Year 4


Welcome to Year 4

In Year 4 there is Miss Stephens and Mrs Lacey and our 30 fabulous children! Mrs Sweeney also comes to help our learners grow every Thursday afternoon. I hope you are ready for our Year 4 adventure: we have so many exciting topics, challenges and opportunities ahead of us in the coming months. I am looking forward to working together with you to ensure you have a happy and memorable year. In order to achieve your potential, I ask for two key things from you: always try your best and believe in yourself. Trust me, if you believe in yourself anything is possible. Every day is a new challenge.















Our Curriculum in Year 4

At St. Mary’s we go above and beyond to ensure that the firm foundations of knowledge are put in place in order for our children to achieve their full potential actively, creatively and holistically.

We have built our curriculum so that it is sequential so that children’s learning can build both depth and breadth ; it is purposeful in order to make learning here meaningful for children living in Rothwell whilst being spiritual at all times in order to fit with our Catholic Ethos Statement.







Welcome to Year 4’s Class Page (2020-2021)

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Yorkshire Wildlife Park

On Tuesday we visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park! We got the chance to see the lions be released into their habitats and got up close and personal with so many amazing animals. We spent time looking at the different animals, we were deciding whether they were mammals, reptiles, fish or amphibians- herbivores, carnivores or omnivores and Vertebrate or Invertebrate. We had the best time and we felt so lucky to see so many fantastic animals!

Below are the spellings for this half term. The children will continue to be tested each Thursday morning.








The Song of a Dolphin Boy

Last half term we read the magnificent book ‘The Song of the Dolphin Boy’. This half term, we are spending time revisit the text and writing setting descriptions using all of our fantastic Year 4 English skills. We were unable to go to the beach from the book as it is based in Scotland, so we brought the beach to Year 4! The children loved feeling the sand and water between their toes and looking at all the different shells that can be found on a beach- we could even hear the sound of the waves!

Magnificent Magnets!

This half term Year 4 have spent time learning all about magnets. They identified the different forces that act on object and the effect friction has on different surfaces. They carried out a variety of different scientific enquiries and made brilliant predictions. Year 4 were able to conduct experiments to sort magnetic and non-magnetic materials. They had SO much fun!

Sikh signs and symbols

Over our time in Year 4, we have been learning all about our other faith Sikhism. Today we were learning all about the signs and symbols that you would see within their religion. We learnt about the 5ks and their meanings, we even had a go at making a khanda using clay- it was great fun!

Suffragette Day!

Today we had a Suffragette Day and we had so much fun! We began the day cracking a code, by cracking the code we found out that a Suffragette campaign would take place at 2pm on the playground. We then were split into two groups ‘The Suffragettes’ and ‘The Anti-Suffragettes’. We spent the rest of the day preparing for our campaign, we made placard board, rosettes and sashes to show who we were fighting for. We talked about why the Suffragettes were so passionate, what they were fighting for and the different things they did to show their passion for women’s suffrage. In our groups, we then wrote a speech for the campaign highlighting the reason for our fight. We had the best day and have so much fantastic knowledge on The Suffragettes!


The Suffragettes 

Today we spent time looking at the key events that took place during the Suffragette movement. We were split into groups to take part in a ‘key events scavenger hunt’. We had to take in turns running around the playground looking for each of the special events, we then had to work as a group to put them in chronological order. We did a fantastic job! We were blown away with some of the life changing and special things that took place during that special period of history.

Roman Desserts 

Today we became bakers! We researched and found two Roman desserts that we wanted to make, honey oat biscuits and gingerbread cake. We began by collecting the ingredients that we needed and checking it against our list. We then took turns weighing the ingredients out, we had to make sure that we measured the ingredients with the correct measure. We then got to work making our delicious desserts, we followed each of the instructions in the correct order and created the most delicious desserts!! We also have the most FABULOUS, helpful and kind children that even wanted to do all the washing up. 

Marvellous Maps

This half term we have spent lots of time looking at maps, we have loved it! We have secured our knowledge on 4 figure maps references and we even worked on 6 figures too!  We have worked on the skill of map drawing and plotting co-ordinated on a map. This week we have been working on measuring straight line distances using an appropriate scale. We loved being practical in Geography and we are now map experts!


Life after lockdown!

We are all over the moon to be back together at school, there is no feeling quite like seeing all 29 smiling faces so eager to be back at school. This morning we spent time discussing our plans for ‘life after lockdown’, we decided to look forward to the happier times. The children shared their excitement to play in the street, hug their grandparents, meet new born cousins and to just be CHILDREN! We will remember these times forever, I am sure of it. 


Rebellious Romans!

This half term we will continue our journey through Romans by writing a non-chronological report all about them! Today we discussed our potential audience, why the Romans are so important and interesting and what we will need to find out. We began mind mapping and creating posters on lots of facts all about the Romans. Ava, James and Zavier all blew me away with their beautifully presented posters full of so many amazing facts. You really are super stars and I am so proud of you!


Happy News

Over lockdown Miss Stephens subscribed to ‘The Happy Newspaper’. It is simply a newspaper full of happy news- just what we all need at the minute. Eddi and Ava have had so much fun reading each day and finding a piece of happy news that they want to share with us each day. I think by their faces you can tell the news they are reading is making them very happy- we love to see it girls!

Sound Survey

Today we began our topic of ‘sound’ in Science. We spent time looking at different instruments and exploring how sounds are made. We then went on a sound survey around the school grounds. We visited the hut, the playground, the field, the car park, the corridor and even Royds Lane where we were lucky enough to see our friend Henry! At each point on our survey, we closed our eyes and focused on what sounds we could hear on the journey. We rated each place 0-5 (5= very noise and 0=silent). We even brought our friends at home along with us via Zoom!!

Marvellous Maths!!

Today in Maths we have begun looking further into division and remainders. At home and at school we all found 21 of an item (pens, pencils, coins, lego, etc…) that would aid our understanding of remainders. We spent time making shapes and groups that would allow us to fill in our stem sentence – I have ____ groups of ____ with ____ remaining. All children tried so hard and gained a fantastic understanding of division and remainders using different physical resources. I continue to be so proud of the resilience, determination and hard work the children are showing at what we all know is such a challenging time. Well done Year 4- a very proud teacher indeed!

Slime Time!!

We have had SO much fun in school and at home making slime together. We spent time looking at states of matter and how they change under different temperatures. Together, we made our slime and then observed the changes that take place when you are stirring it and when you are holding it in your hands. The slime appeared to be a solid when it was in the bowl but once we had picked it up to play it instantly turned to a liquid. We made lots of mess but had so much fun and laughter today and that is all that counts.



This week we began our very special and much needed well being sessions with Mrs Sheldon-Price. All children and home and those key worker children in school were able to come together and reflect on all things ‘lockdown’. The children confidently shared their highs and lows and were able to give each other advice on what to do when things may get a little tough. The children loved being together talking and sharing their experience. We can’t wait for our daily well being sessions to begin, this week we will be meeting each other’s pets via zoom and having lots of fun.




PSHE: Democracy- Year 4 2021 Elections

Today in PSHE we have been learning all about democracy. We learnt what is meant by the word’s ‘democracy’ and ‘dictatorship’. We explored the different rights we have as human beings living in Britain and learnt all about our government and the different political parties. The children were the split into 6 political parties (Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Scottish National Party and the Green Party). The children had to work together and write a speech persuading their class (future voters) why they would be the best party to fill the different roles within our classroom. The parties then came to the front and presented themselves to the rest of the class, the children then cast their votes- we explored what is meant by a private ballot. The votes were in and the Conservatives took the win!  



Christmas 2020

Life was a little strange this year and the world seemed so unsure but one thing we learnt was that we couldn’t love and appreciate each other more. We lived a moment in history, our lives changed beyond doubt, but we learnt the true meaning of what our Rothwell St Mary’s family is about. Although Christmas may be different to the ones we once knew. Our families will soon be back together because love will see us through.

From all of us in Year 4- Wishing you a very happy, healthy, safe and Merry Christmas.



Christmas festivities

We have had the BEST last week together in school. We began our week creating baubles for our homes using lots of different materials and the initials of our first names. We then spent time talking all about the different seasons that we experience living in England, using this as inspiration we created our calendars using paint and our fingertips (we loved being hands on!!!) We went on a lovely wintery nature walk where we collected sticks to make our Christmas tree baubles- we loved using natures gifts to make something special for us to keep. We all came to school everyday in our lovely Christmas jumpers and on Thursday we all dressed as a character from the nativity- The children looked phenomenal and Miss Stephens was blown away!! The children the preformed their beautiful Christmas carol ‘silent night’ that we had been practicing in choral singing every Tuesday, the children sang beautifully and there was not a dry eye in the house. We even had time to throw a Christmas party, where we sung, danced, ate and had so much fun!! The week ended with a beautiful collective worship led by Zavier, Florence, Xanthe and Henry- they reminded us of the most important reason we celebrate Christmas and helped us prepare for the birth of baby Jesus. This last week together has reminded all of how important it is to love one another, be kind and be grateful for every single day we get to spend together in school happy and healthy. From all of us in Year 4- Merry Christmas.

Special Mentions

The lovely Ethan is our Sunshine of the Week this week for being the definition of a sunshine. Ethan arrives to school every single day with the most lovely, warm smile on his face- he can turn anyone’s bad day into a good one with his smile alone. Ethan keeps us all entertained with his funny jokes, Elf quotes and overall bubbly personality- he really is the life and soul of our classroom. Ethan is such a lovely little boy that spreads kindness without even having to try. We are so lucky to have a lovely little boy like him with us in Year 4!

Callum is our TT Rockstar of the Week for his continue efforts and dedication to TT. Callum has not missed one night of TT Rockstar’s since the beginning of this half term- that really is phenomenal. Callum has shown real perseverance and refuses to ever give in, even when things may be a little tricky. We feel so lucky to have been able to see Callum’s confidence grow since beginning his journey in Year 4, his determination is admirable. Keep up the hard work Callum- our little super star!!

Collective Worship 

Thank you to our superstars Mason, Isabelle, Ava and George for their beautiful and very reflective collective worship on the season of Advent. The children gave us all time to reflect on a time that is so important to us as Christians. They discussed with us the different ways families in our community are celebrating Advent and allowed their friends to share collectively the different ways they were preparing for the birth of Jesus. Going forth, Isabelle has asked us all to reflect on what Advent means to us, Mason would like us all to promise to do something good each day, Ava would like us all to have fun and be kind and George has wished for us all to stay safe and happy over the Christmas period. The wishes that the 4 children shared reflects just how thoughtful, kind and amazing you all are. We are so lucky to have the most amazing children here with us in Year 4.






Spelling Autumn 2 Week 6: Statutory Spellings- Challenge Words

  1. interest
  2. experiment
  3. potatoes
  4. favourite
  5. imagine
  6. material
  7. promise
  8. opposite
  9. minute
  10. increase

Special Mentions:

This weeks Rockstar of the week goes to the very determined, lovely and hardworking Nathan. Nathan has given his all to TT Rockstars since beginning in Year 4 and we could not be prouder of him. He has persevered when he may have found things a little difficult and he continues to show such resilience. Nathan continues to be a fantastic role model to the rest of his class, and we have loved seeing his confidence grow. Keep up all your fantastic hard work you super star!!

Our Sunshine of the Week this week goes to our lovely, kind and gentle Maxwell. Maxwell is one of Miss Stephens’ ALWAYS children and is a shining star in everything he does. He shows such a positive and mature attitude to learning and we are so lucky to have him. Maxwell is always making sure that his friends are ok and that they are included, and we all know just how important this is. Thank you Maxwell for guiding the way for so many of your friends you super star!!

Spelling Autumn 2 Week 5: Words with ‘ough’ to make a long /o/ /oo/ or /or/ sound

  1. though
  2. although
  3. dough
  4. through
  5. breakthrough
  6. thought
  7. bought
  8. brought
  9. fought
  10. ought


Our Stone Age Hunt

Today in English we took part in our very own Stone Age hunt. Miss Stephens read a model diary entry and we acted out each event that took place. Throughout our acting we had to consider how we might feel throughout each point and how we could show this through our actions. At different points of the diary, we created freeze frames that reflected both the event taking place and the emotions we would feel. We got into character fantastically and loved being Stone Age children!!


Today (30/11/20) we took part in our whole school DT day. We were given the nativity character Joseph and the virtue of Hope. We spent time in the morning planning how we were going to bring our 3D Joseph to life, we were all given different body parts to plan and these would be the parts that we later created. We discussed the importance of planning and  the different materials we were going to use and the reasons to why we would use them. We then got to work creating our Joseph- we used lots of different materials and mediums to make our body parts. The head team used a balloon, paper mache and paint, the body and legs team used an old jumper and trousers and stuffed them with newspapers to create a body shape, the hair and beard team used cotton wool balls and painted them brown to create a real life beard and hair effect and the cloak team used felt, sponges and brown paint to create rustic effect. Finally, we discussed our virtue of hope and what the word hope meant to us, we then all wrote our hopes for this Christmas.  Our finished product looks fantastic and we have all worked so hard!

Spelling Autumn 2 Week 4:

  1. statistican
  2. dietician
  3. electrician
  4. politician
  5. magician
  6. mathematician
  7. technician
  8. beautician
  9. clinician
  10. musician

Special Mentions

Bradley is our Sunshine of the Week this week for his positive attitude to learning and school life. Bradley arrives to school every morning with such enthusiasm and it rubs off on those around him. He shows such determination and persistence to achieve fantastic things every single week. He blows us away with his maths knowledge and his ability to celebrate the success of others before his own. We are very lucky to have such a kind, gentle and caring young man like Bradley in Year 4 with us, never change!

Thomas L is our Rockstar of the Week this week for his consistent dedication to TT Rockstars. Thomas has logged on to TT every single night for last 8 weeks- that really is phenomenal. Since starting his journey with us in Year 4, Thomas has lost 12 seconds off of his average speed and this increases each week. Thomas is the perfect role model for the rest of his friends and we are so so proud of him and all of his efforts. Keep up all of your hard work Thomas, it does not go unnoticed.

Terrific Teeth!

Today in Science we have continued our journey of our topic Animals including Humans. We have been learning all about our teeth and how important they are. We explored our mouths and found we had 4 (sometimes 5) different types of teeth- Canines, Molars, Premolars, Incisors and Wisdom Teeth. We discussed their functions and where they were located in our mouths. We then used mini marshmallows and a mouth to build our own mouth and teeth and we labelled it to show our newly learnt knowledge. We had a fantastic time!

Special Mentions:

This weeks Rockstar of the weeks goes to our lovely Maya! Maya has been working so hard over the past months to get her average speed down and has shown such dedication to her timetables. Maya has managed to lose a whole 16 seconds off of her average speed and now has an average speed of 2.26 seconds- That is absolutely fantastic!! She continues to show a mature and dedicated approach to everything she does not just in Maths but in every single lesson and we could not be any prouder of her if we tried. Well done Maya our little super star!!!

This weeks sunshine is our amazing Xanthe! Xanthe is another child who defines the word sunshine. She comes to school every single day with a smile on her face that brightens up the whole classroom. We are so lucky to have a little girl like Xanthe that shows such maturity and determination in everything she does. She is another child in Year 4 , that is an advocate for kindness. Xanthe goes above and beyond to ensure that her friends are happy and feel appreciated and at such a young age these are fantastic qualities to have. Well done Xanthe- you make Mrs Lacey and I so proud.

Our Rockstars!


A huge congratulations to Maxwell, Henry and Xavier on their success in last week’s TT Rockstar’s ‘Rock Battle’. All three boys placed in the top 10 in the whole school- this week they received their certificates to mark the special occasion and their fantastic achievements. Well done boys we are so proud of you and from your faces I can tell you’re all really proud of yourselves too!


Spelling Autumn 2 Week 3: Words with a /shuhn/ sound, spelt with ‘tion’

  1. invention
  2. injection
  3. action
  4. question
  5. mention
  6. attraction
  7. translation
  8. devotion
  9. position 
  10. solution

Marvellous Maths

Today in Maths we have been learning all about the word perimeter. We discovered that the word perimeter means the length around a closed 2D shape. We had so much fun working in small groups finding the perimeters of different 2D shapes, we used string to measure the perimeter and then we measured the string against metre rulers. We are now professionals at finding the perimeter of any 2D shape!

Treat Time!

Today (13/11/20) we celebrated winning golden time! Last week we had 27 out of 29 children on gold – more than any other class in the school! We spent the afternoon at the ‘cinema’, we watched Incredibles 2 and Miss Stephens treated us to  hot chocolate and biscuits- WE LOVED IT! We can’t wait to win Golden Time again!



Special Mentions:

Sunshine and Rockstar of the Week

A huge well done to our lovely, kind and very funny Sunshine of the Week James. James is such a kind, caring and loveable child that brightens all of our days by just being in the classroom. He tries his hardest to keep our spirits high and provides us with so much laughter every single day. James creates such a lovely, fun and exciting atmosphere within our classroom and we feel so privileged to have him in our class. He is the definition of the word ‘sunshine’ and we are so proud of him!

This week’s Rockstar of the Week is our lovely, funny and energetic Mason! Mason has shown such dedication to his timetables since he began his time with us in Year 4 and continues to grow in confidence. It is so lovely to see Mason believe in his own ability and continuously aim to do his best even if sometimes he finds them a little tricky. Keep up all of that hard work Mason, we are so proud of you!!

The Human Digestive System

We have had so much fun in Science today learning all about the digestive system. We constructed our very own human digestive system using crackers and bananas (the food), orange juice (the stomach acid), water (saliva), a plastic sandwich bag (the stomach), a pair of tights (the small intestine) and a paper cup (the anus). The children were able to give a detailed description of what is meant by the term ‘digestive system’ and what happens to our food once it has been eaten. The photos Mrs Lacey has taken are just brilliant and show just how much of a fantastic time we are having together in Year 4- long may it continue.

Maths Week!

Year 4 have made a fantastic start to ‘Maths Week 2020’! We have been learning all about famous mathematicians, our mathematician of the day today is Ada Lovelace. We have also been competing in the TT Rockstar’s competition and Maxwell is top of the leader board for the whole school!! We are determined to get into the top 100 in the Country!!



Special Mentions:

This week our ‘Rockstar of the Week’ goes to the lovely Joe! Joe has worked super hard since starting his journey with us in Year 4. He has shown such determination and dedication inside and outside of school towards TT Rockstars and he continues to blow us all away with his fluency and confidence. Joe is a fantastic role model to the rest of the children in Year 4. Keep up the good work Joe, we are very proud of you!!

Our ‘Sunshine of the Week this week is Eddi. Eddi is one of the most kind, gentle and polite little girls we know. Our motto in Y