Personal Development

At Rothwell St. Mary’s we recognise and value the pivotal role we play in building the strong emotional foundations that children require in order to thrive and grow into well rounded, resilient and healthy citizens. As a school, we are committed to ensuring our children are equipped with the social and emotional abilities to be confident, resilient, strong, society contributors with firm beliefs and who are able to accomplish goals and become responsible citizens. We give very careful thought to all of the experiences that we offer to our pupils to support their wider development and we are delighted with the breadth of opportunities that we offer. The children are excited by these activities because these are carefully and thoughtfully planned.


We teach our children to be polite, well mannered and show great respect for one-another, adults and visitors in terms of culture, beliefs and lifestyle. Staff work relentlessly to ensure that our children feel safe and we have created an environment where bullying and discrimination in any form is not tolerated by adults or children. This is all outlined in our Parent Charter created relationship policy: Relationship (Behaviour) Policy 2023. Pupils are taught how to deal with bullying so that they are equipped for the future should they need it. In the very rare cases bullying happens at St Mary’s – adults are very quick to put a stop to the situation because there is always someone to talk to. We have two ELSA trained members of staff always on hand to support, negotiate and mediate! Any issues are dealt with quickly, firmly but fairly and by supporting everyone concerned.

The adults in school have high expectations of the children and as a result they behave exceptionally well – this is testament to the value that the staff place on relationships, which in themselves are exceptional. Our pupils relish the additional responsibilities that they are given such as:



We are proud of our recent Healthy Schools external validation. Personal development shone through and the support, guidance and well rounded children that leave our school!

Parents Rothwell St Marys Healthy School Report November 2023

Year 5 Visit Leeds Grand Mosque to deepen their understanding of the Islam faith. As a school, we are currently learning about Islam.