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Summer Term

Practise these lyrics for Year 4/5 musical! Follow this link.

Joseph Lyrics


Tweets to Pope Francis!

These were my favourite tweets from our lesson. These children really understood the sacraments that we talked about. They could link the sacraments to Bible stories that they have learned about and talked about how they will affect their behaviour and their lives. Well done!



Maps and Grid References! We mapped out a route for a runner to take around Rothwell.


Year 4 wrote and performed some incredible persuasive speeches. They were all very passionate!





The children made timelines for The Commonwealth.

How has Jesus shaped my life?

Year 4 were answering questions about their Catholic faith and how Jesus’s teachings have helped to shape their lives.

Spring Term

Liturgical Dancing


We are electricity superstars! We worked out which objects and materials were electrical conductors by making simple circuits to test them.


Other Faiths – Sikhism

Our topic homework has been to showcase our knowledge of Sikhism. Children prepared beautiful presentations and pieces of work. Well done everyone!

Ethan’s Amazing talent!

Ethan wowed us on Friday with his unbelievable talent – the Button Accordion!

Collective Worship in Year 4

We are blessed with such dedicated children who are spending their lunchtimes planning and preparing collective worship for the class.
Parents, grandparents and carers are more than welcome! We have collective worship every Thursday at 2.40pm. Please come and join us in our worship.

Parable of the Sower

Fantastic role play of the Parable of the Sower. Each group worked so hard. Well done to the group that showed their drama to KS2 in assembly last week. You really helped the children to visualise the parable that we have been learning. Thank you.

States of Matter

Children used role play to show the states of matter. Solids, Liquids and Gases. Well done everyone!

The Water Cycle

Here is a short video showing what true homework effort looks like! Well done girls, you have made the water cycle look so easy! We are so lucky to have such helpful and willing parents in our Year 4 family.

Autumn Term

We are Roman Architects

The Emperor wanted to employ a team of architects to re-build the town that was destroyed by an awful earthquake. Children had to use their knowledge of perimeter and roman numerals to meet the Emperor’s requirements. Year 4 did a fantastic job! Well done Christmas Architects for being the winning team. Excellent teamwork and accurate calculations.

Victorian Day

St Gemma’s Fundraiser

Well done Year 4 for organising your ‘Stir-up’ St Gemma’s fundraising event. It was such a success! We raised over £350 ! Thank you to everyone who donated and took part. You should be so proud of what you achieved.

Here are some photographs form the event …

String Telephones
 For our ‘Sound’ topic in science, we explored whether sound can only travel through air. We found that by making string telephones, that sound can travel through solids too.

 We have some super stars in Year 4. They worked so well together to answer the reasoning questions. They worked hard to prove their answers using resources, pictures and number sentences. Well done!

Conscience Alley
 As part of our persuasive writing, we used Conscience Alley to discuss each side of the argument. Our aim was to write a letter of persuasion to Harry to convince him to go or not to go to Hogwarts.

Sculpting Science

Today, we molded our own teeth using Plasticine! We all looked at ways to keep out teeth and gums healthy and how we can prolong the enamel protecting our teeth.

Art Inspiration Day

As part of the National Gallery’s ‘Take One Picture,’ we designed, created and evaluated our own artwork. The painting was ‘Penelope with the Suitors, 1509’ by Pinturicchio. Our focus was the tiled flooring at the forefront of the painting. Here are some pictures of our designing, making and evaluating process. What an inspirational day we had!

Word of the Week: CONFIDENCE

We have talked in great depth about what confidence is and what it means to us. We shared lots of thoughts and experiences related to confidence. It struck all of us that we must believe in ourselves to have confidence. We discussed that above all else, faith, love and confidence will help everyone to achieve their dreams. In our Collective Worship we will be thinking about the importance of faith and trusting in God.

Romulus and Remus
Each group acted out the story (or myth) of Romulus and Remus. Children told the story through role play and freeze frames. The story dictates that Romulus was victorious over his brother Remus in the founding of Rome and fought his way to become the ruler of the famous city. Ask your child what the story entailed.


Your teachers …

Miss Rollerson

After spending 2 years in Year 2, I’m so happy to be reunited with my first class again, in Year 4. The class already know me very well and know that I have a huge passion for Music and Languages. I’m happy to announce that in a few weeks time, I will be setting up a French club, so watch this space.

I’m really looking forward to our half term reading topic, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone by J K Rowling. She is one of my favourite childhood authors and I’m really looking forward to sharing my excitement with the children. Each week, Mrs Monsarrat and I will be on the look out for conscientious and driven readers to wear the Hogwarts tee shirt.

Our History and Geography topic is another favourite of mine, the Romans. We will be researching the beginning of the Roman empire, getting into role play and learning myths and legends about the most memorable Roman warriors. We can’t wait to get stuck in!

Mrs Monsarrat

Hello! Many of you will have seen me around school and in the dinner hall. I have spent many years in Year 4 and I really enjoy the challenge of KS2. My favourite things to do are: walking my dogs, reading and studying for my Open University degree (sometimes!). I’m really looking forward to getting to know you all over the year and … YOU CAN DO IT!


Help and Guidance

As you are aware, Year 4 is another jump into the KS2 curriculum. Each term we will share our focuses and target areas with children and parents via texts, newsletters and the website. Any other concerns, please ring the office to arrange an appointment or phone call. Thank you.

This half term our focuses are:

Spellings, Reading and Times Tables.


Spellings – Ten spellings will be given each week with 5 put into sentences that make sense. Spelling tests are every Monday.

Times tables – Test every Friday, the biggest winner receives a times table trophy each week.

Maths worksheet – Every fortnight, one or two topics covered in class.

English – Every fortnight, writing or SPaG focused.

Reading – Class reading chapters (one or two over the weekend) and read school book at least three times a week at home.

Useful links:

Mathletics, Spellodrome and Reading Eggspress (Log in and password in your child’s Reading Record).
































 Autumn 1

Tuesday 19th September, Art Inspiration Day

Monday 25th September, Wizard of Oz Day – Don’t forget your £1!

Friday 13th October, Harvest Assembly

Parent’s Evening, Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th October

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Autumn 2

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Year 4 Class Assembly Friday 24th November

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 Dividing using Bus Stop Method 

Multiplying using Column Method

Multiplying using Grid Method

Adding Mixed Fractions

Want a challenge? This video also shows converting mixed fractions to improper fractions.

Subtracting Fractions

Adding Fractions has never been simpler!

How do I subtract using column subtraction? Watch this to find out.

How do I add using column method with carrying? Watch this to find out.