“The important thing is to never stop questioning”

Albert Einstein

At St.Mary’s we believe that scientific investigation, curiosity and questioning are the most powerful ways to learn; developing self discovery and perseverance as well as challenging what we know about the world help create the scientists of the future. We aim to make science experiences ‘hands on’, linking it to real life contexts and giving a meaning to the world around us.

We want our children to develop the key skills of investigation, problem solving and team work; empowering them to question their knowledge and become scientific thinkers.






Snap Science:


Science Long Term Plan:

Science long term plan


We want to ensure that our children experience an active, engaging and inspiring science curriculum that promotes enquiry and investigation into the developing world in which we live.


Science Implementation Plan

Science Policy


Year 4 – Making rain clouds to demonstrate the parts of the water cycle.

Year 3 – Making mini compost bins – a way of helping our planet.

Year 5 – Investigating whether surface area affects air resistance.