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The hue of choice for this session was red. Red was our dominant, vibrant colour and it was from this colour that we created different tints of red by adding different amounts of white paint. The pink colour palette was just glorious across the page and the children were amazed as each different tint appeared. We then incorporated our second hue of yellow to create a peach, into a brighter orange and through to our last hue of yellow!! 


As a Silver award Artsmark school, we recognise the importance of the arts. We strive to achieve arts excellence for all children through a curriculum which creates authentic opportunities that excite, engage and inspire all learners. Our aim is to ensure positive and inclusive experiences for all and we do this through actively involving children in practical and meaningful arts provision.

Children are given further opportunity to develop their art skills in other subjects, particularly in RE with our creative approach. Each year children participate in a Spirited Arts competition.

Artsmark impact statement: Artsmark statement

National Curriculum and Development Matters for Art:


Art and DT Implementation Plan 23-24

Our high-quality artistic education at St Mary’s aims to equip learners with the skills they need to progress in this society through a high-quality education, purposeful to the skills children need. We aim to provide our children with a platform to develop artistic skills and express themselves creatively.


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Art & DT Long Term Plan

A school full of Artists! We have entered the National Gallery’s Take One Picture competition. Take One Picture is our national programme for primary schools, which aims to inspire a lifelong love of art and learning. Every year, the gallery take one picture from the collection to inspire cross-curricular work in primary classrooms. Our submissions responded to Orazio Gentileschi’s ‘The Finding of Moses’ painting. We worked on many skills and had lots of links to the different areas of our curriculum.

Well done to everyone in our school for their beautiful stamp designs for the Royal Mail. The competition involved designing a stamp to say thank you to all our heroes during the pandemic.

To commemorate Remembrance Day and all of the brave soldiers who fought for our country, St Mary’s reflected on the symbol of the poppy. Across the school, we thought about the symbol and what it represents to us all, before expressing this in various art and design forms.

Reception and KS1 made their own poppies using recycled bottles. From this, they made beautiful wreaths to go at the front of our school, to both show our community that Rothwell St Mary’s remembers and to help them to honour the day as well. KS2 took a paper poppy and created their own work of art, reflecting on what the poppy means to this and exploring this with different media. It was fantastic to see the range of inspirations and creativity on show! As a school, we observed Remembrance Day, with Year 3 laying KS2’s poppy wreaths on our local cenotaph for us.

We are proud to be a part of this historic tradition and hope that our poppies remain a symbol of hope for a peaceful future for both us and the whole community.

All our children are Artists 


Our Take One picture award. We were very lucky to have a piece displayed in the National Gallery

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