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In Year 4 there is Miss Stephens and Mrs Lacey and our 29 fabulous children! I hope that you are ready for our Year 4 adventure: we have so many exciting topics, challenges and opportunities ahead of us in the coming months. I am looking forward to working together with you to ensure you have a happy and memorable year. In order to achieve your potential, I ask for two key things from you: always try your best and believe in yourself. Trust me, if you believe in yourself anything is possible. 

Meet the team!


Miss Stephens loves anything sports related, she spends lots of her time watching football with her family! Her favourite teams is Leeds United. Miss Stephens LOVES rounders and plays in a team outside of school. She has two very cute golden retrievers, they are called Steve and Angus! Her hobbies are going to the gym and eating out with her sister and friends. 


Mrs Lacey loves spending time with her family and watches her children play a variety of sports every single day! She loves arts and crafts and makes so many fantastic things. Mrs Lacey is very creative and is often found making weird and wonderful things for our classroom. She has a rabbit called Caramel that lives in her home! She takes great care of our class hamster Marcello.




Our Curriculum in Year 4

At St. Mary’s we go above and beyond to ensure that the firm foundations of knowledge are put in place in order for our children to achieve their full potential actively, creatively and holistically.

We have built our curriculum so that it is sequential so that children’s learning can build both depth and breadth ; it is purposeful in order to make learning here meaningful for children living in Rothwell whilst being spiritual at all times in order to fit with our Catholic Ethos Statement.

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Comparing Rothwell to Whitby

Year four have been using OS and aerial maps to compare Whitby to our local area of Rothwell. They used OS map symbols to help them identify human and physical features. We concluded that Whitby has more physical features than Rothwell because it is a costal town, therefore it has a sea and cliffs.

The challenges of being an apostle

Today in RE, we spent time learning all about the different challenges the apostles had to face. The children were given different stories all about Paul and Silas, their time in Damascus and the ways in which they chose to spread the good news about Jesus. The children got to work acting out each story using a narrator and different characters. Their acting was brilliant and showed their concrete understanding of each story.


Today, Year 4 received their very own chrome books! We spent time exploring them and getting used to typing on a keyboard. We then go to work in Humanities researching all about the Anglo-Saxons. The children found lots of fantastic information about who they were, why they came to Britain and the changes they made to our focus town of Whitby.

Sound Survey

This morning, Year 4 conducted a sound survey around school. We visited numerous points around the school ground and rated the noise levels 0-5 (5 = very noisy!).  We discussed the different sounds we could hear and the children were able to justify their ratings. We spent time thinking about how our survey may change at different parts of the day.


Active Maths

Year 4 took their learning outside today! They have spent this time working on their fraction knowledge and today they have to find fractions of objects. The children were split into groups and were given a fraction problem. The children had to race to collect their objects and then complete the fraction problem, ensuring they had equal groups and that they could identify the fraction of objects that was being asked. They did a super job and showed a concrete understanding of fractions of objects- go team Year 4!

Shell Sketching 

Year 4 have begun their humanities topic ‘Whitby’. Today, we began looking closely at Whitby as a seaside town and the different things we may find on the beach. The children spent time carefully sketching the different shells. They paid attention to the small details and used shading to bring their shells to life.


Yorkshire Wildlife Park 

A fantastic snowy, sunny, cold day had by all!

A very Roman Breakfast

This morning, we prepared and ate our ientaculum (Roman breakfast). We began reading through our instructions and gathering any ingredients we needed. In groups, we measured out our ingredients for our pancakes and bread. We followed the method fantastically, leaving time for the bread to prove, the pan to warm and for us to cut our fruit. Our finished products were delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed filling our bellies!


Football Superstars!

A huge congratulations to our Year 4 football team who took the win at St Theresas this week. 3 goal from Jack, Noah and Rory saw the boys take the game, not to forget our goal keeping superstar Daniel who received Man of the Match! A super victory from a hardworking group of boys!

Multiplication Breakfast Club

This week we began our Multiplication breakfast club! The children join Miss Stephens on a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning before school to work on their timetables. This week’s focus timetables was the 9s! We worked on our retention of knowledge, fluency and speed. We discussed different tips and tricks we have to remember our 9s! The children left school this week beaming with confidence on their newly acquired knowledge of their 9s.

Collective Worship

This week, we were led in a beautiful collective worship by Isla, Poppy, Maria and Thomas. The children explored Lent, it’s meaning and significance within our faith. They spent time sharing their own experiences of Lent with their friends and helped the other children in Year 4 to reflect on things they can do during this special period in the Church. They ended their collective worship keeping the children and families in Ukraine close to their hearts and have wrote a beautiful, heartfelt prayer to share with us all.

When did it happen?

Year 4 have built up fantastic knowledge of The Romans and it was time to put their retention of key dates and facts to the test. The children were put into 3 groups, they first had to help Miss Stephens find the correct year to match the special Roman event that we have learnt about. They then spent time putting the events in chronological order, the children were able to explain why they had put dates in the places along the timeline and were even able to explain the difference in years between each event. Super Humanities and Maths work!


World Book Day

A fantastic effort was made by all during our annual World Book Day celebrations. We even got the opportunity to have shared reading time with Year 2, reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was great to see children sharing their love of reading with one another.

Newspaper writing

Team work makes the dream work! We have spent time in Year 4 exploring and analysing newspaper articles. We then go to work collaboratively planning and writing our own articles all about the third successful Roman invasion on Britain. We used all our fantastic knowledge on the Romans so far and produced fantastic and very informative articles.

Holy Communion

This half term our RE topic is Celebrating the Mass. We have learnt all about the offertory and the consecration of the bread and wine (turning to the body and blood of Christ). This week, we have been exploring the importance of receiving the Holy Communion- the Host. We discussed the importance of remembering that it is a gift and that it is Jesus Christ we are receiving through the Host. We re-created the Holy Communion part of mass and acted out the actions and words that are said. The children then created art inspired by this and drew their own version of Jesus on a Host. The finished art work was beautiful and showed their great understanding of this special gift.

The Romans: Music

This afternoon, we performed rhythm actions for making buildings, bridges and roads. We learnt how the Roman army communicated movements in code, with fanfare signals. In the songs ‘Signals!’ we tried out fanfare horn-calls in an echo-game and learnt to sing the Latin names of three cities in Roman Britain. The song focused on melodic shape- especially how tunes go ‘up’ and ‘down’ – and on rhythms with short and long notes. We then created our own signals in our groups using echo and body percussion. We did a great job!

Should we let the Romans rule?

This half term, we have been exploring the Romans and the powerful empire they constructed. Last week, we spent time looking at the reasons FOR and AGAINST the Romans ruling Britain. Our class were split into two teams ready for a debate! We learnt that a debate means to argue about a specific subject or matter in a formal manner. We got to work in our teams using different sources to prove our argument FOR or AGAINST. We then delivered our speeches and debated with confidence and passion!

Today in PSHE we have been learning all about democracy. We learnt what is meant by the word’s ‘democracy’ and ‘dictatorship’. The class were split into two and were given the task of building the tallest tower they could in 5 minutes. One team were a democracy that could all work together, the others were dictatorship where Freddie was the dictator and ruled the group. We explored the different rights we have as human beings living in Britain and learnt all about our government and the different political parties. The children were the split into 6 political parties (Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Scottish National Party and the Green Party). The children had to work together and write a speech persuading their class (future voters) why they would be the best party to fill the different roles within our classroom. The parties then came to the front and presented themselves to the rest of the class, the children then cast their votes- we explored what is meant by a private ballot. The votes were in and the Scottish National Party took the win!

This Christmas Rothwell St Mary’s decided to make stocking donations to the children’s ward at the LGI. The children all brought in donations and together we packed them all up. We hope that this brings Christmas cheer to those special boys and girls.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 

We have had the BEST week in Year 4 preparing for Christmas. We began making our cards and calendars for those we love at home, we used different printing techniques to show the different seasons. We then go to work creating our own personalised Christmas ornaments for our Christmas trees at home. We used a vice, drill and even a wood burner to create our snowman or reindeers, we are all so impressed with our woodwork skills. We have had lots of fun having Christmas dinner, bringing our own toys from home and our class Christmas party. It has been the most exciting week and a well-deserved Christmas break is upon us.

Creating a Stone Age tool

Today, we completed the next stage of our DT project. We became early humans living in the Stone Age and got to work creating the tool we had already planned and designed- we brought lots of a fantastic materials in from home! We worked carefully using saws and hammers to create different elements of our tool. We explored different methods of attaching components and looked carefully at finer details. Our finish products were FANTASTIC and we are ready to live in the Stone Age.

The Ice Cube

Today, we were lucky enough to spend the morning at our very own private ice skating lesson at The Ice Cube, Millennium Square. We learnt so many fantastic tips and tricks and showcased are fantastic sporting skills! We had so much fun and we can’t wait to tell all our friends and families about it.

Housing in the Stone Age

This week, we continued our exploration of our humanities topic ‘The Stone Age’. We looked at and examined Skara Brae and where it is placed within the United Kingdom. We compared it to our local area of Rothwell and used human and physical features to aid our comparison skills. We then explored the varied Stone Age housing that existed from the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and the Neolithic times. It was so interesting to see the different materials used and we had great discussions on why the Early Humans chose these dwellings.

Road Safety 

This half term we have had 2 visits from Wendy at Leeds City Council’s road safety team. Together, we learnt all about the dangers at the roadside, especially at this time of year when the dark nights are upon us. We learnt the green cross code and its importance. We then got to work on the roadside, putting theory into practice. Wendy was blown away with our maturity and retention of knowledge, we did a fantastic job of keeping safe!


Today, we had a visit from D-Side Dave. He helped us understand the different risks around drinking alcohol. We discussed the dangers of peer pressure and the different effects the alcohol can have on our body. We then had a go at wearing the ‘beer glasses’, we loved it!

Drowning Prevention Week

This week is National Drowning Prevention Week, in order to celebrate the occasion and raise awareness we took part in a lifesaving workshop at Swimming. We spent time discussing with the instructors the risks of playing near water and ice, we were told lots of important information that could potentially help save lives. We then got to work practicing life saving techniques, we learnt safe ways to call for help and how to retrieve people from the water if they are in trouble. We showed fantastic listening skills and brilliant concentration.



Designing a Stone Age tool

Today, we began the first stage of our project- planning and designing. Together we discussed the different elements of our plan and why they were crucial to making a successful tool. The children got to work designing their tool and took so much care.


Today, we spent time exploring perimeter and what the word perimeter means. Together, we discovered that perimeter means the length around the objects. We got to work measuring the perimeter of different locations in our playground. To help us we used measuring wheels, metre rulers and tape measures. We recorded the measurements of each side and added them all together to find the perimeter, we showed fantastic team work skills!

The Lost Words

Today, we visited Rothwell Park to collect objects of nature that will inspire our very own Lost Words poetry next week. We spent time observing the beautiful world around us and looking closely at the trees, plants, flowers and animals in our local area. We all chose one item that would form the title and theme of our acrostic poem. Some of our favourite objects were fuchsia, pinecones, silk floss and pampas grass.

School Council

This week we held our very own school council campaign. The nominees presented their campaign that they had created in their own time at home to the rest of the class. We were all blown away by the time, effort and dedication that they had shown. The children gave us their reasons why they should be elected and represented themselves superbly. This Friday, we will be taking part in our school council ballot and our two Y4 representatives will be elected.

Sporting Success

Well done to our lovely Poppy who showed fantastic confidence and team work skills at a recent bowling event. Poppy went with other children from our school to Hollywood Bowl in Kirkstall and took part in a competition competing against lots of other schools. Poppy returned to school with a winners medal and we couldn’t wait to celebrate her success. Well done super star!



A huge well done to our Year 4 boys and Isabella on their 4-2 win against St Pauls, all participating children showed such fantastic teamwork skills and determination, Miss Stephens and Mrs Youhill were blown away. Well done to Noah for his 3 goals, our very own hattrick hero.



World Mental Health Day!

Today we celebrated World Mental Health Day and what a fantastic day it was! We begun the day learning all about ‘positive affirmations’, we discovered positive affirmations are all about talking positively and kindly to/about yourself. Together, we had a go at chanting positive affirmations out loud to create a positive atmosphere within our classroom environment. Then, we got to work on our own positive affirmations, it was fantastic to see the children tell themselves ‘I am bold, I am courageous, I am loved…’. In the afternoon, we got to work designing our bags for the NHS. As a school community, we have all donated toiletries and sweet treats to donate to those who have helped us the most over the last few months. The children wrote letter of thanks and shared their appreciation for their hard work. An all-round fantastic day!

We are caring!

This half term, Hattie, Heath and Poppy have taken on the role of caring for our class hamster Marcello. Each day, they check he has enough food and water and that he is ok. On Wednesdays, they get to work cleaning him out and ensuring he is happy and safe in his cage. They have blown me away with their kind, caring nature and the love they have shown towards Marcello. Well done you stars!

Stone Age Art

Today we continued our discovery into our Humanities topic ‘The Stone Age’. We observed the different cave paintings that have been found around the world, we concentrated in particular on Cave of Altamira (1880), Lascaux Cave in Spain (discovered in 1940) and Cuevas De Las Manos (Cave of the Hands) in Argentina. We compared the different artifacts that had been found and had a go at our very own Stone Age art!

We are Timetables Rockstars!

In Year 4, we start preparing for the multiplication check from day one! Each week, we concentrate on a different timetable, this week was our 4s. Together we discuss any tips and tricks we can learn to help us remember them and help us to be fluent. We then ‘rock out’ chanting our chosen timetables. We spend time throughout the lesson on TT Rockstars and Maths Frame, continuing our preparation, building on our knowledge and recall speed.

Terrific Teeth

Today we have been learning all about the teeth in our mouths. We learnt 4 very important names, incisors (front and bottom 4 teeth), canines (the two sharp teeth next to our middle teeth), pre-molar (the first sets at the back of our mouths) and molars (the last sets at the back of our mouths). First, we bit into an apple to see the imprint our teeth left. We discussed the different types of teeth we could see and predicted what their jobs would be. We then learnt all about their special jobs. Finally, we got to work creating our own mouths using marshmallows! We took into consideration the different size and shapes that we have. We did a fantastic job!!

A trip to Neverland!

This half term we have been exploring the novel ‘Peter Pan’. This week, we began our recount of a trip to Neverland. We used the text to create our very own sketches of what the journey to Neverland would look like, we focused on selecting colours for mood. We took inspiration from different artist impressions and pictures of famous London landmarks at night, our finished art was fantastic!

Life in the Stone Age- Murton Park

Yesterday we visited Murton Park to live a day as a Stone Age child! We began the day with a talk from our pre-historic leader Berry, she took us on a journey through the Stone Age. Blake and Lily helped us put into perspective just how long ago this period of history was. We learnt all about homo-sapiens and homo-erecutus and how humans have developed over time. We then go to work in our Stone Age settlement, we became the flame tribe and completed numerous pre-historic jobs. We began hunting for food using spears and special hunting techniques, we made pottery from clay and used wood to carve designs, we worked hard farming for crops and used seeds and a stone to create our flour for bread. We looked further into Stone Age art and had a go at our very own Stone Age cave paintings. We finished the day in the tepee and heard a story all about artefacts that have been found from this period of time, we explored the story of Urtsy the Ice Man and got cosy around the fire. We had the best day and we are all now fit to survive life in the Stone Age!

Collective Worship 15.9.21

This week, we planned and delivered our first whole class collective worship. The children read their reading clearly and with confidence and created a beautiful reflection point in the middle of the floor. We reflected on the plethora of amazing things Jesus did for us and shared our own thanks to Him. The children showed such calmness and reverence throughout and I look forward to future collective worships planned and delivered by the children.


The journey of food

Today, we continued our learning on the digestive system. We created our very own digestive system to gain a deeper understanding of the different functions of the organs involved. We used crackers and bananas to represent the food we eat, orange juice as the acid in our stomach and water as our saliva. The plastic bag acted as our stomach and the bowl was the body, the paper cups acted as our rectum and anus. In our groups we took ourselves on the journey of food and our understanding and enthusiasm was outstanding! One proud teacher.

We are scientists!

Today we began our topic ‘Animals Including Humans’, we began by exploring the different organs that make up our digestive system. We worked together in teams to build our own digestive systems using our memory and teamwork skills. We spent time ensuring that each organ was in the right place to make it an accurate representation was created. We learnt lots of new challenging vocabulary such as rectum and digestion, but the word ‘Oesophagus’ was our favourite.

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Class of 2020-2021
It is the time of year that we must say goodbye as you all continue your journey into Year 5. Teaching you all this year has been a pleasure, I hope you have lots of memories that you will treasure forever. The year now ends and we must part, always know you have a special place in my heart. One thing I have tried to teach you to last your whole life through, is to know that you are so very special, just because you are YOU!
Mrs Lacey and I are wishing you all the success and happiness in the world in Year 5. We can’t wait to see you all shining so bright.



We have spent time in class reflecting on the important topic of racism after the racial abuse Sancho, Saka and Rashford received following the Euro 2020 final. We reflected on the success of the tournament and celebrated the successes of each of the players. We then looked deeper into the reasons all 3 men received racial abuse, we challenged the beliefs of many and discussed with confidence, compassion and pride our thoughts on racism. The children then wrote a letter to each of the players, they discussed how proud of them they were and pledge to help make a stand towards a more positive future. The children blew Miss Stephens away and reduced many adults in school to tears with their letters. At 9 years old, to be able to write such passion and pride makes us all truly believe the future is going to be a very bright place to be with these children in it.

“Never believe a few caring people can’t change the world, for that’s all that ever have.” – James, Aged 9.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

On Tuesday we visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park! We got the chance to see the lions be released into their habitats and got up close and personal with so many amazing animals. We spent time looking at the different animals, we were deciding whether they were mammals, reptiles, fish or amphibians- herbivores, carnivores or omnivores and Vertebrate or Invertebrate. We had the best time and we felt so lucky to see so many fantastic animals!

Below are the spellings for this half term. The children will continue to be tested each Thursday morning.








The Song of a Dolphin Boy

Last half term we read the magnificent book ‘The Song of the Dolphin Boy’. This half term, we are spending time revisit the text and writing setting descriptions using all of our fantastic Year 4 English skills. We were unable to go to the beach from the book as it is based in Scotland, so we brought the beach to Year 4! The children loved feeling the sand and water between their toes and looking at all the different shells that can be found on a beach- we could even hear the sound of the waves!

Magnificent Magnets!

This half term Year 4 have spent time learning all about magnets. They identified the different forces that act on object and the effect friction has on different surfaces. They carried out a variety of different scientific enquiries and made brilliant predictions. Year 4 were able to conduct experiments to sort magnetic and non-magnetic materials. They had SO much fun!

Sikh signs and symbols

Over our time in Year 4, we have been learning all about our other faith Sikhism. Today we were learning all about the signs and symbols that you would see within their religion. We learnt about the 5ks and their meanings, we even had a go at making a khanda using clay- it was great fun!

Suffragette Day!

Today we had a Suffragette Day and we had so much fun! We began the day cracking a code, by cracking the code we found out that a Suffragette campaign would take place at 2pm on the playground. We then were split into two groups ‘The Suffragettes’ and ‘The Anti-Suffragettes’. We spent the rest of the day preparing for our campaign, we made placard board, rosettes and sashes to show who we were fighting for. We talked about why the Suffragettes were so passionate, what they were fighting for and the different things they did to show their passion for women’s suffrage. In our groups, we then wrote a speech for the campaign highlighting the reason for our fight. We had the best day and have so much fantastic knowledge on The Suffragettes!


The Suffragettes 

Today we spent time looking at the key events that took place during the Suffragette movement. We were split into groups to take part in a ‘key events scavenger hunt’. We had to take in turns running around the playground looking for each of the special events, we then had to work as a group to put them in chronological order. We did a fantastic job! We were blown away with some of the life changing and special things that took place during that special period of history.

Roman Desserts 

Today we became bakers! We researched and found two Roman desserts that we wanted to make, honey oat biscuits and gingerbread cake. We began by collecting the ingredients that we needed and checking it against our list. We then took turns weighing the ingredients out, we had to make sure that we measured the ingredients with the correct measure. We then got to work making our delicious desserts, we followed each of the instructions in the correct order and created the most delicious desserts!! We also have the most FABULOUS, helpful and kind children that even wanted to do all the washing up. 

Marvellous Maps

This half term we have spent lots of time looking at maps, we have loved it! We have secured our knowledge on 4 figure maps references and we even worked on 6 figures too!  We have worked on the skill of map drawing and plotting co-ordinated on a map. This week we have been working on measuring straight line distances using an appropriate scale. We loved being practical in Geography and we are now map experts!


Life after lockdown!

We are all over the moon to be back together at school, there is no feeling quite like seeing all 29 smiling faces so eager to be back at school. This morning we spent time discussing our plans for ‘life after lockdown’, we decided to look forward to the happier times. The children shared their excitement to play in the street, hug their grandparents, meet new born cousins and to just be CHILDREN! We will remember these times forever, I am sure of it. 


Rebellious Romans!

This half term we will continue our journey through Romans by writing a non-chronological report all about them! Today we discussed our potential audience, why the Romans are so important and interesting and what we will need to find out. We began mind mapping and creating posters on lots of facts all about the Romans. Ava, James and Zavier all blew me away with their beautifully presented posters full of so many amazing facts. You really are super stars and I am so proud of you!


Happy News

Over lockdown Miss Stephens subscribed to ‘The Happy Newspaper’. It is simply a newspaper full of happy news- just what we all need at the minute. Eddi and Ava have had so much fun reading each day and finding a piece of happy news that they want to share with us each day. I think by their faces you can tell the news they are reading is making them very happy- we love to see it girls!

Sound Survey

Today we began our topic of ‘sound’ in Science. We spent time looking at different instruments and exploring how sounds are made. We then went on a sound survey around the school grounds. We visited the hut, the playground, the field, the car park, the corridor and even Royds Lane where we were lucky enough to see our friend Henry! At each point on our survey, we closed our eyes and focused on what sounds we could hear on the journey. We rated each place 0-5 (5= very noise and 0=silent). We even brought our friends at home along with us via Zoom!!

Marvellous Maths!!

Today in Maths we have begun looking further into division and remainders. At home and at school we all found 21 of an item (pens, pencils, coins, lego, etc…) that would aid our understanding of remainders. We spent time making shapes and groups that would allow us to fill in our stem sentence – I have ____ groups of ____ with ____ remaining. All children tried so hard and gained a fantastic understanding of division and remainders using different physical resources. I continue to be so proud of the resilience, determination and hard work the children are showing at what we all know is such a challenging time. Well done Year 4- a very proud teacher indeed!

Slime Time!!

We have had SO much fun in school and at home making slime together. We spent time looking at states of matter and how they change under different temperatures. Together, we made our slime and then observed the changes that take place when you are stirring it and when you are holding it in your hands. The slime appeared to be a solid when it was in the bowl but once we had picked it up to play it instantly turned to a liquid. We made lots of mess but had so much fun and laughter today and that is all that counts.