Welcome to this page. We hope to give you up to date information regarding the proposed opening to more children from 2nd June 2020.

Firstly, may I first thank all our key worker parents for the amazing job you have all done to support our country’s response to the COVID 19 pandemic. As a school community, we wish to say we are very grateful.

To all parents, well done for keeping your children safe, happy and healthy over the past 10 weeks. You have done amazingly well, and your children will remember the time they have had with you forever.

As you will have seen, heard and read that schools are being asked to reopen to an increased number of children, from the 1st June at the earliest. Our plan for the return is to begin on Tuesday 2nd June, allowing us to train staff on 1st June. Thank you for being so precise in your google forms, this has allowed us to make very comprehensive plans and to ensure as best we can, that all staff, parents and children can remain as safe as possible. This guidance is accurate as of Tuesday 26th May 2020 and may be subject to change.

Information regarding which Pod your child will be in will be sent once the government has given its firm decisions on 28th May. Parents will be notified by text or email on 29th May.

Risk Assessments and Policies

A series of comprehensive risk assessments are in the process of being finalised. These are currently in the process of being approved by our school governors, LEA and unions. Some school policies have also been updated in order to reflect the changed environment in which children will work. These will be updated and located here for you to view as they are approved by governors.

When will school open?

School will open on the following dates to those parents who responded YES to our most recent google form. Unfortunately, we are unable to take any more children at this time.

Tuesday 2nd June: Key Worker children and Year 1

Monday 8th June: Reception

Monday 15th June: Year 6

How will I drop off and pick my child up?

·         One parent will enter via the top gate to the school carpark (this will be closed to staff cars at 8.30am)

·         They will socially distance at the markers set out along the fence line

·         They will be met by 1 admin and one member of staff from the pod

·         The child is allowed to enter via the green gate outside Y1 and go round to their pod

·         Parent to exit via the hand gate at the bottom of the carpark

·         Parent must adhere to the set times in order for this to work

·         The same routine will be repeated for home time

·         Staff to bring children to green gate at allocated time and stand on 2m markers

·         As parent arrive and line up, each child will be dismissed

·         No conversations will take place here as the line needs to continually move

Behaviour Policy

School has written an addendum to our policy, following DFE guidance. This policy can be found by clicking the link: Covid behaviour policy

It is essential that all children abide by social distancing and rules set out in this policy. If a child fails to follow the guidance, then parents will be requested to come and collect their child from school. This is in place to ensure the safety of everyone.

What does my child wear and what can they bring to school?

·         Your child needs to wear their school PE kits and trainers each day. This is to ensure that no changing of clothes is needed. We do ask that children come in clean clothes each day to reduce any possibly of transmission.

·         Children Reception and Year One may bring a bag of spare clothes to keep in school in case of accidents.

·         All key worker children will be required to bring their own ipad (where possible). Staff allocated to this pod will connect the ipad to the school wifi.

·         Children need to bring their own large water bottle. These can be filled up by staff during the day. Children will NOT be able to access water points as stated in the guidance to schools.

·         Own packed lunch if you have selected this as an option. No bottles or sweets.

Sun cream and Sun Hats

As you will be sending your child back to school in the hottest part of the year, we are asking that sun cream is applied prior to bringing your child each day. Preferably using cream that lasts 6 hours as staff will not be able to apply sun cream to your child. Please also send a sun hat as your child will be spending more time outdoors.

Pod Selection

There is a possibility that children may not return to the teacher they had when school initially closed in March. Information regarding which Pod your child will be in will be sent once the government has given its firm decisions on 28th May. Parents will be notified by text or email on 29th May.

Please read the following guidance carefully:

·         Children returning to school will be placed into ‘pods’.

·         Where necessary, a year group will be split into two pods in order to reduce the number of children in a classroom. Senior Leaders and class teachers will organise the pods based on a range of factors.

·         Each pod will be assigned a teacher and a teaching assistant. This will remain consistent through the course of the term (unless there is an issue with illness). For some children this may mean working with different staff.

·         In the event of teacher absence, teaching assistants may be asked to lead a pod.

·         Children will not use the shared areas or visit other classrooms. They will remain in their pod at all times, with the exception of break time and lunch time.

Timetable/ Learning

·         Children will complete their set work on Seesaw provided by the class teacher.

·         They will have a break time where they will be the only group outside.

·         They must socially distance and no games with equipment can be played.

·         They will get a lunch break.

·         They will get an outdoor session once per day.

There will also be some changes to the normal school routines:

·         Children may complete work in one designated book.

·         Books will not be handled by staff.

·         Staff will provide verbal feedback and whole class feedback to children.

·         Homework will not be sent home.

·         Reading books will not be sent home and book bags must not be sent to school.

·         No pupil mobile phones will be permitted onsite.

·         Coats will be kept on the back of chairs in class.

·         Children with SEND will be supported as much as possible but may not receive the close 1-1 support they received previously.

·         Increased handwashing, hygiene and safe working practices will be taught to the children.

·         No assemblies until further notice.


·         As a school we have decided that if staff feel they need to wear PPE then they are allowed. Please prepare your child that they may see staff in school wearing masks, aprons and gloves.

·         If your child becomes ill, then the first aider will be wearing PPE to look after them while we wait for you to collect your child.

If staff or children are unwell / Health and Safety

·         If anyone in an education or childcare setting becomes unwell with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature, or has a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste of smell (anosmia), they must be sent home and advised to follow the COVID-19: guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection guidance.

·         If a child is awaiting collection, they should be moved, if possible, to a room where they can be isolated behind a closed door, depending on the age of the child and with appropriate adult supervision if required. Ideally, a window should be opened for ventilation. If it is not possible to isolate them, move them to an area which is at least 2 metres away from other people.

·         When a child, young person or staff member develops symptoms compatible with coronavirus, they should be sent home and advised to self-isolate for 7 days. Their fellow household members should self-isolate for 14 days.

·         All staff and students who are attending an education or childcare setting will have access to a test if they display symptoms of coronavirus and are encouraged to get tested in this scenario.

·         Where the child, young person or staff member tests negative, they can return to their setting and the fellow household members can end their self-isolation. Proof of test outcome must be presented to school via email prior to the child returning.

·         Where the child, young person or staff member tests positive, the rest of their class or group within their childcare or education setting should be sent home and advised to self-isolate for 14 days. The other household members of that wider class or group do not need to self-isolate unless the child, young person or staff member they live with in that group subsequently develops symptoms.

·         DO NOT send your child to school if they, or a member of your house has any symptoms or feels unwell. This is distinctly different from any of our previous school policies. We have to ensure that we are minimising risk at all times, and you can help us to this by not sending your child if any of the above factors apply.

·         If staff become ill – we have very limited staff to meet the cover required across school. At this stage we cannot guarantee that your pod would remain open if staff become unwell.

·         If school is concerned for the safety of the staff or pupils it will contact Public Health England and ask for advice. Under the direction of the Head Teacher and Local Authority, school will close if safety measures cannot be maintained and the control measures identified on the agreed Risk Assessment cannot be met.

·         Increased handwashing protocols, social distancing of 2m and reduced access to some facilities for pupils will be in effect to prioritise pupil and staff safety in school.

·         Staff will attempt to socially distance from each other at all times.

·         All inhalers, epi-pens and medicines should be updated by parents and sent into school, clearly labelled before their child returns to school. Children will not be able to access school without their necessary medical equipment.

What will school look like?

A number of logistical and aesthetical changes have been made within school in an attempt to maintain the Health and Safety protocols listed above. We have attempted to provide a summary of these changes below.


·         A maximum of 8 classrooms are available for use and each one has been modified in the following in a number of ways:

·         Furniture reorganised to facilitate a safe distance for all staff and pupils.

·         Furniture removed to allow classrooms to hold a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 12 pupils safely.

·         The hall can hold 15 pupils (Key Worker Pod)

·         Some rooms made ‘out of bounds’ as they do not allow for safe working within the Government guidelines.

·         All soft furnishings, work stations and table top displays have been removed.

·         There can be no doubt that school and the classrooms within it will look very different. Photographs of some classrooms will be available on our school website prior to opening.

School Meals

We asked parents to select school meal on the google questionnaire. School will be providing a packed lunch for children in Rec, Y1, and any infant Key Worker families under the universal free meal system. Any children who pay for meals in the Key Worker or Y6 group will continue to do this. We are unable to offer hot meals delivered in the hall at this time. Please click the link below to see our lunch grab bag options which is in operation until July 17th.

Reopening Menu Grab Bag Only Option 1 Draft Menu v3

Home Learning

We will continue to provide as much home learning (via Seesaw)as possible for those children who are not attending school in all year groups. We are very appreciative of your efforts so far and we hope children continue to share their work and receive some feedback from staff. It is our aim to have our home learning documents mirror the work taking place within school, whilst being mindful that our staff will also be teaching a pod of children throughout the day. As always, we will endeavour to get this right for our school community.


We have worked tirelessly to provide an environment and curriculum in which children can continue to learn and feel safe, whilst ensuring the safety of all staff and pupils. When we extend our offer to an increased number of children, we can promise:

·         We will continue to listen and respond to official guidance from all sources to keep our practices in school up to date.

·         We will monitor the well-being of our children, parents/carer as much as we possibly can.

We will continue to stay in touch through letters, newsletters, phone calls, text messages, social media and the school website. All we ask from our families in return is:

·         To follow social distancing and hygiene guidelines as strictly as possible.

·         To keep school informed of relevant health and attendance issues.

·         A continued commitment to home learning.

·         To prepare your child for returning to school.

Thank you for your continued support. Though this guidance is comprehensive, it is not completely exhaustive. It should be read alongside existing Government guidance in order for you to make an informed decision about your child’s return to school. If you have any further important questions that are not covered in this document or any of the government-based guidance available online, please contact the school by email or phone.

Essential Documents approved by the Governing Body:

Letter send to parents 13.5.20: Information letter re return to school 13.5.20

Letter to parents: 26.5.20 – for those parents who replied yes to the google form requesting a place for their child.

Guidance for parents letter 26.5.20

Risk Assessment: V2.1 – Coronavirus RA 31.5.2020 web version

Updated Risk Assessment: V2.1 – Coronavirus RA 15.6.2020

Curriculum Recovery:

Recovery of children’s wellbeing and learning is vital upon their reentry into school in September. 

Vast amounts of guidance and research has been sought after to ensure that children have the best possible reentry into school.

Evidence for Learning has provided an excellent base we have used to adapt our practice in September:

The principles are as follows:

Please see individual class recovery plans for each year group:

Y1 recovery

Y2 recovery

Y3 recovery

Y4 recovery

Y5 recovery

Y6 recovery