Humanities is the driver and the context of our bespoke curriculum at Rothwell St. Mary’s.
At Rothwell St. Mary’s we inspire the historian inside every child through challenging, engaging and practical learning. Children will not only view history as looking back to past events, but to use their knowledge to help them understand the world today and their place in it.
We bring history alive for children through trips and “lived experiences”, giving children access to real historical artefacts in their classrooms. History education at Rothwell St. Mary’s will give the children valuable life skills to identify, interpret and scrutinise information, and come to better understand who we are through the study of local, modern and ancient history.


Where will you find evidence of our pupil’s work for each curriculum area?

In most classes, work can be found in pupil’s books for the subject. In our older classes in Key Stage 2, some evidence of learning can be found on Chrome Books. Pupils in Years 3-6 are fortunate enough to have their own Chrome Books.



History in Action 


Important Documents: 

National Curriculum for History

EYFS (Understanding the World)


Our Intent:

Humanities Implementation Plan



Long Term Plan: history-long-term-plan-2023-24 V4

History Policy: History Policy

Progression of Skills in History: History Progression of Skills


Useful sites for teachers and pupils: