more information)

Friday 15th December – School Christmas Fair 3-5pm

Monday 18th December – Reception Nativity (1.30pm and 5.30pm)

Thursday 21st December – Christmas dinner and party afternoon (own clothes day)

Friday 22nd December – Mass at 9am / School closes at 1pm

Please come and support the school community.


At St. Mary’s we pride ourselves on our uniform. It is the one unique feature which joins us all together as one carrying the symbol of the cross as we journey each day in school. It is essential that ALL pupils and parents adhere to the uniform policy of the school and that all pupils wear our uniform with pride and smartness.

We ask that pupils have the correct uniform both for school and for PE.

School Meals 


We offer a full meal plan for all children who wish to have a school dinner. All children eat their lunch in the school hall with their year group.

Our school cook is Mrs. G. Frankland and she was appointed in May 2021. Mrs Frankland works hard and is excited to work with parents and Leeds Catering to make our offer one that appeals to all children and complies with the latest food standard guidance.

Please find the menu below for September 2023








Image result for school meals

If you think you might be entitled to free school meals, please see Ms MacPherson in the school office.


National School Meals Week 2023 

What’s on NSMW 23 PDF

National School Meals Week is the one week in the year when we celebrate all that is great about today’s school food. We have made the decision to postpone the original date meaning there is still time for your child to book their delicious school meals.
Mrs Frankland and Mrs Collins have worked together, with the food ambassadors) to create an exciting and varied menu for the week! We have listened to the views of the children, expressed in a recent food survey conducted in school, and have incorporated their ideas into a nutritious, balanced and appetising menu!
This year our focus at St Mary’s will be on developing food confidence, educating our children further about the importance of a balanced diet and embedding an understanding about ‘food for fuel’ and the benefits of good nutrition for learning!


Healthy Eating at Home!

Rothwell St Mary’s supports a healthy balanced diet because it:

  • promotes health, growth and development
  • increases resistance to illness
  • introduces good habits for later life
  • reduces food insecurity
  • improves dietary intake
  • positively impacts health and obesity rates
  • improves young people’s concentration and performance in school

Why not try one of these delicious recipes at home?

We would love to see photographs of your healthy meals you have made at home!