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We are now in a national lockdown 6.1.21. The advice is that you should remain at home in order to stop the transmission of the virus. Please keep your children at home where you can – this is the safest place for them.

Remote Learning:

At Rothwell St Mary’s we are using Google Classroom, Zoom and live lessons as our offer. All our staff are in school and are providing live teaching to all pupils. This is providing all children with an outstanding provision at this time. A huge thank you to our staff for their efforts and dedication at this time. Well done to all our pupils who are logging onto live teaching via Zoom – we have nearly ALL pupils online – AMAZING!

Please continue to check your learning opportunities and remember that we are here to help in any way that we can.

Communication sent to parents can be found at the bottom of this page.

Tier 3 updates 27.11.20

What do I do if my child or anyone in my house / close contact develops symptoms?:

Home Learning-September – January Here are details to support the use of Google Classroom

Should a child or bubble have to self-isolate, we have a new system in place from September onwards. We will be using Google Classroom. Log in details have now been sent out.

Home Learning Policy: Remote Home Learning Guidance October 2020 (1)

Useful guides to Google Classroom: These documents will help you to understand how to access the site and also how to upload your completed work.



Our latest School Risk Assessment can be found at the bottom of this page.

Risk Assessments and Policies

A series of comprehensive risk assessments are updated regularly and are approved by our school governors, LEA, and unions. Some school policies have also been updated in order to reflect the changing environment in which children will work.


It is mandatory for all pupils to attend school full time. Due to the number of school days children have missed, no holidays will be authorised and are actively discouraged. Full attendance is expected from all pupils wherever possible and only genuine absences will be authorised. Medical appointments, where possible, need to be made outside the school day. Usual protocols are in place to report genuine absences to the school. All children need to be in school each day wherever possible and 100% attendance will once again be the aim.

Lessons begin at 9.00 am for all pupils. At this point, the gate will be closed and your child will receive a late mark. Latecomers must report to the main entrance where you will be directed by Miss Leonard.

When will school open?

  • School will open on Thursday 3rd September to all pupils in Y1- Y6.
  • Parents unfortunately, will not be allowed into school grounds
  • Meetings will be by appointment only and where necessary
  • Assemblies and gatherings will not take place, but plans are in place to stream assemblies to classrooms from September

 Access to the School Site

In order to prevent any mass gatherings, it is imperative our parents adhere to the following guidelines in order to ensure the safety of our children and staff:

  • ALL adults must wear masks whilst on the school premises and remain at least 2m away from anyone else
  • Adults must adhere to social distancing on and off the premises in order to make it safe for everyone and to ensure the school remains open
  • Adults and children must always maintain social distancing from other families within or nearby the school grounds.
  • Start times will be staggered to reduce congestion.
  • Entry and exit points will be supervised by staff members.
  • Parents will not be allowed onto the school site due to logistics and the possibility of gatherings and the site not allowing for a through flow.
  • Access to the school office in person will only be permitted in an emergency. Contact with the school should be in the form of an email ( or telephone (0113 2828182).
  • Children must arrive at school at the designated time. Late attendance will be monitored as it risks the safety of admin staff and pupils in other pods.
  • Where a childminder is collecting multiple children, we would ask them to inform the school directly in order to assist efficient pick-up.
  • It is essential all children are collected on time in order to maintain the systems in place.
  • If you are planning to use My Bus, then please contact the school office as soon as you possibly can, so that we can liaise with the company and offer guidance.

How will I drop off my child?

  • One parent (or adult dropping off) will enter via the top gate to the school carpark (this will be closed to staff cars at 8.30 am)
  • They will socially distance at the markers set out along the fence line
  • The child is allowed to enter via the green gate outside Y1 and go round to their classroom
  • Siblings will enter at the same time (older children will ensure that younger children enter their classrooms)
  • Staff will be waiting at fire exits to welcome children into the classrooms
  • Parent to exit via the hand gate at the bottom of the carpark
  • Parent must adhere to the set times in order for this to work
  • The same routine will be repeated for home time

 Drop off times: From January 5th – all pupils will enter school at 9am –

Bubble Drop off
Y4/5/6 8.45 am
Y2 / Y3 8.55 am
Rec / y1 9.00 am

How will I pick up my child?

  • One parent (or adult picking up) will enter via the top gate to the school carpark
  • Children will exit in year groups/sibling groups e.g. Y6 exit and collect any siblings, Y5 exit and collect sibling …
  • Staff to bring children to the green gate at the allocated time and stand on 2m markers
  • As parent arrive and line up, each child will be dismissed
  • No conversations will take place here as the line needs to continually move
  • Parent must adhere to the set times in order for this to work

Pick up times: – same from January 2021 during lockdown

Year Pick up Teacher
Year 6 (+siblings) 3.00pm Mrs. Hallos
Year 5 (+siblings) 3.00pm Mrs. Collins
Year 4 (+siblings) 3.05pm Miss Stephens
Year 3 (+siblings) 3.10 pm Mrs. Sweeney/ Mrs. Martin
Year 2 (+siblings) 3.15 pm Miss Nicholson
Year 1 3.20 pm Miss Drury
Reception 3.20 pm Miss Cohen

Pre Booking Facilities:

Breakfast / ASC:

Breakfast and After School Club letters have already been sent out. This is a service for those who absolutely need it in the Autumn term. Please see the guidance on the letter.


All dinners are now pre-bookable on the school money site. These will need to be booked two weeks in advance to allow food to be ordered. Dinners in the autumn term will initially follow the same hot grab bag option that we are currently using. This avoids the use of trays, cups, cutlery and allows us to get up and running with bubbles, numbers, staggered lunch, etc. Please can children be either choosing dinners all week or their own packed lunch all week? If you do not book dinners via school money, we will assume that your child is bringing their own lunch. Mrs. Timms has done an amazing job at catering and the children have enjoyed their meals.

If you have applied for Universal credit during the lockdown, please let Ms. MacPherson know as your child/children may be eligible for free school meals. For Year Reception, Year 1, and Year 2, the system will know that you are free meals, but you still need to book.

Menu: Rothwell St Mary’s Catholic Primary Option 3 Final Menu v1- 

Mrs. Timms has altered the salmon to fish cakes.


For the first term, there will be no sport or extracurricular clubs run by Premier or staff. This again gives us breathing space to get our own ASC up and running and use the space to segregate bubbles etc if the weather is not kind to us.


The grid below indicates what uniform is needed on which day. We are asking all children to come to school in the correct uniform – standards still remain high.

No pumps will be needed.

No bags please – only the allocated bookbag given by school.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
PE Kit- with trainers that they can manage (no laces if they cannot be tied) Uniform (school shoes) PE Kit – with trainers that they can manage (no laces if they cannot be tied) Uniform (school shoes) Uniform (school shoes)


What does my child need to bring to school?

  • their own water bottle filled
  • a coat and the correct uniform for each day
  • a fleece to wear inside if they get cold

What will school look like?

A number of logistical and aesthetical changes have been made within the school in an attempt to maintain the Health and Safety protocols listed above. We have attempted to provide a summary of these changes below.


  • Classroom bases are set up for 30 pupils in Y1 – Y6
  • Tables are facing forwards as per the government guidance
  • Reception classroom remains as normal as possible with restricted numbers in areas of provision
  • Soft furnishings are at a minimum
  • Sharing of resources is allowed by pupils but these will be cleaned after use
  • There can be no doubt that school and the classrooms within it will look very different. Photographs/school tour can be seen on the school website over the summer
  • Pupils will all be given their own pencil case with all the equipment they will need (please do not send any pencil cases into school)

Behaviour Policy

School has written an addendum to our policy, following DFE guidance. This policy can be found here: Covid behaviour policy

It is essential that all children abide by social distancing and rules set out in this policy. If a child fails to follow the guidance, then parents will be requested to come and collect their child from school. This is in place to ensure the safety of everyone.

  • Children need to bring their own large water bottle. These can be filled up by staff during the day. Children will NOT be able to access water points as stated in the guidance to schools.
  • Own packed lunch if you have selected this as an option. No bottles or sweets.


  • As a school, we have decided that if staff feel they need to wear PPE then they are allowed. Please prepare your child that they may see staff in school wearing masks, aprons, and gloves.
  • Sneeze screens and visors will be used where staff cannot maintain a suitable distance from a child or where 1-1 work is needed e.g. Speech and Language interventions
  • If your child becomes ill, then the first aider will be wearing PPE to look after them while we wait for you to collect your child.
  • First aid – if your child has an accident in school, we will send a text home instead of an accident form. These will be logged as usual in school on our accident forms.

Health and Safety

 There are a number of updates to our Health and Safety procedures within the school. Below is a summary of these procedures, linked to the frequently asked questions we have received from parents:

  • All staff have been briefed on the increased safety protocols relating to COVID-19 and will follow the control measures identified in the Risk Assessment document.
  • Additional safety equipment, PPE equipment, and signage has been purchased to structure the school environment and ensure staff and pupils are socially distancing, wherever possible.
  • All persons who are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 MUST NOT come into school and should follow government guidance on testing and self-isolation. The website required can be found here:
  • If any pupils display symptoms for Coronavirus they will be asked to isolate in school in a well-ventilated designated space until they can be collected. Staff monitoring these pupils will wear protective PPE equipment if they cannot safely maintain a 2m distance.
  • Persons whose family members are displaying symptoms of Coronavirus must follow Government guidance on self-isolating and must not come to school
  • All persons in school displaying Coronavirus symptoms, however mild, will be sent home immediately and they should then follow Government guidelines on self-isolation including the use of test and trace. Any pupil/staff member with symptoms must be tested at the earliest opportunity using the Government test and trace scheme with parents or staff informing the school immediately regarding the outcome.
  • If a pupil or staff member tests negative for Coronavirus they are welcome to return to school.
  • Where a pupil or staff member tests positive for Coronavirus current guidance will be followed and the pupil or staff member will be asked to isolate for the required timescale and the class bubble will be collapsed.  The school will seek advice from the LEA and National Institute for Health Protection (NIHP).
  • If the school is concerned for the safety of the staff or pupils it will contact the National Institute for Health Protection and ask for advice. Under the direction of the Head Teacher and Local Authority, school will close if safety measures cannot be maintained and the control measures identified on the agreed Risk Assessment cannot be met.
  • Increased handwashing protocols, social distancing where possible and reduced access to some facilities for pupils will be in effect to prioritise pupil and staff safety in school.
  • Staff will always attempt to socially distance from each other.
  • All inhalers, epi-pens, and medicines should be updated by parents and sent into school, clearly labelled before their child returns to school.
  • The school has a new behaviour policy annex which can be viewed online to ensure the safety of all pupils and staff.


 We will work creatively to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum. We will ensure all children have access to high-quality content and stimuli. Within school, our priorities will be:

  • PSHE and the emotional wellbeing of our pupils
  • RE and Spiritual development
  • The core skills in English and Maths
  • Reading and Phonics instruction
  • PE and health-related exercise – Premier Sport will continue to deliver sessions to each class
  • Key themes and key knowledge in foundation subjects

There will also be some changes to the normal school routines:

  • Books will be marked in line with current safety guidelines.
  • Staff will provide verbal feedback and whole class feedback to children.
  • Homework will be sent using Google classroom – details of this will be given in September
  • Reading books will be not be sent home initially but may be sent after October half term. These books will then be quarantined for 72 hours before being back in circulation.
  • No pupil mobile phones will be permitted.
  • Increased handwashing, hygiene, and safe working practices will be taught to the children.
  • No assemblies with children in the hall until further notice.
  • virtual assemblies will take place on Monday and Friday.

Home Learning

Should a child or bubble have to self-isolate, we have a new system in place from September onwards. We will be using Google Classroom. This has been the advised route by the government and the school has received a grant for this to happen for the first year only.

Log in details have now been sent out.

Home Learning Policy: Remote Home Learning Guidance October 2020 (1)

Useful guides to Google Classroom:




We have worked tirelessly to provide an environment and curriculum in which children can continue to learn and feel safe, whilst ensuring the safety of all staff and pupils. When we extend our offer to an increased number of children, we can promise:

  • We will continue to listen and respond to official guidance from all sources to keep our practices in school up to date.
  • We will monitor the well-being of our children, parents/carer as much as we possibly can.

We will continue to stay in touch through letters, newsletters, phone calls, text messages, social media, and the school website. All we ask from our families in return is:

  • To follow social distancing and hygiene guidelines as strictly as possible.
  • To keep the school informed of relevant health and attendance issues.
  • A continued commitment to home learning.
  • To prepare your child for returning to school.

Thank you for your continued support. Though this guidance is comprehensive, it is not completely exhaustive. If you have any further important questions that are not covered in this document or any of the government-based guidance available online, please contact the school by email or phone.

Government Documents:

Guidance for parents:

Essential Documents approved by the Governing Body:

Updated Risk Assessment 4.02: V4.02 – Covid 19 RA for Jan 2021 St Mary’s

Updated Risk Assessment 3.1.21: V3.10- Covid 19 RA for Sept 2020 updated 11.12.20 final

Updated Risk Assessment 11.12.20 V3.10- Covid 19 RA for Sept 2020 updated 11.12.20 final

Updated Risk Assessment: 8.12.20 V3.9- Covid 19 RA for Sept 2020 updated 8.12.20 final

Updated Risk Assessment 8.11.20: V3.8- Covid 19 RA for Sept 2020 updated 8.11.20 final

Updated Risk assessment 31.10.20: V3.7- Covid 19 RA for Sept 2020 updated 31.10.20

Previous Correspondance:

Letter sent out 5.1.21: letter to parents 5.1.21

Request for a school place 4.1.21: Request for care Jan 2021

Letter sent to parents 13.5.20: Information letter re return to school 13.5.20

Letter to parents: 26.5.20 – for those parents who replied yes to the google form requesting a place for their child.

Guidance for parents letter 26.5.20

Risk Assessment: V2.1 – Coronavirus RA 31.5.2020 web version

Updated Risk Assessment: V2.1 – Coronavirus RA 15.6.2020

Curriculum Recovery:

Recovery of children’s wellbeing and learning is vital upon their re-entry into school in September.

Vast amounts of guidance and research has been sought after to ensure that children have the best possible re-entry into school.

Evidence for Learning has provided an excellent base we have used to adapt our practice in September:

The principles are as follows:

Please see individual class recovery plans for each year group:

Y1 recovery

Y2 recovery

Y3 recovery

Y4 recovery

Y5 recovery

Y6 recovery