Physical Education (PE)


Our vision is for all children at Rothwell St Mary’s to experience exceptional physical education, school sport and activity that will lead to life-long participation for all. Positive participation in physical education will enable children to build, self-esteem, teamwork and positive attitudes in P.E.  

At Rothwell St Mary’s Physical Education is a key element, which is incorporated into everyday life. As a school we aim to motivate students to maintain a balance between their school work and Physical Education. Physical Education is an essential part of healthy living especially for children who are at school. We believe that Physical Education enhances children’s ability to remain focused and increases concentration. Our students are promoted to take part in activities along with their school work, so this will help in maintaining their healthy bodies and minds.

We are very fortunate to have Premier Sports who work with all our children and staff. They also provide before and after school sporting skills practise. During our P.E. lessons and after school skills practise the children have the opportunity to learn new skills and build teamwork skills.

We practise our sporting skills through games which include:

  • Netball
  • Gymnastics
  • Multi sports
  • Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Basket ball
  • Athletics
  • Fencing
  • Archery
  • Cricket

Development Matters and National Curriculum:

Long Term Plans:


Physical Education Policy:




Our high-quality Physical Education at St Mary’s aims to equip learners with the skills they need to lead full and valuable lives through engaging in purposeful and high quality activity. Promoting an active and heathy lifestyle.


PE Implementation Plan- ACTIVE MINUTES (1)


We want to ensure that Physical Education is incorporated into everyday life and children are given opportunities to learn new skills.

Curriculum- Active Minutes

Year 1 have been working on their teamwork skills in the sunshine today! In PSHE they have been focusing on what skills are needed when working in a team. They put these skills to the test through an active challenge today (PSHE, P.E, Active Learning).

Year 4 used their active minutes to consolidate their learning of  the Romans so far, by placing important dates they have learnt about on a timeline. The children had to find the dates around the classroom and then race against the clock to place them correctly on the timeline (Humanities, P.E., Active Minutes).

Year 2 participated in active learning today during Geography. The children used the playground space to find the names of the 7 continents and their population (Humanities, P.E, Active learning).

In Year 1, they have been learning all about materials in Science. This afternoon, they got up out of their seats and went on a hunt around the classroom to look for objects made of wood, metal, glass, plastic and material (Science, P.E, Active Minutes).

Year 4 jumped out of their seats this week to practise their timetables! They were put into teams and raised against one another to memorise, write and recite the timetables that sometimes trick us- their hear rates were sky high after these activities (Maths, Fluency, P.E, Active Minutes).
During our whole school mental health day, Year 3 worked on lots of strategies that help to shape and form us in different ways. In their Den Building activity they fostered their team work, communication, patience, resilience, problem solving, co-operation and much more! They used their active minutes in the playground to complete this task.

Today, Year One took their Maths outdoors! They have been learning about part whole models and using them for addition and subtraction when using fact families. They used the sports equipment, outdoor area and their active minutes to complete their P-P-P-W calculations.


Sport participation

Miss Stephens and 10 lucky Year 5 children were invited to Elland Road Ice Rink to have a private skating lesson with the Leeds Knights, a fantastic experience and exposure to new sports for all children. 

James from Leeds Rhinos came in as part of Project 9 to take a coaching session with Yr5, which was fabulous – the children loved it. The children have now all been signed up to the Project 9 ticket service, whereby themselves and one adult now have access to every Leeds Rhino’s home game up until the end of the season, a great opportunity for all.

This week, Year 1 got to spent their day taking part in ‘balanceability’. The children go to work learning how to balance correctly and how to use the different special bikes (P.E, Active Minutes).

 Below is the events calendar for Autumn 2. Visit this page each half term to see what fantastic opportunities we have to look forward to.


Football Superstars!

A huge congratulations to our Year 4 football team who took the win at St Theresa’s this week. 3 goal from Jack, Noah and Rory saw the boys take the game, not to forget our goal keeping superstar Daniel who received Man of the Match! A super victory from a hardworking group of boys!

Drowning Prevention Week

This week is National Drowning Prevention Week, in order to celebrate the occasion and raise awareness we took part in a lifesaving workshop at Swimming. We spent time discussing with the instructors the risks of playing near water and ice, we were told lots of important information that could potentially help save lives. We then got to work practicing life saving techniques, we learnt safe ways to call for help and how to retrieve people from the water if they are in trouble. We showed fantastic listening skills and brilliant concentration.



Inclusion Bowling

6 of our lovely children were given the opportunity to attend a bowling competition with lots of different schools across Leeds! All children participated fantastically, Mrs Youhill and Miss Horan were so proud of the team work, effort and enthusiasm shown. The children had a fantastic afternoon and they can’t wait for the next event!

Sporting Success

A huge well done to our Rothwell St Mary’s Y4 and Y6 football teams. Y4 secured a 4-3 win against St Paul’s and Y6 celebrated a 3-2 win over a very challenging Ingram Road side. Noah was awarded Man of The Match for his fantastic hattrick and Finley was awarded Man of the Match for his stamina and commitment to retrieving the ball. Miss Stephens and Mrs Youhill were blown away with the team work, determination and resilience shown by both side. Our first two matches were a snapshot into the success we have to look forward to this year.

Rounders Club

This week saw our new curriculum enhancement of after school rounders for KS2. This weeks focus was fielding, all participants displayed fantastic team work and communication skills and Miss Stephens was blown away with the sporting talent! Go Team St Mary’s!

Sports ambassadors

Say HELLO to our new ‘Sports Ambassadors’. George, Zavier, Iona, Maxwell, Henry, Xanthe (Year 5) Ava, Violet, Justice and Finley (Year 6) have all been chosen as this years Sports Ambassadors. All 10 children’s applications blew Miss Stephens and Mrs Youhill away and we can’t wait to see the difference they will make in our school. They will attend weekly meetings to discuss changes they would like to see within our PE curriculum and extra-curricular activities that our school provides. Mrs Youhill will spend time training them up to plan and deliver playground games/competitions in our outside provision during break and lunch times. We can’t wait to watch them shine!

Sport participation

Miss Stephens and Mrs Youhill have been working hard to organise a variety of different competitions/games that we are able to participate in. Below is the events calendar for Autumn 1. Visit this page each half term to see what fantastic opportunities we have to look forward to.

Rhinos Lunchtime Camp

Y5 and Y6 girls took part in the Leeds Rhinos/ Oulton Raiders taster session. The session was to promote female inclusion in Rugby and to help build upon vital skills and techniques.