Art and Design




Art and Design

As a ‘working towards Artsmark’ school, we recognise the importance of the arts. We strive to achieve arts excellence for all children through a curriculum which creates authentic opportunities that excite, engage and inspire all learners. Our aim is to ensure positive and inclusive experiences for all and we do this through actively involving children in practical and meaningful arts provision.

Children are given further opportunity to develop their art skills in other subjects, particularly in RE with our creative approach. Each year children participate in a Spirited Arts competition.

National Curriculum and Development Matters for Art:


Our high-quality artistic education at St Mary’s aims to equip learners with the skills they need to progress in this society through a high-quality education, purposeful to the skills children need. We aim to provide our children with a platform to develop artistic skills and express themselves creatively.


Policy: St Mary’s Art Policy 2019

Long term plan:

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