Please be patient whilst we construct our Curriculum Page – we aim to be complete by January 30th 2019

  • Step 1: Principles and purpose at Rothwell St. Mary’s:

At St Mary’s Catholic Primary School
We ‘Grow together in Christ’
‘Live and learn in God’s love’
By Developing the potential of every individual by
providing the best education through experience of our Catholic,
Christian Community within which all members can grow in faith.

Step 2: Enrichment

  • We support children’s development by enriching every day that is spent living within our school.

    Step 3: Breadth and balance

    The content of our curriculum at St. Mary’s : 

  • WHAT we cover
  • HOW we cover it
  • The depth needed to achieve Breadth & Balance

    Step 4: Teaching narrative

  • Our Long Term Plans
  • Our Medium Term Plans
  • Our Half-termly class newsletters
  • Weekly Planning
  • Class Pages of our website

    Step 5: Resources

    How we source high-quality resources to deliver the curriculum.

Human resources, practical equipment, environments and teaching resources.

Step 6: Review and evaluate

  • How we decide what is working well and where there is room for improvement.
  • How we monitor children’s learning & progress
  • How we feedback to families