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With Miss Nicholson, Mrs Lacey and our 31 amazing learners!


Year 6 is most definitely the highlight of primary school, with exciting events such as: Robinwood, buddy parties, visits to high schools and an end of year musical extravaganza! Every child will be supported and encouraged to reach their true potential in readiness for life’s next big step. We in year 6 are a family in which everyone is valued, nurtured and respected, placing the values of our faith at the heart of everything that we say and do.

We feel year 6 is one of the most important years in your primary school journey, where you will grow in your faith, reach new heights and draw together the fondest memories of the wonderful time you have spent here at St. Mary’s.


Our Curriculum in Year 6

At St. Mary’s we go above and beyond to ensure that the firm foundations of knowledge are put in place in order for our children to achieve their full potential actively, creatively and holistically.

We have built our curriculum so that it is sequential so that children’s learning can build both depth and breadth ; it is purposeful in order to make learning here meaningful for children living in Rothwell whilst being spiritual at all times in order to fit with our Catholic Ethos Statement.


Year Overview

Long term plan: Year 6 Long Term Plan 2023-24



Autumn One: Newsletter Autumn One

Autumn Two: Newsletter Autumn Two

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Summer One: Newsletter Summer One

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Autumn Term

Autumn One Medium Term Plan: Medium Term Planning Autumn One 2023-2024

RE Planning: 6.1 The Kingdom of God

Humanities Planning: Year 6 Humanities Knowledge Organiser – The Lives of Women Then and Now

Autumn Two Medium Term Plan: Medium Term Planning Autumn Two 2023-2024

RE Planning: 6.2 Justice


Spring Term

Spring One Medium Term Plan: Medium Term Planning Spring One 2023-2024

RE Planning: 6.3 Jesus The Bread of Life

Spring Two Medium Term Plan: Medium Term Planning Spring Two 2023-2024

RE Planning: 6.4 Jesus Son of God


Summer Term

Summer One Medium Term Plan: Medium Term Planning Summer One 2023-2024

RE Planning: 6.5 Called to Serve

Summer Two Medium Term Plan:

RE Planning:







Helping at Home


End of year expectations:

To support parents in knowing what is expected of Year 6 pupils at the end of the year, we have put links below to documents which detail in child speak. These are here as an aid to support and give guidance only.

Band 6 Pupil – Maths – Number

Band 6 Pupil – Maths – Other

Band 6 Pupil – Reading, Spoken Language

Band 6 Pupil – Science

Band 6 Pupil – Writing


Following our Maths information evening for parents, we have shared some useful documents to see how Maths is taught in school. The most effective way for you to help would be to practise the ‘progression in number facts’ and times tables.
Alongside this, mathletics on which homework is often set, is a useful platform with which to embed the learning which has taken place in the classroom. Another fabulous resource for parents and guardians is It offers detailed, yet simple information on key aspects of your child’s maths and English learning.
Whilst we encourage independent reading at year 6, we also realise the benefits of listening to your child read so that deeper discussions can take place in and around the text. Encouraging your child to read a variety of texts will benefit your child in all areas of their learning.
Any support that you can offer your child, can only enhance their learning journey and is much appreciated. Here in year 6, our door is always open and we are here to help. Our ultimate aim is for us to work together, making sure that your child’s final year at St. Mary’s is successful and memorable.

Rothwell St Mary’s Calculation Policy

Progression in number facts

Lady Elizabeth Hastings - Robinwood Residential

Robinwood is a wonderful opportunity for the children to be together and to work collaboratively and in partnership with each other in a setting other than school. We know that children thrive and excel in situations where they are exposed to risk-taking and this can definitely happen at Robinwood. Those of you who have had older children attend Robinwood will know that the memories they create are ones that feature highly in their end of primary school speeches. We hope that they have a wonderful time and this year, more than ever will be an occasion to be together, have fun and create memories.

Robinwood 2023

Robinwood 2022


Here is the link to the Robinwood website:

Below you can find all the links to the information you will need.

Child Personal Information Form

Souvenir Order Form

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Code of Conduct

Directions to Robinwood

Clothing List

Learning Objectives

Year 6 2023-2024


Computing – As a computer programmer, I will learn how to edit together a video using fast cutting, and see how it can be a useful tool
within multi-media content creation

In Year 6, we have been developing our skills as computer programmers. We have been studying the history of storyboarding, from Disney’s earliest animations to the films we know today. From here, we’ve taken inspiration to begin creating our own storyboards on Scratch!

French –  As a linguist, I can use new vocabulary about food and drink, and how to justify my opinions on them

As part of our French lessons this week, Year 6 have been thinking all about their favourite food and drink. We have been learning how we can say these items in French – we’re ready to order our meals! As well, we have started to talk about our favourite things to eat and drink, giving reasons why we like them.

Science – As a biologist, I can classify living things based on observable characteristics

As part of our Science learning, Year 6 observed the animals from Sam’s Safari to understand how scientists observe and classify animals. While we knew that all these animals were vertebrates, it was incredibly interesting to see how they all acted differently and now noticeable their differences were. We loved having the opportunity to carry out our knowledge of biology and living things and their habitats in real life!



PE – Yoga Session

Alongside our usual PE sessions of gymnastics this half term, Year 6 have also been taking part in a weekly yoga session in order to develop their core strength, self-confidence and support their mental health. While also learning all about the different yoga positions and moving between them, Year 6 also have been thinking about what they admire about themselves, what they are grateful for and letting go of the worries that might weigh on us. By the end of the session, we felt more prepared to take on new challenges and feel lighter – a perfect end to the week!

PSHE – Gang Culture and Keeping Safe

Year 6 were very lucky this week to have a fantastic guest speaker who talked to us all about how we can be good RUDE – this meant showing respect, understanding, recognising danger and why equality is so important. We learnt all about tribes around the world, how to respond to danger when we’re out and about what to do when we feel uncomfortable. Year 6 were given brilliant and useful advice to help prepare them for the world around them as they begin to take steps towards more independence. As a bonus, we all loved hearing about Dean’s life – and his close brush with a lion! We were so inspired.

Christmas at St Mary’s

We have been busy preparing for Christmas in Year 6! We know that, as a Catholic school, the birth of Jesus is an important part of the liturgical calendar, so we spent the time of Advent focusing on what this means and how we can live out the virtues needed. Our collective worships focused on love, hope, joy, and peace, with the class reflecting on this. We thought of different ways we can live out these worships in our lives. From sharing joy with Reception creating ornaments to showing love and peace around school, we prepared for the season, keeping Jesus at the centre of all we did. Merry Christmas from Year 6!

Pantomime with Our Buddies

As part of our pantomime trip, Year 6 were tasked with the challenge of looking after their buddy! As we prepare to gain more independence before moving to high school, Year 6 had to apply their knowledge of how to keep safe out and about, as well as understanding the needs of others. We were so proud of how much care they took and how kind they were – even dancing with their buddy if asked to! It was a brilliant experience for Year 6 to show their maturity, as well as enjoy the pantomime!

Music – As a musician, I can perform as part of an ensemble in a class jam

After honing of our performing skills on different instruments this half term, Year 6 took to the stage for their final performance. Using xylophones, boomwhackers and keyboards, Year 6 performed Shake It Off to the rest of KS2 to show all we had learnt this half term.

Science – As a scientist, I can conduct an investigation and I can record my data and report my finding

Taking inspiration from last week’s enquiry of ‘how does the voltage affect the components of a circuit?’, Year 6 set about creating their own enquiry based on how changing or increasing a component in a circuit would affect the circuit. After researching and creating their own wonder questions, Year 6 then planned for their enquiry and set about identifying what the independent, dependent and control variables were. Two main enquiry questions then came from this: ‘How does the number of bulbs affect the components in a circuit?’ and ‘How does the length of the wire affect components in a circuit?’. Year 6 then independently set up their own enquiries and carried them out to find out the answers to their questions. This led to lots of excitement in our classroom!

Art – As an artist, I can use a variety of stitches to create a sewn patch

Taking inspiration from Harriet Powers, Year 6 have been developing their skills around using a variety of sewing techniques. After spending time designing their patch and honing their sewing skills, they set about transferring their skills onto a self-designed patch that was personal to them and told a story. From names to Christmas scenes to pompoms, Year 6 really showed their creativity and sewing talents!

French – As a linguist, I can discuss a variety of sports in French

Year 6 have been learning all about different sports in their French lessons this week! We have been looking at not only how to name our favourite sports, but also how to briefly talk about them, including what we play, what we like and what we dislike. To help us with this, we have been learning the difference between ‘faire’ (to do) and ‘jouer’ (to play) to ensure that we are grammatically correct when speaking in French. Not only have we been using our skills to converse, but these skills have also been transferred into helping us write in French as well!

Science – As a physicist, I will observe and explain the effects of differing voltages in a circuit

With our focus being on electricity this half term, Year 6 have been looking at voltage, what it is and how it can effect a circuit. After first looking at the origin of voltage and the scientist Alessandro Volta, Year 6 created their own hypothesis to what would happen if the voltage was increased. From there, we planned our enquiry, thinking about what our control, independent and dependent variables would have to be in order to see how the voltage alone has an effect. After much discussion, Year 6 believed that the higher the voltage, the brighter the bulb would be. When we tested out this hypothesis, we found that while it was true, too high a voltage could result in our bulbs blowing!


Music – As a musician, I can learn about the importance of tempo and what it means to keep good timing when playing as an ensemble

This half term, Year 6 have been preparing for their Class Jam, which will take place at the end of this term. For this, the class have been learning how to play as part of an ensemble using a variety of instruments. Today, our focus has been on tempo and why it is so important to keep in time with the other musicians in our ensemble. Year 6 have used keyboards, xylophones and boomwhackers to practice keeping in time with each other, while also waiting for their parts and notes to come up. After a lot of hard work, we are beginning to sound like a group!

Computing – As a computer programmer, I can use Hopscotch to programme shapes and create artwork inspired by Piet Mondrian

Today in our Computing lessons, Year 6 learnt how to use the programming tool Hopscotch to code a character to draw cubist inspired shapes. After learning how to create the needed code, choosing size, colour and degrees the character could turn, we practiced creating squares and rectangles. Once we had mastered this, we turned our attention to the famous Cubist artist Piet Mondrian and looked at how his work contained many squares and rectangles of differing sizes and colours. Using our new knowledge of how to code these shapes, Year 6 worked to create their own computer-generated masterpieces using code!

Robinwood – Our Class Residential

This week, Year 6 went on their class residential to Robinwood in Wrexham. Here, we learnt so many fantastic life skills, such as: how to work in a team, how to communicate, how to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, how to problem solve and how to face our fears. This was a brilliant chance for year 6 to show the three Rs of our school out in the real world and help them grow in independence, ready to take on the challenges of the rest of the year and beyond. More photos of our amazing three days can be found on the Robinwood tab of our class page!

PE – As a cricketer, I can apply tactics in games effectively

After learning many skills over the course of this half term – from bowling to batting to catching to fielding – Year 6 put all of these to the test to play a full game of cricket. Year 6 had studied the rules of cricket and were ready to go for the boundaries! The very competitive games were fantastic to see and despite the high level of competition, there were fantastic skills on show and great sportsmanship!

Science – As a scientist, I can use the idea that light travels in straight lines to explain why shadows have the same shape as the object that cast them

As part of our ‘Light’ topic, Year 6 created a shadow puppet show to investigate how light travels in a straight line and the impact that this has on shadows. We learnt that the shape of the shadow is the same shape as the object that creates them, but the size and density of the shadow can change based on proximity to the light. Using this scientific principle, we acted out exciting stories using the light to adjust the characters and landscape.

History – As a historian, I will explore and understand the wartime work carried out by women at Bletchley Park

As part of our Humanities topic ‘Women Across the World, Throughout Time’, Year 6 studied the efforts carried out by British women during World War Two. This led us to the amazing codebreakers at Bletchley Park and their work towards ending the war sooner. To learn more, Year 6 cracked their own coded message, telling them all about the work done by these outstanding women. We definitely have budding codebreakers in our classroom!

Leeds United PSHE Session

Year 6 took part in the Spotlights PSHE session provided by Leeds United to look at how they can handle difficult choices in life and what to do when facing anti-social behaviour. Over the course of the session, we learnt so much about what is classed as anti-social behaviour, when this behaviour becomes illegal, who we can turn to for help and support and how we can make sure we’re always making the best possible choice for ourselves.

Art – As an artist, I will sketch a design for a sewn patch

This half term, Year 6 have been studying the art work of Harriet Powers, looking at her famous surviving quilts – the Bible Quilt and the Pictorial Quilt. Taking inspiration from this, Year 6 have been designing their own patch to tell their own story, thinking about what best represents them and how they can depict this using various sewing methods.

Buddy Party

As top of the school, Year 6 this year take on the very important responsibility of guiding our newest members of our school community as they begin their learning journey. To welcome them, we held a buddy party to give each Reception child a friendly face to look out for and help them when needed. We had lots of fun and it was lovely to see so many bonds being made!

RE – Confirmation Classes 

This year, Year 6 are preparing to take the next step on their sacramental journey – Confirmation! We have been preparing for this by taking weekly classes where we look at what Confirmation means and why it is an important part of the Catholic faith.

Art – As an artist, I can use sketching to create a design

As part of Dot Day’s 20th Anniversary, Year 6 started with a black dot and saw where it took them. Using our sketching pencils, the children used their imaginations to incorporate a dot into their design. From flowers to planets to monsters to spy-cats, we had it all!