Welcome to Reception’s Class Page

With Mrs Crook, Mrs Williams, Miss Bettison and our thirty brilliant Reception learners!

Mrs Crook is the key person for all of our Reception children.


Families in Reception receive updates, photos and learning via Class Dojo


Our EYFS setting supports children to develop their social skills, build resilience and become curious learners. We do this through a story based curriculum and through provision to explore, imagine and recreate the real world. 

Our bespoke Early years curriculum is based on the Development Matters document milestone and assessment points. We have split the curriculum sequence into three, child centred sections: All About Me, Creative Me and Me Now, Me Then. Each of these sections have text that will drive the learning with the unique child at the centre.

Early Years Curriculum: EYFS Child Centred Curriculum


What happens in Reception?

We want to build children who are independent, confident and thoughtful. We understand that the building blocks of our school are in our hands and that is why we take a very holistic approach to education, understanding that every single one of our children is unique, individual and incredibly special! We love all of our children and that is why we are so keen to meet the varying needs of each one, ensuring that by the time they leave our Reception class they are ready to embark on the exciting journey of school life.

We like to have a very varied, lively and real classroom setting where the outdoor activities and indoor activities give us the best chance of accessing the full foundation stage curriculum where all children can learn. We learn through our provision, whole class and small group activities. We follow Little Wandle for our phonics and Reading. We use Mastery Number for our Maths mastery to enhance our mathematic reasoning and understanding.

From our point of meeting we put a real emphasis on our relationship with you. We work hard to build these relationships with the hope that our parents feel happy to come and chat to us to celebrate, query and catch up on their child’s day.




   Information about Planning 2022-2023

Here is what is happening in our class this year:

Play Planning Progression: Common Play Behaviours

Long term plan: EYFS Child Centred Curriculum


Autumn One: 

Our topic is All about me: Half Term Planning Overview Autumn 1

In RE our topic is God’s World: RE autumn 1


Autumn Two: 

Our topic is All about me:A2-Half-Term-Planning-Overview

In RE our topic is God’s Family: RE Reception planning


Spring 1:

Our topic is Creative Me: MTP Spring 1

In RE our topic is Getting to know Jesus:

Newsletter:Newsletter 2 Spring 1

Spring 2:

Our topic is Creative Me: Spring 2 MTP

In RE our topic is Sorrow and Joy :RE Reception Spring 2

Newsletter:Newsletter 2 Spring 2

Summer 1:

Our topic is Me now, Me then: Summer 1 MTP

In RE our topic is New Life: RE Planning – New Life Summer 1

Newsletter: Newsletter Summer 1

Here is an update of what’s happening in our class!


On our bug hunt we found a bee and it sparked a gorgeous fascination that led to some brilliant child led learning!!


We were so lucky this morning to have Christine (Penelope’s Grandma) in the atelier this morning to teach the children how to crochet, what an amazing opportunity!! Our new textiles area is going so well and this was such a great enhancement to it!

Thanks so much!! 🧵 🪡

Parents can comment, share and celebrate together on the Dojo app.












Helping at Home


Following our Maths information evening for parents, we have shared some useful documents to see how Maths is taught in school. The most effective way for you to help would be to practise the ‘progression in number facts’ and times tables.

Progression in number facts

Rothwell St Mary’s Calculation Policy

Useful websites

Home – new design – updates v1



There is a parent link to Little Wandle resources and how to help.

For parents – Letters and Sounds (


Overview of Little Wandle- Programme-Overview_Reception-and-Year-1-1 (1)

Capital letter formation- Capital_letter_formation-4

How to say phase 3 sounds- How-to-say-Phase-3-sounds-August-2022- (2)

Useful websites









Have a look at some of the books we will be reading throughout Reception…

Recommended reads:


We have created this page to give you more information ready for when your child joins our family next academic year. It was wonderful to see some of you at the doorstep visits and hopefully, you all received your starter packs and have begun to look through the information.

New parents meeting PowerPoint: Parents’ Info Evening 2023

What could you do between now and September? 



What support will my child have at lunchtime? 

Reception are taken into the lunch hall by Mrs Crook, Miss Bettison and Mrs Williams. Then they are cared for by teaching assistants from throughout the school both in the hall and out on the playground/ field.

What if my child is a fussy eater? 

Our School lunch menu is displayed on the website and there are always lots of options for your child to choose from. The staff that are in the lunch hall support and encourage children to try. In our experience children usually try new food and enjoy them because they are eating with their friends.

My child struggles to hold a pencil or mark make should I worry? 

No, this is not something to worry about. Your child will learn in Reception the way to hold a pencil through activities. They will encourage and develop their fine motor skills.  Mark making is a very important step before writing and is to be encouraged. Any ‘scribbles’ are amazing and should be celebrated.

What happens if my child has a toileting accident? 

Please do not worry! All children have accidents at some point even if they never normally do and this is completely normal. We ask that you put spare pants and a change of clothes in your child’s bookbag. If your child does have an accident they will be assisted by either Mrs Crook, Miss Bettison or Mrs. Williams. They will encourage your child to be as independent as possible but will help where necessary.

How can I help my child at home?  

When your child starts in September it will be extremely helpful to practice flashcards/reading every night and record this in their reading record. This will be completed at school as well.

What happens if my child is a little bit unsettled at drop off time? 

Even if your child is really upset we do encourage you to leave them as soon as possible. In our experience children usually settle much quicker and with minutes. A telephone call to you will be made to let you know that your child is fine.

Do I need to give my child snacks? 

No, your child will not need to bring snacks with them. They will bring a water bottle daily, this will be filled in school. Fruit and milk is provided for children everyday – information will be given about how to access this. 

There are no children from my child’s nursery going to school with them.

Please do not worry. As Rothwell St Mary’s does not have a nursery we take children from lots of different settings. So most children have come to us without knowing other children. They very quickly form new friendships.

Does my child need a school book bag and a P.E. bag?

Yes, your child will need a school book bag that they will bring to school every day with their flashcards and reading record inside. On P.E. days they stay in their P.E. kit for the full day.

My child is summer born, does that matter? 

No, each child is unique and on their own journey. Regardless of their birth month children develop and progress at their own pace. We encourage independence and this will help your child enormously.


Does my child need pumps and trainers? 

Yes, your child needs pumps for inside the classroom which stays in school and trainers which they wear Monday and Wednesday for P.E.

Pumps:                                                                                                                                                                                               Trainers