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With Mrs Sweeney, Miss Duffy, Mrs. Williams and our thirty brilliant Reception learners!

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Our Curriculum in Year Reception

At St. Mary’s we go above and beyond to ensure that the firm foundations of knowledge are put in place in order for our children to achieve their full potential actively, creatively and holistically.

We have built our curriculum so that it is sequential so that children’s learning can build both depth and breadth ; it is purposeful in order to make learning here meaningful for children living in Rothwell whilst being spiritual at all times in order to fit with our Catholic Ethos Statement.

Early Years Curriculum:  EYFS Curriculum 2021


Meet the Staff!


Mrs Sweeney is a maths enthusiast to the core. She loves all things problem solving, number and pattern based. When she’s at home she likes to take her wild pug, Frank, out for long walks in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Her favourite hobby is gardening and potting weird and wonderful plants in the garden and around the house – watching things grow and thrive.



Mrs Williams has a very cute dog called Olly who can be quite cheeky and mischievous, though he is learning to be better behaved! Mrs Williams and Mr Williams like to go for long walks with Olly and Mrs Williams is also an amazing cook. She makes delicious cakes and impressive meals. She once even made a wedding cake! More recently Mr and Mrs Williams got folding bikes to go zooming around on!



Miss Duffy loves reading and acting out stories. Sometimes her sneaky parrot Monty (her favourite puppet) will come into Reception and help the children to learn. One of her favourite things to do at home is watch Disney films, especially Moana and Toy Story. Her hobbies include travelling to different countries and trying new foods.




What happens in Reception?

We want to build children who are independent, confident and thoughtful. We understand that the building blocks of our school are in our hands and that is why we take a very holistic approach to education, understanding that every single one of our children is unique, individual and incredibly special! We love all of our children and that is why we are so keen to meet the varying needs of each one, ensuring that by the time they leave our Reception class they are ready to embark on the exciting journey of school life.

We like to have a very varied, lively and ever changing classroom environment where the outdoor activities and indoor activities give us the best chance of accessing the full foundation stage curriculum so that we can all do our absolute best!

In Reception we encourage lots of learning at home to help embed everything we do in school. We set exciting tasks half termly that are always completed amazingly! We also expect the children to do their flashcards/ phonic cards/ reading books on a near daily frequency so that all of the learning we do at school is underpinned at home. We really hope with strong links between school and home our little learners can achieve their full potential.

Finally, from our point of meeting we put a real emphasis on our relationship with you. We work hard to build these relationships with the hope that our parents feel happy to come and chat to us to celebrate, query and catch up on their child’s day.



 Reception Class 2021-2022

P.E. is on Monday and Wednesday

Children come to school in their P.E. kit on a Monday and Wednesday.


We’ve loved reciting our January Poem of the Month, I Do Not Mind You, Winter Wind (Jack Prelutsky). We used Talk for Writing to learn this poem off by heart! Well done, Reception.


We’ve enjoyed practising the skills of precision and safety! The children have carefully been choosing nails and hammering them using the Hammer Game.


Reception made us so proud by telling the beautiful story of the very first Christmas.


We had the most exciting time on a Wintery Walk with our Y6 buddies.

Its beginning to get a little bit cold! We’re noticing a lot of signs of the season!


We’ve been using the Mastering Number to learn about numbers to 5. We can subitise, count and spot patterns within these numbers. In addition to this, we’ve learned how to tell the time to the hour, about money to 5p, measuring and shapes associated to these numbers!


We’ve been learning all about the story of Christmas. We made our Advent promises, Advent wreaths and have started to practise our Nativity. The children have learned the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of the very special day!

Following a brilliant first half term on their school journey, our Reception learners returned to start their second half term. Here are a few updates of them leading their own learning in the classroom environment. We set the children challenges to write labels and captions for their creations within the outdoor classroom. I’m sure you can see how they rose to the challenge!

News updates

The reception children have been really busy learning new vocabulary through stories. The children have been learning about the Colour Monster  painting pebbles and talking about our emotions. Also the Rainbow Fish was popular with each child using clay independently to make their own rainbow fish and retelling the story about sharing.


News and updates for the class of: 2021

The reception had an amazing time meeting their new buddies. They shared stories and gifts. The reception children loved every minute of it and even sang a new song they had learned. See Year 6 page for more photos.

We got to meet our buddies! See Y6 page for more photographs.

Second week done! What a superb start to the year our new class have had! So many first achieved and succeeded.

What a week we have had! The children have started brilliantly and settled into their new environment seamlessly.

News and updates for the class of: 2020

The children represented 8 in lots of different ways and then created concept maps to share their knowledge. They have been building on their secure understanding of numbers.

Fee Fi Fo Fum! We had a delivery of magic beans to our classroom. We planted them in the magic soil and in the morning a giant beanstalk grew in our classroom. We wrote our own story settings about what we would see if we climbed up the beanstalk.

We have been very busy this week focusing on teamwork. This is something that we work on during our circle times and whilst playing games. This week we worked as a class to build an aeroplane in the outside area. We had to share ideas and work together to make sure everyone would be able to fit. It was a success!

The whole school has entered the National Gallery Take One picture competition. Reception looked at the picture and focused on the basket. We linked this to ICT and took our own pictures of New life, relating to the painting and the artist style. The children learned a new skill of weaving and weaved the pictures to make a basket. We then experimented with mixing colours to decorate flowers to be displayed on our basket.

We have really been enjoying the new woodland area! During Holy Week, we used sticks and string to make our own Easter crosses. We learned that perseverance was key for this task and we used fantastic teamwork.

Reception really enjoyed making delicious monkey biscuits for our Golden time. They almost looked to good to eat.

What a wonderful afternoon Reception have had building part of our new woodland area. The children worked with Paul and Ash from This Green Moon to build the geodome classroom and collect bugs for the bug hotel. We also explored our outdoor area and took tree rubbings to see patterns and sketched the trees carefully looking at the marks they have.

Busy mathematicians! The children represented 7 in lots of different ways and then created concept maps to share their knowledge. They have been building on their secure understanding of numbers.

In R.E. this we discussed the story of when Jesus forgave Peter. We talked about the word ‘forgiveness’ and how we might show this. We decided that shaking hands was a way of showing forgiveness so we decorated our own whilst sharing ideas as a group.

We have really been enjoying our circle time with Mrs Sheldon-Price. We have really been working on listening to others and working as a team whilst playing lots of games and doing meditation.

Welcome back Reception!

Reception has had such a busy week being back in school and have settled back in fantastically. They have been enjoying doing different activities and focusing on their feelings. There have been lots of happy feelings because we are all back together.


On our whole school DT day, Reception focused on the blanket that baby Jesus was wrapped in. The skill we used was sewing. We each sewed our own design onto felt and joined them altogether to create the blanket. We discussed the importance of the blanket and thought of words to show what it represented. These were written among the wonderful designs the children had made.


We have been recognising and describing special times or events for others by looking at the celebration of Diwali. In literacy used Talk for Writing actions to write instructions to make a Diva lamp.  In Art/DT we moulded clay into 3D models of Diva Lamps and then carefully painted them with our own designs. For Science, we learned about how to make shadows by blocking a light source using puppets to create a dark shape on the paper. We retold the Diwali story using the puppets.

The Maths Mastery approach which we teach in school provides children with a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject. We started by exploring number 2. We represented 2 in multiple ways; using a ten frame, time, shape, money, counters, number sentences, numicon, and positional language.

As we were celebrating Bonfire night the children used scarfs to move in different ways in time to the firework music. The children made large movements to enhance their gross motor skills and used space safely.

Reception have been showing how their respect for all the people who fought in the war. We each painted a recycled plastic bottle to turn it into a poppy and displayed this in a wreath outside our school. We showed that we remember all those people and thank them. We performed a Remembrance poem to show we understand and that we remember.

This week we did our first science experiment. As we were looking at Bonfire night we created fizzing fireworks by watching the reaction between bicarbonate and vinegar. We each made predictions about what we thought might happen. The children were so excited to see what might happen. We all wrote our findings after the experiment.

We really enjoyed our Slumber Day. We explored the story Room on the Broom. Throughout the day we did different activities relating to the story. First, we read the story and then used Talk for Writing actions to retell the story. Next, we made potions by mixing colours and magic wands using different materials. Then we had Library time where we each picked our own book to carefully read and talk about.

The Maths Mastery approach which we teach in school provides children with a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject. We started by exploring number 1. We represented 1 in multiple ways; using a ten frame, time, shape, money, counters, number sentences, numicon, and positional language.


Over this half term we have been focusing on the Artist Wassily Kandinsky. We were inspired by his painting ‘Circles in Squares’. We layered materials to create our own pictures, we mixed colours and used oil pastels and chalk to create texture.

As part of our topic about People Who Help Us, we had a Zoom call with the Vets from our local area. They talked to us about their job and how they help animals. We learned about what food we should be giving our pets and the best way we can care for them. We even saw some pets on the screen; a rabbit, tortoise, stick insect and an axolotl salamander.

As part of our Understanding the world topic about People Who Help Us, we had a visit from two police officers. They talked to us about how they keep us safe and keep our world safe too. They showed us their handcuffs and all the things they have to wear to work. We even got to try on the police hats and be police officers too.


In Maths we have started to look at patterns. We have been making patterns using different colours, objects and sizes. We have made our own AB and ABB patterns all around our classroom.


   Information about Planning 2021-2022

Here is what is happening in our class this year:

Overview:  EYFS Child Centred Curriculum

Play Planning Progression:  Common Play Behaviours (updated July 21)

Autumn One: 

In RE our topic is: God’s World EYFS RECEPTION R1

Newsletter: Newsletter A1

Autumn Two: 

In RE our topic is: God’s Family RE Reception planning

Our planning for this half term: A2 Half Term Planning Overview

Newsletter: Newsletter A2

Spring One:

In RE our topic is: EYFS-RECEPTION-RE SPRING 2022

Our planning for this half term: Medium Term Plan

Newsletter: Newsletter-Spring 1 Reception


Spring Two:

In RE our topic is: RE Reception Spring 2 2022

Our planning for this half term: Medium Term Plan Spring 2

Newsletter: Newsletter-Spring 2

Summer One:

In RE our topic is: RECEPTION RE SUMMER 1

Our planning for this half term: Summer 1 Medium tern plan

Summer Two:

In RE our topic is:

Our planning for this half term:





Helping at Home


Following our Maths information evening for parents, we have shared some useful documents to see how Maths is taught in school. The most effective way for you to help would be to practise the ‘progression in number facts’ and times tables.

Progression in number facts

Rothwell St Mary’s Calculation Policy


Home Support for ELG


We have created this page to give you more information ready for when your child joins our family next academic year. It was wonderful to see some of you at the doorstep visits and hopefully, you all received your starter packs and have begun to look through the information.

The PowerPoint will give you some information and show you pictures of a previous Reception class which we would have shown you at the New Parents Meeting. There are also pictures of the Reception classroom and the areas of provision for you to look at with your child so that they can be excited about starting school.


What could you do between now and September? 



What support will my child have at lunchtime? 

Reception are taken into the lunch hall by Mrs Sweeney, Miss Duffy and Mrs Williams. Then they are cared for by teaching assistants from throughout the school both in the hall and out on the playground/ field.

What if my child is a fussy eater? 

Our School lunch menu is displayed on the website and there are always lots of options for your child to choose from. The staff that are in the lunch hall support and encourage children to try. In our experience children usually try new food and enjoy them because they are eating with their friends.

My child struggles to hold a pencil or mark make should I worry? 

No, this is not something to worry about. Your child will learn in Reception the way to hold a pencil through activities. They will encourage and develop their fine motor skills.  Mark making is a very important step before writing and is to be encouraged. Any ‘scribbles’ are amazing and should be celebrated.

What happens if my child has a toileting accident? 

Please do not worry! All children have accidents at some point even if they never normally do and this is completely normal. We ask that you put spare pants and a change of clothes in your child’s bookbag. If your child does have an accident they will be assisted by either Miss Cohen or Mrs. Williams. They will encourage your child to be as independent as possible but will help where necessary.

How can I help my child at home?  

When your child starts in September it will be extremely helpful to practice flashcards/reading every night and record this in their reading record. This will be completed at school as well.

What happens if my child is a little bit unsettled at drop off time? 

Even if your child is really upset we do encourage you to leave them as soon as possible. In our experience children usually settle much quicker and with minutes. A telephone call to you will be made to let you know that your child is fine.

Do I need to give my child snacks? 

No, your child will not need to bring snacks with them. They will bring a water bottle daily, this will be filled in school.

There are no children from my child’s nursery going to school with them.

Please do not worry. As Rothwell St Mary’s does not have a nursery we take children from lots of different settings. So most children have come to us without knowing other children. They very quickly form new friendships.

Does my child need a school book bag and a P.E. bag?

Yes, your child will need a school book bag that they will bring to school every day with their flashcards and reading record inside. On P.E. days they stay in their P.E. kit for the full day. 

My child is summer born, does that matter? 

No, each child is unique and on their own journey. Regardless of their birth month children develop and progress at their own pace. We encourage independence and this will help your child enormously.


Does my child need pumps and trainers? 

Yes, your child needs pumps for inside the classroom which stays in school and trainers which they wear Monday and Wednesday for P.E.

Pumps:                                                                                                                                                                                               Trainers