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Parent Questionnaire Responses November 2023

Parental Questionnaire Analysis November 2023

“Small school, close relationships between staff and parents

Good communication, excellent staff engagement

Great structure, family feel to the school, great learning environment.

EVERYTHING- the school is great.

I love to see how many activities the children can be involved in

I love the reward and recognition assemblies each week and that parents can attend these.

Being able to go in the classroom each week to see the work they are doing.

How friendly and inviting this school is.

The structure in the school and that the teachers have time for the pupils.

How excited my child is about coming to school.

The school clubs on offer.

The communication.

My child has come on leaps and bounds since September.

The value, teaching staff, overall atmosphere, the way parents can join assembly, liturgy on Fridays.

Its values, culture, overall warming, welcoming atmosphere is excellent.

Children are safe and well nurtured at St Mary’s.

St Mary’s is well led, and all staff and children are happy at school.

Love the effort that goes into the weekly newsletter.

FOSM provide fun experiences for the children.

We love the school trip opportunities.

My child is always happy at school and as a parent that is the most important thing.

I think it provides an excellent standard of education.”


November 2022

Things I like about Rothwell St Mary’s …

The caring culture
Fantastic atmosphere, friendly staff, the fact that my child loves being at school
It’s a small school and it has a good, family atmosphere, it’s clear what is expected from the children
Mary’s … Fantastic atmosphere, friendly staff, the fact that my child loves being at school
Family feel to the school, know that our child is safe and is receiving a good standard of education.
Well rounded experience
Community spirit. Support of the Head teacher. Miss Nicholson giving up her time to take an extra booster to ensure my son doesn’t miss out. Staff giving that extra care attention and positivity.
School Council is empowering for those that do it. Friendly class mates.
The culture, morals, discipline, structure and support that has been shown. This is the best possible school for my child to start his education I have no doubt.
Consistent approach to good behaviour
The faith, the beliefs and strong values and morals the school teaches. The fact they treat every child as an individual and don’t try to put each one in a “box” of what they should be and where they should come from. They always listen if you have a problem about something or your child. There is always someone available to talk to. You are very much involved in your child’s learning journey and can get involved. Your child is taught and supported to be who they are and pushed to be the best version of themselves. There is so much positive re enforcement in both learning and discipline. The schools results speak for themselves and this is a credit to all the staff, teachers and management. It is a brilliant school in every way and I don’t have anything negative to say. My child is very happy there and I’m very thankful for that. Thankyou to everyone.
That my children are happy every day to go to school
Small school, nice, easily approachable teachers
The support from all staff
It is
The feeling of community and inclusion of families as a whole unit, not just the children attending the school
How well behaved the kids are in general ( the discipline and values of the school)
Welcoming, good values, supporting, good education
Focus on behaviour, the academic standards, the community feel. I asked Billy and he said “Everything!”
Clear rules to follow, nice environment, encouraging parents to get involved
Close knit community, family feel, shared values
Catholic environment, good communication, high standards
Friendly. Push my child to get the most from him.
Great ethos, moral and values. It feels like an extended family.
The teaching staff and head mistress are very approachable.
How supportive it is and how encouraging they are to the children
Staff are caring and nurturing. Good behaviour is encouraged and children are respectful and well mannered. High standards are set and pupils work hard to be their best selves.
Strong behaviour management; Catholic ethos; one form entry means all students know each other and it feels a safe environment
Family school with a strong caring ethos and a great welcoming safe place for children to learn. My son loves his time at school, is always eager to go and always comes home happy.
The school has continued to set high standards for all its learners. It is obvious that the school’s values and ethos are highly focused around respect and the school has a community feel to it. Our child’s confidence has grown since joining the school last year and he has flourished in all areas of learning. We are extremely proud of him and the teaching he is receiving in Year 1 is clearly of a high standard which has been demonstrated in his outcomes. Thank you for everything you do.
It’s a big family and is wonderful at developing confidence
The discipline traffic light system. Also really like how well everyone knows your child, feels very personal and you know there would always be support if there was a problem.
I feel like it has a strong sense of Community in that the children can feel they really belong together. I feel that the children support each other too. I love how the children are greeted by the head and / or other teachers as they arrive in the morning. It is very welcoming and reassuring especially for the younger children. I think it is a lovely, positive start to the day. We love events like the summer fayre. Will there be a Christmas one? It would be wonderful to have a carol concert, though it would have to be split into 2-3 groups as you’d never fit the parents in. It could also be a fundraising opportunity.
The staff are friendly and supportive
The grounds and inside the school are immaculate from what I have seen. The teachers and staff are all very welcoming and friendly. It’s a happy environment for both children and parents. I like that the school regularly invite parents into school for assemblies and coffee mornings. I like the uniform and I like the after school activity option.
Lots of opportunities.
Even better if…
The after school club was longer
Better communication
Parents are able to collect their children from asc without having to wait till 4.10
Clearer messages as they often have to be queried. More communication with parents when children are given awards – most parents can not attend assembly every week due to working and there should not be an expectation that we can and would therefore be at assembly anyway (the same way that a teacher at RSM would not be able to just come to their child’s assembly at another school!). We do not get these opportunities back to attend assemblies when we are able, so if we are told that our child is receiving an award then at least we can try and come to assembly. I feel like I let my child down when I’m not there, but if I am not told then I don’t even have the opportunity to try and make it work-wise to come to assembly to show him how proud I am.
Messages coming through generic text system, would be helpful if started with ‘for y1’ ‘for y4’ etc as not easy to determine which year group needs an action or resource bringing in when more than 1 child in school. This is a v small issue, however.
Breakfast club starting earlier.
Afterschool club until 6 would help working parents
Communication could be slightly improved outside of Twitter with the likes of Tapestry/EY Log
Not applicable
Can’t think of anything off the top of my head to be honest.
…there was a homework once a week, to see for us/parents how out child is doing with learning/to put our mind at ease, and to pick up things he needs help with.
How the school feels like a family
Communications was more clear. I think at times several updates are sent with missing information or ambiguous information. This creates a lot of confusion on class what’s apps etc After school club ran until 5pm To help working parents more
Communication was better (more). In this survey it would be good to have a N/A option as I put neutral for some responses as I couldn’t answer it, eg bullying question and SEND question 2.
Extended after school provision (you’re probably bored of this answer!) Also if on school photo day someone checked child’s tie straight, hair tidy, encouraged natural smiles and the like!
A little bit more homework
Has a longer after school provision for working parents
There have been incidents where a handful of children have behaved badly but a blanket rule has been applied to all pupils in the year group. Year 6 are no longer allowed to walk to and from school because of an incident involving a few pupils. This is an important skill that the children need to learn before they leave for High school and only the perpetrators should have been stopped from walking but some of them still continue to do so, while others are not allowed to.
More male teachers/role models in school
Just a little disappointed the PE had changed from last year, my son loves his PE and misses the coaches and the lessons, he has come home a couple of times just a little disappointed by his lesson as I think he is comparing to last year but I am so very aware of the cost increases in terms of energy, etc and so understand the reason. It’s the only negative but just a shame this has had to go.
Further opportunities for parents to view the learning in practice for example phonics mornings, etc. Where possible the offer of free after school clubs to allow a wider group of children to access these which would support families especially in the current financial situation.
We didn’t have to finally leave after 14 years
Sometimes communication on various events etc could be made clearer.
Some of the activities were free. Not all families can afford termly fees for several children in the school, especially in times like we have now. Gardening club was free and now isn’t. The parking around school is terrible especially for those parents with younger children in nursery and don’t have the advantage of being able to park further away and walk up. I would also like more school discos as they have dwindled away too and that’s a great part of their primary school journey.
There was a chess club. There was a zebra crossing / lollipop lady / pelican crossing as cars come fast up and down Royds Lane and it’s on a bend. The bus obstructs the view. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel safe walking on the pavement. My child says music and PE are not as good as they were before you changed provision. These subjects are in my opinion, specialist, and better taught by someone who has obvious passion and in depth knowledge of their subject.
communication with parents could be much better, particularly parents whose children are in reception and are new to the school’s system.
Even better if the after school club finished at a later time, it’s not always easy getting from work to the school gates for 4.10pm. Also a lollipop lady on Royds Lane, or speed cameras/bumps to slow cars down. It’s a very dangerous and congested road.
Better wraparound care was available.

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