Year 6


Welcome to Year 6

Staff in your classroom: Mrs Helen Hallos (teacher) Miss Gemma Coulson (teacher) Mrs Diane Stephenson (teaching assistant)

 Your interests/hobbies: I (Mrs Hallos) love walking our two family dogs, Tilly – an 8 year old scruffy terrier cross and Fifi our 4 year old pug . I love to read: Harlan Coben and Lee Childs being two of my favourite authors. I enjoy the cinema and musicals at the theatre. I also enjoy shopping!!

I (Mrs Stephenson) enjoy going to music concerts – seeing live bands, gardening and DIY (only wallpapering and painting though!) I also love going for coffee and cake with friends and shopping!

I (Miss Coulson) love to read and write and I think that this is why I enjoy the Year Six English work so much. I am also very happy whenever I am out in the sunshine, running as I do love to keep fit and enjoy the coutryside too.

What can children expect in your year group: Year 6 is a fantastic year; it’s the final year in primary school and goes with a bang!  We work extremely hard, it’s head down and nose to the grindstone, making sure we are achieving our true potential in readiness for High School. After SATs we let our feet off the gas a little and throw ourselves into drama and a more creative curriculum. In year 6 you can expect to work very hard but have lots of fun along the way, you’ll be fully prepared for the challenges and excitement of going up to High School and into a new big wide world!

How can parents help in your classroom e.g. any useful websites you would like adding to your class page. Parents can help just by continuing to be supportive as your child reaches the end of their Primary School journey. Do keep that home/school link going and do pop in to see us all, just because we’re top juniors doesn’t mean you can’t come in to help – you’d be made most welcome.



Classroom Goings On!!!

Here’s whats happening in R.E. this term: WTL Summer Term 1 Newsletter

This half term we are having a big push on our excellent behaviour. Here is the letter sent out to families on the 2nd January.

Letter for Y6 behaviour to parents

Here’s whats happening in R.E. this term:Spring Term 1 R.E Newsletter   Spring Term R.E. 2 Newsletters

Class Newsletter: Parent letter Autumn 1 2017

Letter to parents Autumn 2- 2017-2018

Letter to Parents Spring 1 – 2018

Letter to Parents Spring 2

Letter to Parents Summer 1- 2018

Letter to parents summer 2 2018

English Newsletter: Spring One newsletter with Letterhead

Here’s whats happening in R.E. this half term: Autumn Term 2 Newsletter

SATs – Well done year 6, you really tackled the week well, we’re all so proud of you!

Visit to Church

We visited church, where Father Eamon told us all about the symbolism of church artifacts as part of our, “Jesus Bread of Life” topic. We then showed Father Eamon the bookmarks we’d made depicting the parts of the Mass – we think he was impressed!


Science Fun!

We had a great morning experimenting with circuits!

January 2018

Our Viking Long Boats



Victorian Day – December 1st 2017

We had a Victorian Day in school in preparation for out Victorian themed Christmas Fayre. Fantastic workshops and wonderful costumes added to the day – brilliant!



Erin and Josh stood down as school council representatives but as a final job assisted in the administration of the  new elections.

Robinwood – November 2017

Year 6 had a fabulous time at Robinwood up in Alston in Cumbria, as can be seen by the photos below!

Bollywood came to St Mary’s!

A huge thank you to Marcus’ mum for taking the time to come into school and teach some Indian dancing to year 6. Year 6 were fantastic, busting some awesome moves, as you can tell by the photos below!




The Wizard of Oz

We had a fabulous morning watching the Wizard of Oz in school today. We all came dressed up and joined in with the songs in the performance. Year 6 were lucky enough to have a workshop following the performance, where we learned about set and costume changes, voice projection, expressions and movement when acting and how the sound system works. We then chose our favourite scenes and did our own mini performances back in class!

ART DAY – Take One Picture sponsored by the National Gallery

Year 6 enjoyed a wonderful day of art, being inspired by the painting, ” Penelope and the Suitors”, which is displayed in the National Gallery in London.




Classroom Goings On!!!

Here’s whats happening in R.E. this half term: Autumn Term R.E. Newsletter

News Letters

Parent letter Autumn 1 2017

English Letter :

Y6 Newsletter – Autumn One 2017