Year 5

Mrs Hallos and Mrs Penchion welcome you to Year 5

Year 5 is a fantastic year and it’s the start of your journey into upper KS2!  In year 5 are myself, Mrs Hallos (class teacher) and Mrs Penchion (teaching assistant), we will help you reach your true potential and make you feel a special piece in the year 5 family jigsaw. I’m excited about the curriculum, lots of exciting topics and fun, inspiring activities to undertake! All I ask is that you try your hardest in all that’s asked of you, that you ask for help when you need it and that you remember our key words kindness and respect in all you do. Here’s to a great year!


Year 5 Curriculum

At St. Mary’s we go above and beyond to ensure that the firm foundations of knowledge are put in place in order for our children to achieve their full potential actively, creatively and holistically.

We have built our curriculum so that it is sequential so that children’s learning can build both depth and breadth ; it is purposeful in order to make learning here meaningful for children living in Rothwell whilst being spiritual at all times in order to fit with our Catholic Ethos Statement.








Class of 2021-2022

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The children put together a series of movements that reflected on the words of “The Prayer of St Francis”.


The children dissected flowers to note each part and their role in the pollination of plants.


The children used their chrome books to locate countries in Europe and the world Great Britain imports from and exports to.


The children played the trading game to experience what it’s like for countries to compete and trade with each other. It also highlighted how unfair things can be for the poorer countries of our world.

Coaching by Leeds Rhinos

James from Leeds Rhinos came in as part of Project 9 to take a coaching session with Yr5, which was fabulous – the children loved it and in return have been given free tickets to all remaining Leeds Rhinos’ home games – WooHoo!


Look at our beautiful Easter cards celebrating the risen Lord.


Art Evaluations

The children did collages of some of the famous paintings of Van Gogh, then evaluated their work.

Design Technology

The children have been looking at strengthening structures, we chose a square based pyramid (as we have been looking at how and why the pyramids were built) and constructed it out of art straws and drinking straws. The children then thought how it could be strengthened and added to their original construction.

Collective Worship

George, Callum and William did a beautiful Collective Worship all about God’s love this week, they prepared it all on their chrome books – great job boys!

Art and Humanities

In art we are learning about the fast and furious painting style of Vincent Van Gogh, how he often worked straight from the tube of paint in hurried fast movements and how he used colour to reflect his emotions. In year 5 we used these techniques to create paintings of the Andes mountain range we are studying in our humanities lessons. Can you spot the two extras in our lesson?

Chrome Books

Year 5 did some fabulous work on their chrome books all about how and why the Egyptians built the pyramids. As with any subject some children knew more than others and the way the class helped each other out in presenting slides on their chrome books and uploading it to google classroom made me proud to be their teacher, what fabulous work and what fabulous children!

Piano Lessons!

We’ve introduced piano lessons to St. Mary’s and here’s Maxwell enjoying his first ever lesson – we can’t wait to hear how it goes!

Collective Worship

What a lovely Collective Worship by Thomas, Bradley and Michael all about JOY – it certainly brought joy into our hearts in year 5!


We have conducted a scientific enquiry into whether we can get our sugar and salt solids back from the solution we made. We’ll find out on Monday!


I have been totally blown away by the writing year 5 have done this week, writing from a character’s viewpoint, after studying: The Highwayman, by Alfred Noyes. The emotion in the pieces was outstanding, the children definitely got into character in order to write so well.

Collective Worship

Iona, Odre, Florence and Natalia led a lovely Collective Worship this week all about Faith, where they encouraged their class to really think about how their faith is important to them.

Happy New Year!

The children came back refreshed and happy to start their Spring term learning. We had a day of Mindmate and PSHE. The children worked together in house groups to collate research on the effects of various smoking.

Thinking of others this Christmas

The children brought in Christmas themed food items for people in our local area. The food will be distributed by Christ Church in Lofthouse.

Christmas Crafts 2021

The children enjoyed making angels to hang on the tree, snow globes and Christmas tree centre pieces, made from recycled Lidl magazines ( we chose to do this remembering our RE topic where we thought about being stewards of God’s world).

DT – (healthy) Pizza making.

The children planned, designed and made fabulous mini pizzas.

We have been looking at how food is sourced and how different food groups work to keep our bodies healthy – we kept this in mind when designing our mini pizzas.

Collective Worship

Mason, Ethan and Charlie led Collective Worship this week focussing on John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus.


Christmas Cards

Year 5 loved making their Christmas cards and the special ones for the refugees who are experiencing Christmas in England for the first time.

Collective Worship

James and Nathan started off our Advent preparations beautifully with their class Collective Worship.

Collective Worship

Our Collective Worship this week was all about leadership as Xanthe, Odre and Ava  explored John’s gospel 18: 33-37.


Dave came in from D – Side to talk to the children about alcohol, the law and about being responsible around alcohol. The children loved trying on Dave’s special “beer glasses” !


In their  music lesson with Junior Jam the children have been learning their chords on the  Ukelele!


The children had to make their own rocket to send the clangers in to space. The aim was to investigate how to make their rocket fly higher. The children were exploring and really getting into their investigation which was so lovely to see.


The children designed posters to show their understanding of some key musical language.

Science Investigations

The children planned an investigation to see if adding more paper clips to their paper helicopter had an affect on how quickly it spun to the ground.

Road Safety

Wendy came into school today to talk to the children about road safety, talking about the dangers we face as pedestrians, cyclists and passengers in cars. She encouraged the children to find ways of getting the road safety message across to others, including writing for our school newsletter, a radio jingle and book marks. The children were inspired and very creative!


The children were colour mixing creating the colours in Vernet’s volcano painting.

Angry Earth

The children wrote reports on volcanoes after researching them and found out about the eruption of Mt St Helen’s.


The children became newspaper detectives spotting the features of a newspaper article from both tabloid and broadsheet newspapers.


Collective Worship

Our leaders of Collective Worship this week were Koen. Isabelle and Eliza, looking at gifts.

Art – learning to draw people in proportion

Art – Inspired by  the volcano paintings of Claude-Joseph Vernet in pastels.


Year 5 have been learning how to draw line graphs – I think they did pretty well!

Collective Worship

This week we had Maxwell, Henry and James leading our class worship. The boys were really inclusive, asking everyone to say one thing they were thankful for.

Mid-book review of the fabulous WAR HORSE by Michael Morpurgo.

IT – a research tool!

We used the ipads to research all about Orangutans, their habitat, diet and why they are on the endangered species list.

World Mental Health Day

We thought of others as well as our own well being, by making up fabulous gift bags (along with the rest of the school) to send to our wonderful NHS

Collective Worship

Another beautiful year 5 Collective Worship all about Openness, led by Thomas, Maya and Joe.


Adoption of Kea

As a year 5 family we decided to do something as a class. We decided to adopt and orangutan from the Durrell foundation at Jersey Zoo. We did an online quiz to see which animal at the zoo suited us the best and SURPRISE… orangutans did! Our adoption package came today and as a class we are pleased and excited to know we have done something that will help both the orangutans at Durrell Zoo, but also help those in the wild in Sumatra too.

Golden Time

Year 5 had “Golden Time” this week for every child being on gold. We had a vote and the majority wanted to celebrate with bringing in toys and games. It was lovely to see the children playing so well with each other – a well deserved reward!


The children became the Earth and the moon to demonstrate how the they both rotate for the same length of time time – tidal locking. This is why we only ever see one side of the moon from the earth.

Collective Worship

George, Abigail and Eddi led year 5’s Collective Worship this week and what a wonderful start it was.

Junior Jam – Music

The children are loving their Junior Jam music sessions, following scores to play their instruments.

Class of 2020-2021

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Picnic at the Park!

We have had a wonderful time at Springhead Park this afternoon! Year 5 behaved perfectly and represent Rothwell St Mary’s in an outstanding manner.
Take a look at the delicious, healthy picnics we made!

Sports Day 2021!

We had a lovely afternoon enjoying a very different sports day. The Year 5 pupils showed fantastic team spirit and were lucky enough to participate in every single race!



New Beginnings!

We have really enjoyed reading and learning the poem ‘New Beginnings’ by Tony Walsh. As a class, we learned the whole poem off by heart and continued to use this poem as inspiration for writing our own poems about moving into Year 6. I think they are outstanding and are best enjoyed read aloud!


The Year of St Joseph

As a whole school, we are celebrating the Year of St Joseph. We have started this half term by reflecting weekly on St Joseph during our collective worship times in class. Two groups of children have blown me away with their wonderful times of worship, considering who St Joseph was and what we can learn from him. In our first week, we read about Joseph as he was blessed by the Angel Gabriel and learned of his role of becoming Jesus’ earthly father. This week we thought about Joseph as a fatherly example. We are eagerly awaiting next week’s collective worship and are looking forward to what our next group of children will present to us!


The character of St Peter

As part of our new RE topic, ‘The Transforming Spirit’, Year 5 have been learning about the great transformation of the disciple’s characters after the gift of the Holy Spirit was given to Christians at Pentecost. We focused closely on the person of St Peter this week and used Bibles to read about the decisions, words, actions and examples Peter set for us all. We know Peter was not always perfect (like us!) but we have recognised how the Holy Spirit helped Peter to grow as a person and how the Holy Spirit can help us too!


Respecting our BODIES!

Year 5 have made a fantastic start to our PSHE and RSE learning this half term. All children have shown such a respectful and mature attitude towards the topics we have covered so far. In this week’s lesson, we learned about our bodies being a gift from God. We discussed all the ways we can look after our bodies, keep our bodies healthy and keep ourselves safe from potential harm. We even tackled some misconceptions about possible dangers and unhealthy behaviours! I was hugely impressed with the level of scientific and social knowledge our Year 5 children were able to contribute to our learning.


Perfecting our Islamic Tiles

Today, we finished our beautifully-moulded Islamic tiles. The year 5 children worked on blending and combining colours as well as deciding on a suitable collection of tones to best reflect their theme. I was really impressed with the layering of colours and patterns to create interest in their tiles.

Islamic Patterned Clay Tiles

After learning all about The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, we have been inspired to create our own patterned clay tiles which could compete with the intricately patterned tiles decorating this elegant place of worship. The children needed to show great perseverance, as moulding the clay proved quite the challenge to begin with! As a class, we have explored the Islamic Geometric and Vegetal patterns, and are looking forward to painting their masterpieces next week!



History and Technology Day

Year 5 had a fabulous day learning all about the mathematician, cryptanalyst and code-breaking expert Alan Turing. Their computing and ICT skills were pushed to the limit as they enjoyed breaking Morse code messages, researching and finally planning, filming, editing and producing their own documentary about Alan Turing’s life.


Paul Digby inspired painting

This week we have continued to build on our portrait skills in Year5 and have spent some time studying the artwork of Paul Digby, whose ‘Portraits of Emotion’ exhibition was based on the people of Leeds. We loved the strong emotions he was able to convey through large, bold painting. We used these pieces as our inspiration!

Easter Gardens

Yesterday, we spent our circle time outside in our Woodland area. The children loved this time of peacefulness and reflection as we contemplated the Easter story.
Mrs Sheldon-Price and I were extremely impressed with the children’s creative ideas and how they persevered when building their Easter gardens. Well done, Year 5!

Write like an Egyptian!

Year 5 have excelled with their textile and art skills once again, as they have created some amazing Ancient Egyptian papyrus, finished off with hidden hieroglyphic messages. It has been great to see the determination and perseverance from all children since this was not a straight forward task. I think the results are just fantastic! A super way to finish off our history topic!

Woodland Area Workshop

We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon out in our brand new woodland area, learning all about how to build secure structures. Our Year 5 children showed resilience, patience and teamwork skills as they explored shapes in nature and the 3d shapes, which form the strongest structures. They even had some sweet treats too!
We are really looking forward to seeing our forest area grow and come to life in the coming months and years!

Welcome back Year 5!

It has been lovely to welcome our whole Year 5 class back into the classroom this week! We enjoyed two wonderful days (Monday and Tuesday) reconnecting with each other and preparing our mindsets ready to work to our very best!

We spent some time revisiting resilience, bravery and friendship and looked back at our whole school book ‘The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse’ by Charlie Mackesy. The children have created their own inspirational and uplifting conversations, along with beautiful sketches of their chosen characters from the book too.




Coming Home…for Christmas!

This week, Year 5 have been working on some fabulous, Christmas writing all based on the story “Coming Home” by Michael Morpurgo.
The children followed the story closely, identifying phrases and words which they felt brought the story to life, and revealed the emotions of the determined Christmas robin who is travelling home for Christmas. Equipped with their fantastic ideas and vocabulary, the children then wrote their own poems inspired by “Coming Home”. These poetic stories were linked to their own journey home for Christmas and feelings they may experience on the final day leaving school for the Christmas holidays.
I have been so impressed with the imagination and heart-warming ideas from all of the children!



Virtue of HOPE!

“I trust that God’s love has no end and that He is at work in my life and in the world.”

As a whole school community, we have recently ended our focus on the virtue of ‘hope‘. The children were very familiar with this virtue after the strange year we have had! We learned about Jesus’ Golden rule: to love others as Jesus loves us, as well as reading stories of hope in the Bible.
We had a special focus on the verse in Proverbs too:
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding…” (Proverbs 3:9). We have looked at this verse on several occasions as a reminder that we must rest on God in confusing times in our lives and pray that God will protect and guide us.

Once again, the children produced some wonderful reflections for our virtues board.



DT – WW1 Trench Shelters

Year 5 have been working hard to design WW1 trench shelters. After learning about WW1 this term, we felt that the soldiers deserved much more comfort during their time at war and imagined what the soldier would appreciate in a shelter. The children put together a success criteria which they felt would lead to a successful shelter, including: safety, insulation, waterproof, comfortable etc. The children sketched their ideas and planned materials that would help them to achieve their design. Today, the children have made their shelters! I have been so impressed with the children’s creativity and imagination – wow!


How does sound travel?

In Science, we have been investigating whether the pitch of sound sources impacts the distance that the sound can travel. The children worked in groups to design their investigation, considering how they could keep the test scientifically fair, what equipment they might use and how they could record and measure their findings. The children did really well to apply all that they had learned about sound so far to make sensible predictions and choose appropriate equipment. There are plenty of future scientists in Year 5!

Good Vibrations!

We have had a fantastic start to our ‘Sound’ topic. The children have been investigating how sound travels and how we hear sounds. We placed dry rice on the top of a drum and observed the change in movements as we beat the drum more and more firmly. The children noticed how the rice moved more dramatically as they beat the drum with more force. They concluded that: the louder the sound the higher the vibrations. The children were fascinated by how intricate the ear is and how these vibrations from a sound source then send signals to our brain – amazing!

Showing faith in difficult times

In Year 5, we have started our new RE topic all about God’s Covenants. We have been focusing on characters in the Bible who remained faithful to God during difficult times in their lives. We have made links to our current situation and have recognised that we must trust God even when we can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. Today we have reflected on Abraham and how he showed faith throughout his life and remained hopeful of God’s special promise.


Reading Slumber Day!

Today we have had a wonderful day of reading and poetry. What a fantastic way to end the half term! As a class, we learned the poem ‘Jabberwocky’ off by heart using our imagination of the story and creating actions to remind us of the unusual words in the poem. The children also wrote their reviews of the non-fiction library books which will be used as helpful guides for other children who are choosing a book in our school library. This afternoon, we read ‘The Witches’ by Roald Dahl. We created our own mini stories about disappearing children and created amazing front covers for our classroom door too.
We are all ready for a well-deserved half term rest after such a busy day!


I am grateful for all I have and praise God for all he has given me.’

We have really valued focusing on the virtue of ‘thankfulness’ these past 4 weeks. Our Year 5 children have demonstrated this virtue on numerous occasions and are recognising that God’s blessings are in both the small things in our life as well as the big things. Our collective worship times have really been special times to show our gratitude to God for the wonderful blessings he has given us all.

The Leeds Pals

Year 5 have been learning all about the Leeds Pals: local soldiers who volunteered to serve in World War One together as friends. The children have learned all about their recruitment, training and their time serving as soldiers. They have written some wonderful diary entries as a WW1 Leeds Pal the evening after the devastating Battle of the Somme. Here are a few excerpts to enjoy!


WW1 Artwork

Over the last couple of weeks, Year 5 have been planning their World War One inspired artwork. We have explored different examples of war-inspired art and used these gather our own ideas. The children have focused on the symbols of war and how they could use colour and silhouettes to create the mood of WW1 life in the trenches. We have some very talented artists in Year 5!

All about RESPECT!

We have really enjoyed focusing on our school virtue of RESPECT these last few weeks. We have been building up our virtues board with our reflections, prayers and promises all about respect. Our motto has been ‘Give respect to get respect!’ We have been making weekly class promises with a simple goal linked with respect and I hope to these continue as we move onto a new virtue very soon.

Positive Role Models

In PSHE, we have been learning about inspiring, positive role models – excellent people who we can aspire to be like right now and in the future! We have discovered that a role model is not just a person who has an impressive job, or someone who is famous, but is a person who has admirable qualities. We read about the famous people who we may look up to but also use their fame to do incredible things, such as Prince William and Emma Watson. We also discussed our amazing NHS and the positive role models we saw this year throughout the toughest moments of the Covid Pandemic.

International Dot Day!

We have had a wonderful day today experimenting with dotty artwork! The children have shown such confidence in their own ideas and have produced some excellent works of art.

We have explored the technique of pointillism by using colourful dots to create an image. The children have carefully built their image piece by piece, resulting in an incredible picture!

They have also prepared their pink dots for our whole school dotty rainbow. I have been so impressed with the expert blending and mixing that our Year 5 children have shown. Wow!

Creation Artwork

What an incredible start to our RE topic of ‘Creation’! Our Year 5 children have completely “wowed” me with their artistic skills and expressive designs. The children have used oil pastels to show their own view and interpretation of CREATION.


Your entrance into school September 2020:


Class of 2019-2020

Meiko Visits Year 5

Meiko is an assistance/therapy dog who visits our school to spend time with the children, who can stroke her, brush her, cuddle her, read to her and simply enjoy getting lost in her sumptuous long haired coat.


Year 5 wrote some fabulous adventure stories and had lots of fun dramatising them for the rest of the class to watch. Luckily it was a beautiful sunny afternoon so they could perform outside.

World Book Day 2020

As part of World Book Day 2020, year 5 got to participate in a workshop where the story of Beowulf was brought to life. The children took part shaping the story, adding their suggestions and character input and expressed themselves through freeze frames.


Little Shop of Horrors!

Year 5 have had a lovely treat today: visiting St Thomas a Becket’s Catholic Secondary School to watch the first performance of Little Shop of Horrors! The children thoroughly enjoyed the musical and had a taste of what life at high school could be like. It was wonderful to see some children who were previous pupils of St Mary’s sharing their talents.

It’s a Mystery!

This half term, Year 5 have spent time exploring and writing their own mystery stories. We have spent time looking at a range of extracts from mystery stories including: The Old Mill, William Wenton and the Secret Portal and Aberrations – The Beast Awakens. From these stories, we gained a familiarity with the style of the genre and successfully planned and prepared, drafted, edited and finally published our peculiar and unusual mystery stories. I think they are fabulous!

Fantastic Forces!

Year 5 have had a Science morning exploring the effects of air resistance. The children created their own investigation question which was: ‘Does the surface area of a parachute effect the force of air resistance?’ The children worked in groups to create three different parachutes. Taking care to keep their investigations a fair test, the children used stop watches to measure how long it took each parachute to safely land on the ground. Amazing team work and fantastic conclusions were made!


Architects through time…

Year 5 have begun there exploration of architects and designers throughout time. We kicked off our topic last week looking at the works of Sir Christopher Wren and Antoni Gaudi. The children compared and contrasted the buildings, churches and overall design techiques of these two reknown architects and are becoming quite proficient in their use of artist vocabularly, describing the tone, texture, colour, composition and many other aspects of the works of art we contemplated.

Coming Home (for Christmas!)

Wow! The children have completed some excellent narrative poetry based on the style of ‘Coming Home’. They have worked incredibly hard to model the repetitive techniques and the rhythm and pace of Michael Morpurgo to produce their own version of Coming Home for Christmas.

Coming Home

The children have been exploring the story of ‘Coming Home’ by Michael Morpurgo. We have completed our own story maps to plan out a summarised story line of the robin’s journey. We are closely following this winter tale in preparation to write our own ‘Coming Home’ stories inspired by this narrative. Watch this space!


Getting ready for 2020!

We made beautiful calendars, which show the four seasons.


Design and Technology: Pizzas for Celebrations

After all their planning and preparations, this morning the children have been busy making their pizzas for celebrations! The children worked really hard as a team to bring their creations to life. They problem solved and co-operated with one another brilliantly! I hope they taste just as good as they look!



Music Week in Year 5

Last week, our whole school shared a fantastic week of music, dance and song. We focused on the skill of composition and developed this through a variety of different activities.

Look at everything we got up to…

1940’s Dress-up Day

We have had a lot of fun today getting into character for our music week, celebrating music through the decades! Today we have put our song writing skills to the test as we wrote an additional verse and chorus in the style of Vera Lynn’s ‘White Cliffs of Dover’ war time classic. The children performed these for the class with great courage.

We also reflected on the roles of men and women during WW2 and even learned an echo rap all about the duties they took on board.

Year 5 Collective Worship Assembly

15th November 2019

Thank you to all parents who were able to share in our class assembly on Friday. The children prepared for the collective worship in a mature and sensible manner, and delivered the assembly beautifully. They were extremely respectful towards the theme of remembrance and hope, and showed great empathy towards the soldiers who served for our country in the Great Wars and those who continue to serve.

Factor Tracker!

Year 5 began their new maths topic of multiplication and division last week and have been developing their knowledge of multiples, factors and prime numbers.
Today we consolidated our knowledge by playing ‘Factor Tracker’. The children could only move the number of spaces based on a factor of the number they had landed on. The children did well to spot the prime numbers and followed the rules brilliantly! They also added in their own rules to make the game harder or easier.

The Big Sing… Liturgy thing!

Wow! What a fantastic day Year 5 have had today (6th November) at The Big Sing at Mount St Mary’s Catholic High School. The children have enjoyed a musical day of song, dance and worship. It has been the most joyful day and I hope the children have enjoyed themselves as much as I have! I am pleased to say how beautifully the children behaved all day during the liturgy and also as they walked through the high school. They really did themselves and Rothwell St Mary’s proud.



“Growing radishes!”

This week, Year 5 were concluding their science research, exploring the investigation question of ‘Does adding mineral salts to radishes make them grow larger?’
Unfortunately, our radishes did not grow at all! Despite our hard work to keep the experiment a fair test and regular exposure to sunlight and water. Nevertheless, the children did a fantastic job concluding their investigation, reflecting on ways we could improve our method and evaluating why the seeds may not have produced fruit. I am very proud of their resilience and have seen many promising scientists of the future this week! We definitely gained an understanding of ‘real science’ and discovered that planning and preparation does not always lead to the desired outcome, but we can still learn from the experience!




Leeds Loves Reading!

This academic year, Leeds for Learning has launched the ‘Year of Reading’ across schools, libraries and communities in Leeds. The children in Year 5 have a fantastic curiosity for reading and all children were very engrossed in their reading yesterday in our school library. Follow the #leedslovesreading for more information about events going on in the city!



St Francis of Assisi

Today in Year 5, we have been reflecting on the life of Saint Francis of Assisi. We thought about what we consider to be most important and least important in our lives and whether we need to change our perspectives. After reminding ourselves about how St Francis changed his attitude to life, we took on the role of St Francis to write our own letters advising others to be co-creators of the world.
Here are some of our fantastic letters below!



War Horse

We are really enjoying reading the story ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo in Year 5 this term! The children have created some emotive and powerful poetry, reflecting the style of Christina Rossetti’s poem ‘What is pink?’. They have also been learning about the reality of World War 1 and expressed their understanding through pastel art and silhouettes. Our classroom and corridors are looking wonderful with their hard work being displayed for everyone to enjoy too!





Creation Artwork

This week in Year 5, we have been reflecting on the ‘awe and wonder’ we feel when we look at God’s Creation. The children were very expressive and imaginative when they composed their oil pastel phenomenons! They are absolutely fantastic!
















Class of 2018-2019

Hansel and Gretel – Year 5 summer play

Year five shone like the brilliant stars that they are in our summer play: Hansel and Gretel. The children worked so hard learning lines and songs, following stage directions and putting together fabulous costumes. They really were an amazing team and performed brilliantly! I think they all loved it too!