At Rothwell St Mary’s our curriculum vision for maths is around understanding a deep interwoven network of mathematical skills. We envisage all our children leaving as mathematicians, ready to understand the world of number and apply this in their future endeavours



From our EYFS curriculum to Year 6, we adopt a ‘Teaching for Mastery’ approach with a philosophy that every child can achieve through a deeper understanding.

We use mastery resources to support our teaching. These include:


White Rose Maths Hub:


Power Maths:


The National Centre for Excellence in Mathematics


We work alongside the West Yorkshire Maths Hub to make sure our teaching of mathematics is up to date with the latest research based practice.



National Curriculum and Development Matters for Maths:–2

Long Term Plans:

Maths Long Term Plan

Maths Policy:

Maths Policy 2021

Multiplication and Division calculation policy

Rothwell St Mary’s Calculation Policy


Our main focus for the year ahead is to develop children’s fluency.


Maths Implementation Plan


Progression in number facts

This year so far we have hosted a number of Early Years working parties for Maths Hub, Teacher Research Groups (TRGs) across KS1 and KS2 and had showcase lessons. The children have shown a fantastic development in their fluency skills throughout these episodes and for a number of our TRGs this has been the primary focus.