Year 3

Welcome to Year Three

In Year 3 there is Mrs Sweeney, Mrs Youhill, Mrs Laycock and of course 30 wonderful learners! Mrs Hallos and Mrs Sheldon-Price also come to help our learners grow.
Year 3 is the first step into Key Stage 2 and a very busy year for all our children.
Keep an eye on our ‘News’ and ‘Planning’ sections to see what is going on in our class.


Our Curriculum in Year 3

At St. Mary’s we go above and beyond to ensure that the firm foundations of knowledge are put in place in order for our children to achieve their full potential actively, creatively and holistically. We have built our curriculum so that it is sequential so that children’s learning can build both depth and breadth ; it is purposeful in order to make learning here meaningful for children living in Rothwell whilst being spiritual at all times in order to fit with our Catholic Ethos Statement.



The Year Ahead 

This year we hope the children continue to grow as a class family in all they do; from working as a team, supporting each other and celebrating each others’ achievements. We are going to develop on the wonderful achievements of Key Stage One and mature in our independent approach to our learning. This will include practising our learning at home, beginning to organise ourselves and developing more independent reading.
We are all really excited to take on the new challenges this new school year will bring and experiencing them together to achieve our best!



Important information for the week:

PE is still on a Monday and Wednesday
Recorders will also be on a Monday
Swimming is on a Thursday
Child led Collective Worship is on a Wednesday am – Parent’s invited (a text will be sent to confirm)
Parents’ mornings are every Monday from 8:30am. If you would like a specific focus please speak to the Y3 team, we are always happy to help! (Again, a text will be sent to confirm to night before)



Helping at Home

Homework each week will stay the same. This will usually include:
Work set on Times Tables Rock Stars
Nightly reading with an adult
Spellings for the week ready for our test on a Thursday
Any additional practise on Mathletics and Reading Eggs
Occasionally there will be work set by Mrs Sweeney if your child may need a little extra boost e.g. handwriting




Year 3 Class 2019-2020

Autumn One newsletter: Newsletter Autumn 1

Our local area is very important to our curriculum. We live and learn in a place full of history! Before we could begin to look at Rothwell in any further detail we looked at where Rothwell is in Leeds and in relation to other areas such as Woodlesford and Carlton. 


We have been rock heavy in our classroom practising our multiplication fluency! We already so many children working towards Rock Legend status! Keep it up!


Our Y3 children certainly are scientists! We have been dissecting plants and identifying the different parts and their functions. 


Our RE topic this half term is The Christian Family. We have been exploring what it means to be part of a Christian family and our role within this. This week we looked at joining the Christian family through Baptism. We brought artefacts in from our own Baptism and acted out using these and the other signs and symbols such a white shawl, oil and water. 


The day starts early in Year 3. Our families have been coming in at 8:30am to see how we practise our new found skills across the curriculum. Our most recent sessions have had a reading and editing focus. If parents have a particular area of interest, please let Mrs Sweeney know!


We have been busy ‘doing’ lots of maths and using our bodies and resources to explore the interweaving connections of place value. We created our own human number line to rehearse our reasoning using key vocabulary. We then made this more abstract using larger, 3-digit numbers represented with Base Ten and put our rehearsed skills to the test!


This half term our science topic is Plants. We have been naming and labelling the different parts of the plant. We looked at plants we may be familiar with and more usual plants such as corn.

We had our first Choral Singing session with Miss Kitson. We will we working with Miss Kitson for the full year to develop our vocal skills.


Y3 are back and in full swing of learning. We started our mathematical journey with seeing who had used their Summer to become a Rock Star!


We look forward to welcoming Y3 back to school with our PSHE day on 3rd September.




Year 3 Class 2018 – 2019

Summer Two:

Following our visit to This Green Moon we were inspired to create our own leaflets.

Here are some examples of how we used Book Maker to enter our text, add cropped images and insert logos.

We were very fortunate to get specially selected books for our class from Leeds Library Service. We received books that we had specifically requested around our favourite authors, genres and topic types.

Wow! We had a wonderful trip to Swillington Farm for This Green Moon. We learned about the area’s history and the stately home owned by the Lowthers and the rivalry with the Darcys. We explored the forest and the mythical creatures that live there. The day ended with stories around the camp fire and toasted marshmallows.

Our Summer Two class newsletter:Newsletter Summer Two
Please remember your homework during the holidays was to read book of your choice and prepare to share your thoughts on the author’s choices and 5,000 points on TT Rock Stars!


Our PSHE topic this half term has been ‘Careers’. We have delved into the wonderful world of work and ended our topic with mock interviews. The children proved to be tough bosses to please but a few of our learners were successful in their applications!


As part of our science learning we have been practicing our enquiry skills. We developed a hypothesis and tested it. Our basis for our experiment was creating our own human body structures and testing materials for bone, muscle, fat and skin.


Summer One
Our Summer One class newsletter: Newsletter Summer One
Please remember your homework during the first week back!


Spring Two:
Our Spring Two class newsletter: Newsletter Spring Two
Please remember your homework during the first week back to help with our theme week preparations!
Saturday 23rd March 2019, we made our Sacrament of Reconciliation.
As a Year 3 family we prepared all together and with the support of our families, friends, Fr Eamon, Fr Michael, Fr Nigel and lots of our teachers we made our first confession.


We have begun our journey to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We have been following ‘We Prepare for Reconciliation’. Our families and class governor have joined us to support us with the preparation in school and at home. The children have thought about how God gave us love, joy, peace and forgiveness.
Writing Week and World Book Day coincided perfectly, allowing us to deepen our knowledge of the Ancient Greeks. Our classroom was transformed into the top of Mount Olympus, home of the Gods! During this special week the children studied a range of sources to create their own temples, wore traditional Greek clothing and studied a range of traditional Greek texts including Icarus and Daedalus and Baucis and Philemon.


Spring One:
Our Spring One newsletter: Newsletter Spring 1
Please remember your reading homework for the first week back and the Times Table Rock Star challenge we set!
We have had a brilliant week this week! We were transported back into the 1940s supporting the war effort, taking part in a 1940s curriculum of sewing, fitness drills, elocution, morse code cracking, baking and BBC School wireless lessons. We also experienced rationing and feeding a family on basic rations. On Tuesday our trip to Eden Camp supported our understanding of WW2. To finish the week we heard Winston Churchill’s VE day announcement and created our own VE Day street party complete with swing dancing.

4th February 2019 sees the start of the 1940s in Y3! Our classroom has been transported to a war time classroom where children will take part in a 1940s curriculum, help with the war effort and take a trip to Eden Camp. We’ll keep you updated with all the wonderful historical skills the children develop in order to fully emerge themselves in the 40s.



Since the start of Y3 our learners have been tuning their writing skills following our writing process of:
Plan   –   Draft   –   Edit to add information and improve language   –   Edit to improve spelling, punctuation and grammar   –   Publishing
This hard work and perfecting really has paid off as we have started to publish perfect examples of writing with no spelling, punctuation or grammar aspects to be corrected! Below are a few examples of how we follow this process!


We have been wowed by the musical talents of our class. In Choral Singing; in their recorder lessons; in musical theatre and in their out of school activities they are shining brighter than ever! Keep it up!


Autumn Two:
Our Autumn 2 newsletter : Newsletter Autumn 2
Please remember your holiday homework – research and write about Rothwell’s input into the war efforts of World War II
Jenson shared his home expertise in the modern day army. His knowledge helped us understand how soldiers and the forces have changed from WWII.
We wanted our learners to experience the importance of accurate measuring, and what better way then with a temperamental ingredient like icing sugar. In teams we made peppermint creams ensuring our mixture was a perfect consistency to roll out without sticking to the table or crumbling! The outcome was delicious.


As part of our Scientific learning we experimented with the transparency of different materials to make our own protective eye wear! Following these findings we used the most opaque materials to make shadow puppets and observed the effect on the shadow if we moved the light source.


We visited Rothwell Cenotaph to see how our local area impacted in World War I and II. We even spotted some names that looked familiar! We laid our own wreath to show respect for those who gave their lives. On our return to school Erin wrote, “we may have laid a wreath, but those men laid down their lives.”
As we begin our new half term and our new topic in RE we have been learning about our school’s Patron Saint, Mary. We acted out the story of the Annunciation thinking about how Mary may have responded to the call.



Our first class Newsletter:  Newsletter Autumn 1
Please remember your copy of Roald Dahl’s, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory for the first day back.
Autumn One R.E. Newsletter:     Autumn Term 1 Newsletter



Our first Baptism

To finish our RE topic about The Christian Family we visited St.Mary’s Church and Fr Eamon guided us through the sacrament of Baptism (the way in which we going the Christian Family).



Chocolate Day!

Chef Dave came to visit Year 3 to pass on his expertise. He taught us about where chocolate comes from, the processes it goes through and the impact the chocolate industry has on third world countries. Chef David taught us how to temper chocolate and make our own chocolate creations.
The great crownings have begun!
King and Queens of pen are being crowned in Y3


We have developed our team work, collaborative learning and scientific enquiry skills as we made a Human Model. We used very full cups of water to become the particles in a plant moving water around.


Year 3 are always an exemplary class with fantastic behaviour around school, acting as constant role models and showing enthusiastic learning in our classroom. To celebrate this achievement we made the most of the dwindling sunshine and had our own Mini Sports Day.
We were very fortunate to have D:Side visit our class to teach some essential life skills! We heard all about appropriate games for our age, appropriate interactions online and keeping ourselves safe with technology.


Our first Gold Ticket Worthy Learners are…


Our first Science topic in Year 3 is all about plants. We had a fantastic afternoon looking very carefully at the different parts of the plant and how they are built perfectly for their function.
We are incredibly lucky in Year 3 at St Mary’s to have Miss Kitson from the Leeds Diocese teaching us choral singing each week. We have already learned so much such as warming up our voices and greeting each other.
We have had a very busy first week in Year 3! We have diving straight in with all things Mastery using and manipulating resources to represent three digit numbers.


Dates for the half term:

Monday 3rd September – Training day

Tuesday 4th September – Back to school

Friday 14th September – Mass

Monday 17th September – Children to bring in Baptismal memories

Thursday 20th September – Little Princess Performance

Monday 1st October – Book Fair begins

Wednesday 10th October – Chocolate Day

Friday 19th October – Harvest Festival

Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd October – Parents’ Evening

Friday 26th October – Break up for half term


















Here you will find information about planning in Year 3.


Overview for the year: Year 3 Progressive Skills and Knowledge Yearly Overview


Autumn One:

Our RE topic is: The Christian Family

Our class topic is: Who am I and where do I live?

Half term RE planning: The Christian Family

Half term planning: Medium Term Planning

Choral singing: St. Mary’s Y3


Autumn Two:

Our RE topic is: Mary Our Mother

Our class topic is: World War II

Half term RE planning:

Half term planning:


Spring One:

Our RE topic is: Jesus the Teacher

Our class topic is: World War II

Half term RE planning:

Half term planning:

Choral singing planning:


Spring Two:

Our RE topic is: Reconciliation

Our class topic is: Ancient Greece

Half term RE planning:

Half term planning:

Choral singing planning:


Summer One:

Our RE topic is: Celebrating Easter and Pentecost

Our class topic is: Ancient Greece

Half term RE planning:

Half term planning:


Summer Two:

Our RE topic is: Being a Christian

Our class topic is: A Chocolate Story

Half term RE planning:

Half term planning:





Helping at Home

Following our Maths information evening for parents, we have shared some useful documents to see how Maths is taught in school. The most effective way for you to help would be to practise the ‘progression in number facts’ and times tables.

Rothwell St Mary’s Calculation Policy

Progression in number facts

Parents’ Information Evening Nov 18