Welcome to our Rothwell St. Mary’s Curriculum Page. This is a page that will inform you about our broad curriculum that is completely unique to us. The first section, in the wake of Covid19, is devoted to virtual learning and the second section is all about our school curriculum. We hope that you can find what you are looking for; if you can’t, contact our email address and we will direct you to the content that you need. 

Our Virtual Curriculum

RE : Have a look on our RE webpage for ideas about extra Home Learning activities you can go

English : Phonics

Use the Letters and Sounds Youtube Channel for daily phonics lessons for your Reception & Year One Child:

English : Reading

With really exciting activities for each of our Reception & Primary age ranges, Words For Life has fantastic activities on offer.

Reading Comprehension activities from Reception up to Y6 :

English : Writing (Including Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar – SPaG)

This is a great way to develop your typing skills so that writing on a laptop can be much quicker :


Key Stage One Writing Activity Packs : (the activities can be done in children’s home learning books)

Year One Common Exception Words:

Year Two Common Exception Words:


Y3/4 Spelling List :

Y5/6 Spelling List

Key Stage Two Writing Activity Packs : (the activities can be done in children’s home learning books)



Reception: The Oak Academy has lot of exciting maths activities online


Just because you can’t visit the Natural History Museum doesn’t mean that you can’t see and learn!

Find out about women in STEM (Science, technology, Engineering & Maths) on the National Geographic website :

Upper KS2: Watch some of these fascinating TED Talks about fascinating areas of science :

Reception : The Oak Academy has lots of helpful resources for understanding the world :



Why not visit the Tate Art Gallery to see and learn all about different global artists and develop your art skills.

Design Technology

Upper Key Stage Two : Be inspired by some of these amazing TED talks all about Design….you will be blown away!


Watch this video for an introduction to computer coding :

Jungle Junior is an interactive typing workshop :


Find out all about different instruments within this amazing encyclopaedia :


From the Incas to WW1 and Ancient Greece right through to Wartime Spies, here is lots of historical information that matches up to our school curriculum :

Just because you can’t visit the Natural History Museum doesn’t mean that you can’t see and learn!

Children can find useful resources from heritage organisations to bring history to life:

To help further explore their local area, Leodis is a brilliant photographic archive of Leeds through the year, showing changes in living memory and beyond:

The Historical Association provides a voice for history, helping children to find different sources, views and evidence from a wide range of historically significant moments:

While museums may be closed at the moment, local museums in Leeds are still offering wonderful virtual trips around their exhibitions:

Leeds Discovery Centre

Modern Foreign Language – French

KS2 children can all build on their French skills by using the BBC platform to develop their conversational skills. They can even learn a song or listen to a story in French with this KS2 French levelled work :

Our Y2 children can learn all about France in preparation for learning French in Y3. KS2 children will also enjoy using this learning tool :


Find out about maps and models of the world on National Geographic :

From the natural world to geographical skills, this BBC platform will develop our KS2 geography skills


Why our Curriculum is so important to us

At St. Mary’s we go above and beyond to ensure that the firm foundations of knowledge are put in place in order for our children to achieve their full potential actively, creatively and holistically.


The three key areas of our curriculum are:

  • Spiritual – As parents who have chosen a Catholic Education system for your child we will centre all of our words, our actions and our teachings around our Faith, making Catholic Education the ‘Core of the core curriculum’ Pope St. John Paul II.
  • Purposeful – This means we will endeavour to make sure that what children learn in school matters to them. Putting our local area of Rothwell at the heart of our subjects such as History and Geography means we have a model that makes our young people proud of their fascinating heritage. You will find your children are studying areas never before taught such as Mining in Rothwell, Poetry about the Leeds Pals in the Battle of the Somme or having a Zoom Call with a local vet!
  • Sequential – This means that every building block of learning forms a platform for the next building block to be placed upon. Every class has a learning journey that forms a spiral up through their school career and gives them the best possible foundations for their High School Education.

Please read our letter to families about our theme days for 2020 and this link with our unique school curriculum : Letter to Families about Theme Days of 2020

Our Local Area – it’s special to us

We are all very proud of our local area and Rothwell itself has a rich history. Our aim is that our children leave our school with a secure knowledge & understanding of the landscape and history and that they are as proud as we are of what Rothwell has to offer.


At Rothwell St. Mary’s:

We ‘Grow together in Christ’

‘Live and learn in God’s love’

By Developing the potential of every individual by

providing the best education through experience of our Catholic,

Christian Community within which all members can grow in faith.

We build our faith and spirituality into every school day with all classes preparing and sharing Collective Worship at an Outstanding Level. During our Diocesan Inspection last June our school was rated as ‘Outstanding’ once again. The quality of teaching is excellent and over the last couple of years we have been teaching all RE creatively with activities such as drama, poetry, art & debate used to make learning particularly enjoyable & accessible to all. Events over the course of this academic year that have particularly stood out for all children & staff include the two-day whole school More Than Dance workshops, this year focusing on Christ’s Birth in December. During the time of Harvest we raised more money & food donations that ever before and we were able to take this to Mulgrave House, the nearby Residential Home in our local area and to the Rothwell Food Bank, in order to share what we have with other families in need. Other events that have stood out include The Big Sing Liturgy Things for Year Five and the on-going dedication that each and every one of our Mini Vinnies (Youth SVP) brings to our school, including our awareness of Dementia, raising funds for those in need on a global level and supporting those in need in our local community.

As a team of experienced staff we are looking at the sequence and breakdown of the National Curriculum and we aim to give our children the knowledge and skills that will set them up for High School, wider life, and for their careers long after they leave St. Mary’s.The subject leaders within our school are continuously working hard on developing their subject areas so that children’s learning is sequential. This means that each year of learning will build on prior years as children move through the year groups of our school.The teaching of our Curriculum is consistently covered in exciting, fun and creative ways and this is remarked upon time after time. We enhance our half terms with trips, visitors, themes and experiences be this from continuous, on-site resources such as our gardening club, local walks such as Y4’s recent Rothwell Walk or trip further afield like Y3’s Eden Camp trip which culminated their half year study of WWII. Every day offers additions to school life with clubs like Art Club, Theatre Club, Book Club or Lego Club. There are countless sports clubs that run and one of the latest additions has been fencing!

This year we welcomed children’s author Hilary Robinson into Year Five where she was able to discuss her writing, her themes and her inspiration as well as hosting a Q & A session and signing children’s books. We also hosted a Chocolate Extraordinaire who helped children in Year Two & Year Three to understand the journey from bean to bar for chocolate and the reasons why fairly traded beans are so important. Lower down school we had planned visits from our local emergency services including both fire and police to educate and teach our youngest members of school about their vital role.


Where to find Curricular information about what is taught

On each class page on this website you will find:

  • Each class’s Long Term Plan
  • Each class’s Medium Term Plans
  • Each class’s Half-termly class newsletter which gives details about events of the half term
  • Class Pages with a ‘News’ section which depict many ways our curriculum is lived and breathed
  • Each week, class teacher’s planning for Maths & English is emailed to the Senior Leadership Team

SEND and our Curriculum

SEND Local Offer and Information Report 2020

At Rothwell St. Mary’s we provide an inclusive curriculum for all, whereby all learners follow the National Curriculum or EYFS curriculum at a level and a pace that is appropriate to their abilities. Our SEND ethos places children with SEND at the heart of personalised learning and our curriculum is tailored to meet individual pupils’ needs. At times, and when it is felt appropriate, modifications to the curriculum may be implemented with a child centred approach. This includes enrichment and experiential learning that meet the needs of all our learners. To support all children in the development of new skills and acquisition of knowledge we adapt our teaching to suit the unique learning points of our children by:

Utilising a range of teaching and learning styles

Differentiated learning materials

Access to assistive technology

Additional in class support through resources, peer support and adult support

Additional out of class support where absolutely necessary

Targeted tailored interventions

Flexible groupings

Innovative and supportive personalised curriculum

Working with families

Use of the local offer to develop specialised programmes of support where required

Assessment procedures that emphasise pupils’ strengths and achievement