Mini Vinnies


Advent Liturgy 2021

To mark the start of Advent our whole Mini Vinnie group carefully planned and led our Advent Liturgy. They came up with the idea of a calendar of goodwill that they wanted to gift to each class. In the weeks running up to our Liturgy they worked every lunchtime on their goodwill gestures to spread the true meaning of Christmas. The calendars were shared with each class and each day, during December, different classes and children worked on the different promises to make sure that everybody throughout our school and our extended family were able to keep the real meaning of Christmas in our hearts.

Our Christmas Card Appeal

We have worked closely with the SVP group this Autumn to think about ways of going beyond our school family to bring joy to people who may be in more challenging situations than ourselves. Our Mini Vinnies came up with the idea of sending Christmas cards to lonely, isolated Parishioners as well as to refugees who have just arrived from Afghanistan. Our Reception & KS1 classes made religious cards and wrote messages and our SVP then delivered them to local Parishioners who may be living by themselves this Christmas. Our KS2 classes designed and wrote Christmas Tree cards for Afghani refugees based in accommodation in Wakefield ; these were shared between Afghani families and solo male Afghanis. We were very touched to know that these cards were the first contact from local people that they would have had and we hoped it showed how much we care.


Our Harvest Appeal 

This year, as part of our Harvest Appeal, we decided to see how much we could gather for the St Vincent’s Foodbank in East Leeds. We had a big aim of collecting 250 items and each of our Mini Vinnies was responsible for a different part of our appeal. Amazingly we managed to collect more than 500 food donations which were collected every Friday throughout October. We were so generous to our wonderful families who gave so generously. 


Mini Vinnies of 2021-2022

This year we have a total of 25 Mini Vinnies ranging from Y3 up to Y6. Their applications showed how much commitment they had to being young Vincentians and they have all eagerly begun to gather ideas about how we can make a difference to the world around us. The group is led by Mrs Martin and Miss Duffy supports our amazing work.


The Mini Vinnie Mission:


‘The St Vincent de Paul Society is a lay Catholic organisation that aspires to live the Gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice and joy, and by working to shape a more just and compassionate society.’  SVP Society.



The Mini Vinnie Pledge


As a member of Mini Vinnies, I promise to make a difference in my world by:

• Caring for, respecting and loving myself;

• Strengthening my friendship with Jesus by praying each day and talking to others about him;

• Caring for others in my school and community by being a friend to those who are alone, in need or in trouble;

• Contributing to the happiness of my family through my help, respect, consideration, joy and kindness;

• Caring for, appreciating and enjoying God’s creation: the environment;

• Treating others the way I would like them to treat me



December 2020 : Our Mini Vinnies Mission

This December (and in the lead up to Advent) our Mini Vinnies thought hard about what we could do to make a difference to people all over our city of Leeds. We decided to create Reverse Advent Calendars for each class so that every person could bring in something of their choice that they could contribute to Food Banks across our city if they wanted to. We chose to donate festive gifts in order to share the joy of Christ.

September 2020 : Our Mini Vinnies Mission

Today our Mini Vinnies have met to find out about the life of St Vincent De Paul and begin our mission for 2020. There are so many challenges at this tough time for so many different people but we really want to help people in our community by cheering them up and bringing brightness to their lives. We have prayed for strength from God, that our volunteering mission during this time of lockdown will be a successful one. Next Tuesday we will meet and soon our energy, positivity ,happiness and eagerness to serve will be able to spread to those within our community who are most in need.

Mrs Martin, Mrs Williams & our amazing cohort of Mini Vinnies

Our Mini Vinnies have been working so hard to create artwork to boost people’s spirits at such a challenging time. During this second Lockdown (November 2020) people are feeling isolated and lonely – our Mini Vinnies have made bright and uplifting pictures to banish loneliness and help people feel more positive! If you know somebody who is isolating or having to spend a lot of time at home, why not show them these pictures to cheer them up!

Our amazing Mini Vinnies are also in the process of writing letters to some of the residents of our local residential home, Mulgrave House as well.


Our Mini Vinnies for 2019-2020:


Members: Henry D, George, Justice, Jaime, Philip, Isla, Noah, Rosa, Nancy, Grace, Daniel, Declan, Carmela, Holly, Charlie, Emily, Romilly, Henry W, Phillipa, Sophie, Anna, Marley and Joe.

Co ordinators: Mrs Sweeney, Mrs Williams and Mrs Sheldon Price

The Mini Vinnies led our school in seeing the Harvest Festival. With the help of CAFOD Brighten Up, they showed us how to brighten up this harvest and raise money for a very good cause.


The Mini Vinnies started the year 2019 with a busy start. They supported 56 children in writing their applications in a new round of entries. They open their application stop shop, narrowed down their application and voted on the most ‘vincentian’ applications. Well done on the democratic skills you demonstrated.


Mr and Mrs Horan from our local SVP have been coming into school to support us with our Spirited Poetry project. The children have been writing about ‘Where is God in our school?’.

Keep your eyes peeled in church to see our entries and cast your vote.


We have already had such a busy year!


Twin City in India

Thank you to everyone that contributed buns or gave a donation to our bun sale
over the past few weeks. We were able to raise an incredible £278! This money has
gone to continue supporting our SVP twinned city of Kerala, India. In the past we have sponsored ten children’s primary education in Kerala and this year we are
supporting families in creating their own food and income. With this money and
money raised by the SVP ten families can start small fish and vegetable selling
businesses to make their own money.


Dementia Action Week

As Mini Vinnies we led our school in Dementia Action Week. We began the week by visiting the garden centre to collect blue flowers for the prayer garden. We spent lunchtimes each day gardening and helping to make the prayer garden a place we could remember and prayer for all those suffering with the disease.

Leonie made a forget-me-not cake and shared with her class.

At the end of the week Peter Smith came into talk to our school about  raising awareness and about our Dementia Friendly Community. At the end were all set a challenge to find ‘Working to Become Dementia Friendly’ stickers and send them into school. We have had some brilliant entries so far!


Reminiscent Project

We have been working with Home Lea House taking part in their Reminiscent Project. we have taken groups of Mini Vinnies to visit their residents and talk about their childhood, important events in their lives and things they wish to share with the children.



Dementia Friends

This year we have become Dementia Friends and are working towards becoming a Dementia Friendly School. We are making links within the local area to raise awareness, raise money and support those who are living with dementia.

 We have been learning about Dementia with ‘Memories with Grandma’.




 In the year 16/17 the Mini Vinnies were very busy! Here are just a few of the highlights of our year.

The Good Shepherd





School Mass

Mini Vinnies helped to lead worship at St.Mary’s Church. We discuss the work of the Mini Vinnies, how we support the SVP and the future mission of the Mini Vinnies at St. Mary’s. We also supported the SVP in their coffee morning in the parish hall. We raised a brilliant £300 which is being shared between the SVP and the Mini Vinnies.



Mini Vinnie celebration at the Cathedral

We were invited by Bishop Marcus to a mass of celebration at Leeds Cathedral with all other Mini Vinnies from Leeds and the surrounding area.



Sponsoring children

Through fundraising in school we have been able to sponsor 10 children in India at our twin school. We have secured their place at school for a year. We now hope to set up a pen pal link with these children.



Books donated

With our new reading scheme in school we were able to donate our old books to the SVP centre to support teaching English as a second language.



Supporting our SVP

In our meetings this term we have been writing letters to some of the local sick parishioners. We have worked in groups to write letters introducing our group and what we do.

Our current project is fundraising! We are organising fundraising events to help our SVP link school in India.



Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday provided our first opportunity to help others and serve our school spreading God’s word. The Mini Vinnies led our Ash Wednesday liturgy. The Minis planned the liturgy and led it in front of the whole school and some of our parish SVP.  Each of the group spoke, sang or acted to help our school receive the message of Ash Wednesday.



Holy Week

Our ‘Minnies’ have helped lead the school throughout our Holy Week reflection and worship. Our Palm Sunday collective worship was planned and led by half of our Mini Vinnies. Holy Thursday was led by the other half our Mini Vinnies as they displayed Jesus washing his disciples feet and the Last Supper.



Mini Vinnies Celebration

On the 14th June Mini Vinnies from across Leeds gathered together at St. Patrick’s Church to celebrate the hard work and commitment to helping others they have shown this year. After a mass led by the Minis we all gathered in St. Patrick’ school to share our work, ideas and Mini Vinnies song.