Catholic Life

The Catholic Life of our School

At St. Mary’s the Catholic Ethos of our school is central to everything that we do. Our beliefs are at the heart of all of our words and actions and the aim of this webpage is to showcase some of the little things that happen on a day to day basis within our school and provide useful links to other aspects of our Catholic Life. The links below will help you to explore some of the varying spiritual aspects of our school.

Autumn Updates for 2020

We all know that Covid has changed many things but here at St. Mary’s we are not only adapting but also striving to make things even better! We are ensuring that the Catholic Life of our School is well and truly alive. All of our staff are working hard to make sure that the faith journey of each and every individual is still being furthered and developed. This half term – Autumn Two – we are striving to reach out to our families and communities. Here is how:

  • Class Collective Worships are going online via Zoom
  • Our Children in Y5 have made their First Holy Communion which was delayed from the May to the Autumn
  • Miss Leonard’s Friday Gold Book Assemblies are virtual so that all of our families and our Parish can join in 
  • Our Mini Vinnies are thinking of ways that we can make a difference to people in our local community

Here is the RE newsletter for our whole school for Autumn : Autumn RE Newsletter

Here are our Harvest Messages & Prayers : Harvest messsage to families          Harvest Prayer from Cafod

Here are our Virtues Prayers that we do in class: 

Thankfulness: Virtues Prayers – Thankfulness

Patience: Patience at Advent