Glimpses of God


Celebrating the Catholic Life of our School

We ‘Grow together in Christ’

‘Live and learn in God’s love’


Developing the potential of every individual by providing the best education through experience of our Catholic, Christian Community within which all members can grow in faith.

This weekend, Sunday 3rd October, saw the special occasion of the Reverend Bishop Marcus visit to the parish. Our ex-Year 6 pupils were also confirmed in a spiritual mass. This was followed by a meeting with Jim Taylor (Chair of Governors) Miss S. Leonard (Head Teacher), Mrs Martin and Mrs Sweeney (Assistant Head Teachers) and Fr. E. McGeough. 

We began the school year by coming together in a celebration of the Eucharist. This was our first mass as a school since the pandemic. It was a beautiful occasion. We welcomed our new staff and our new Reception children.

On Sunday 26th September, our Year 5 pupils received the sacrament of The Eucharist. They have been waiitng a long time for this day. God bless all of them as they journey in faith together with their familes and friends

Our Reception class have show their understanding of being in God’s Family, as they begin their journey through Rothwell St. Mary’s School.

Our Y5 children have just made their First Holy Communion in the Autumn which has been a change from May – they all showed such reverence. Well done!

St. Mary’s remembers. This year we have made amazing sculptures to commemorate the Great Wars and remember all those who lost their lives for us. We pray for them and are grateful for the risks they took.

Miss Stephens has been leading Y4 with their work around our virtue of thankfulness. The children in Y4 came up with so many amazing ideas that they were thankful for.  All of our children have been sharing their prayers of thanks with our virtues prayer :

Virtues Prayers – Thankfulness


Y4 have begun their sacramental preparation for their First Holy Communion. Together with their families, friends, Fr Eamon and teachers, we have come together to support them in their journey. The children have been using the Heart Speaks to Heart resources and following the journey of the friends they have made within the book.

It’s that special time of year again! We have begun our preparations for the celebration of the birth of Christ. Advent promises have been made, calendars hung and reverse Advert calendars agreed. Mrs Leonard and Mrs Mullins have been into school to help the children create a symbol of Advent to take into their classrooms and light each day; the Advent wreath. Fr Eamon blessed our wreaths to help keep the real of message of Christmas at the forefront of our preparations.

During this time of remembrance, our school have been thinking about how we can show our respect to those people that lost their lives for us and those that still do. Y3 visited Rothwell cenotaph, Reception wrote their own prayers and many classes created their own wreaths and worship areas dedicated to those people.

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we shall remember them.”

Laurence Binyon

On Friday 18th October our Mini Vinnies led our Harvest Festival. The theme was ‘Brighten Up’ linked to CAFOD. All the children came dressed in bright coloured tops and the staff made a huge effort to dress in harvest colours too! We had so many harvest gifts brought from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 – thank you. KS2 sent in donations for CAFOD. Here is a taste of the morning!

During the School holidays, Carmela courageously donated her hair to the children’s charity ‘Little Princess Trust’. The Little Princess Trust provide real hair wigs to children and young people with hair loss, and fund vital research into childhood cancer. Carmela explained the process to her peers and we, as a school, admire the wonderful charitable act which Carmela has done.

On Sunday 19th May, our Year 4 children received the sacrament of The Eucharist. We celebrated with a wonderful mass, led by Fr. Eamon. The children and their families joined together for a communion breakfast in the parish hall after mass. We congratulate all the children and we pray for their continued journey of faith.

Rothwell St. Mary’s hosted a very special afternoon for our parish. Parishioners and members of our local community were invited to see our talents and join us in spreading the festival spirit. Each year group showed their musical skills with performances of Christmas carols.

We had More Than Dance in school to support our understanding of the Christmas story. We told the whole story progressing through school, focusing on each aspect such as Mary accepting the message or Mary and Joseph holding the Messiah. Through the skills More Than Dance taught us we were able to story story in a new light.

Mrs Leonard and Mrs Mullins came to school to help with our Advent preparations. They supported the children in making Advent wreaths for each classroom.

Reception held their own special party to support their understanding of their ‘celebration’ topic. Parents, Grandparents and members of our community were invited to share their experiences.

Year 3 visited Rothwell Cenotaph to pay their respects following the Armistice Centenary. The child held their own 2 minute silence and reflected in silent prayer.

We had a special Harvest Celebration led by Yr3 and Yr4. They told the story of H is for Harvest.

Two of our Yr5 Mini Vinnies presented the money we raised during our Good Shepherd walk to the Bishop during a beautiful Mass at the Cathedral.

Some of our Mini Vinnies and School Council have been working hard in our Prayer Garden. We bought lots of flowers to theme our garden around Mary during May and playground to remember Dementia Action Week.

We have Walked with the Good Shepherd! We have been collected sponsor money to walk around our school grounds with our families and with our class to raise money for the Good Shepherd. Each class ended their walk with some time reflecting in the Prayer Garden. We ended the day with a school Collective Worship led by the Mini Vinnies.

We are working with our Catholic Compass Partnership for the CAFOD Live Simply Award. We are thinking about living simply so that others can live simply too. This include saving water, working with our Planet Protectors and encouraging nature into our school grounds.

Thank you to St Gemma’s for delivering a fantastic assembly, celebrating our whole school fundraising and showing us what our money is being used for at the hospice. Gemma the Giraffe was an amazing surprise. Thank you Year 4 for kick-starting this!

Year 6 visited our church to hear about the Mass led by Fr Eamon. They brought their Mass cards to help them understand all the elements of Mass.

Our families have been attending all of our class Collective Worship. The children love hearing the contributions of their parents, grandparents and family members when they join us for Collective Worship.

The Mini Vinnies led us in the celebration of the Epiphany with a focus on finding our own stars to guide our faith. As a reminder of this each class took a sign to bless their doorways and each child was given an olive wood cross to keep with them throughout their school journey. These will be used in acts of Collective Worship and when the children would like a moment of prayer.

We had our Advent wreath blessing and Penitential Service in school to mark the start of Advent. All our wreaths were blessed by Fr Eamon and sent into each classroom.

We raised £317.62 at our Macmillian coffee morning in school. Everyone showed off their baking talents and came together to raise money for the cause so close to many people.

Nela in Yr3 made her own Advent Wreath at home and showed it to her friends. She was able to explain her wreath, the candles and what it represents.

We are beginning our preparations for Christmas as Advent has begun.

Year 4 led us in a ‘Stir Up Sunday’ celebration by raising money for St. Gemma’s Hospice. We each gave a donation to take part in a Christmas jumper run around the school grounds.

We had a visit from CAFOD and gave them our donations from fundraising in school.

Following on from our wonderful Harvest Festival, we donated lots of the food to Rothwell Food Bank.

As a whole school we have revisited our Mission Statement and thinking about how we are called to serve in school everyday. All the staff in school and governors have thought about they serve our school community.

Year 6 had adopted an Andean Bear. The children voted which animal they would like to adopt and raised money within their own class.

Our Mini Vinnies attending the Good Shepherd Mass to meet Bishop Marcus and tell him how we had raised over £1000 for the Good Shepherd Appeal.

To support the Good Shepherd Appeal we walked with the Good Shepherd around our school grounds with family and friends. At the end of each walk we gathered in our new prayer area. Our prayer garden is now open each lunch time with the Mini Vinnies supporting prayer.

We have begun our preparations for Easter in this special time of Lent. We began with Mass on Ash Wednesday and we have each made a Lenten promise to give something us and to do a little of something extra.

Reception and Year One performed the Christmas story for the whole class and families.

Our Mini Vinnies held their own Christmas Fair in school to raise money for the SVP in providing meals for the homeless at Christmas.

Reception and Yr 1 have been learning about the church. We discussed what the Church means to us in our hearts and what we see within the building of the Church.

“Love comes down throughout the church from the cross.” Justice.

“The candle shows Jesus is the light of the world.” Seth.

“We genuflect to show respect for Jesus in the tabernacle.” Eden.

“When I think of the church I think of my family.” Carmela

Our Year 3 children have made their Holy Communion. We have two very special days which the children shared with staff, friends and families.

Our Mini Vinnies joined in with our Catholic Compass mass. Each school had a reading and gathered together to share their ideas.

KS2 library has been updated with an RE section covering all faiths. There is a collection of books and artefacts from all world faiths.

Our Year Three Children are all eagerly preparing for their First Holy Communion. Please pray for them.

Year 6 have been learning about the parts of the the Mass, this is how they displayed their wonderful understanding.

In Reception we have been writing prayers for the sick after listening to the story of Jesus at the Pool.

Advent is here! Around school and in all of the classes signs of this special time of preparation have begun to appear. Each class made a wreath to light each week in their class. All of the children made an advent promise to display in their class.

Following the success last year, Miss Coulson invited a member of each class to help design their class collective worship candle. The designs incorporated our patron saint, class saints and the school’s ethos. There is a school candle as we arrive into the reception area.

On the 25th September we hosted a  MacMillan coffee morning raising £495. Thank you to everyone who came and to everyone who baked.

This half term we have invited our parents to join in with our collective worship. They were able to listen to the children’s responses and contribute personal reflections.

We had a special visitor in school, our priest came to visit us and spent time in each class. Father Martin answered questions and had a prayerful moment with each of us.

Our Classes across school have been celebrating their worship with Mary in our beautiful prayer garden and outdoors in the month of May.

We thank our special families in Year Three for supporting us on our journey as we have made our First Holy Communion.

Year One have been thinking about the personal strengths of people they know and love and they have been celebrating those individuals

During Collective Worship we are together to show God

During Advent we worked together to show’s God’s presence in our classrooms

In Reception we have been coming together in our collective worship to understand what it means to pray. We use this time as a time of reflection, giving thanks and individual prayer.

To celebrate Jesus returning to Heaven, Reception and Year One came together and wrote prayers of thanks. We attached these to balloons and watched our prayer rise into the sky.  We shared a special prayer as they were released.