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In Year Two we have Miss Drury and Mrs Sweeney and 30 fantastic learners!

 Our Curriculum in Year 2

At St. Mary’s we go above and beyond to ensure that the firm foundations of knowledge are put in place in order for our children to achieve their full potential actively, creatively and holistically.

We have built our curriculum so that it is sequential so that children’s learning can build both depth and breadth ; it is purposeful in order to make learning here meaningful for children living in Rothwell whilst being spiritual at all times in order to fit with our Catholic Ethos Statement. 














Our Planning


Medium Term Plan Autumn One: Medium-Term-Planning-Autumn-One 2023-24

R.E Planning:Planning sheets- Chosen People 2023

Medium Term Plan Autumn Two:Medium term plan autumn two

R.E Planning:Autumn 2 RE Planning- Mysteries

Medium Term Planning Spring One:Medium-Term-Planning-Spring-One 2024

R.E Planning:2-3-Planning-Sheets-The-Good-News 2024

Medium Term Planning Spring Two Medium-Term-Planning-Spring-Two 2024

R.E Planning: RE Spring 2 – The Mass (1) 2024

Medium Term Planning Summer One:Medium-Term-Planning-Summer-One 2024

R.E Planning:Year 2 RE Planning- Eastertide

Medium Term Planning Summer 2:Medium-Term-Planning-Summer-Two 2024

RE Planning Summer 2:2-6-Planning-Sheets-The-Church-is-Born 2024





Autumn One Newsletter: Autumn 1 Newsletter 2022

Autumn Two Newsletter: Autumn 2

Spring One Newsletter: Spring One Newsletter 2023

Spring Two Newsletter:Spring 2 (1)

Summer One Newsletter:Newsletter- Summer One 2023

Summer Two Newsletter: Newsletter- Summer Two


Helping at Home



End of year expectations:

To support parents in knowing what is expected of Year 2 pupils at the end of the year, we have put links below to documents which detail in child speak. These are here as an aid to support and give guidance only.

Band 2 Pupil – Maths – Number

Band 2 Pupil – Maths – Other

Band 2 Pupil – Reading, Spoken Language

Band 2 Pupil – Science

Band 2 Pupil – Writing

Here we have shared some useful documents to see how Maths is taught in school. The most effective way for you to help would be to practise the ‘progression in number facts’ and times tables. In our school, we follow the White Rose Maths Hub programme. More details on this can be found online (link included below) and is a useful resource for further supporting understanding at home. 

Rothwell St Mary’s Calculation Policy

Progression in number facts

Parents’ Information Evening Nov 18


White Rose Maths Hub 


For phonics, we continue to use the Floppy Phonics scheme. In Year Two, we will be moving onto Phase 6 of phonics, however any revision of phase 5 is also useful for continuing development of vital phonic skills. 

Class of 2023/24

Autumn One Newsletter: Autumn 1 Newsletter 2023

Autumn Two Newsletter: Autumn 2

Spring One Newsletter: Spring One Newsletter 2024

Spring Two Newsletter: Spring 2 Newsletter 2024

Summer One: Newsletter- Summer One 2024

Summer Two:Newsletter- Summer Two 2024

Please take a look at what we have been learning!

As linguists, we have been learning how to describe the weather in French!


As Historians, we used evidence to find out what London was like in 1666. We worked together to look closely at sources and found out that London was a crowded, unhygienic and dangerous place to live in the 17th century!

As authors, we started our fantasy story writing journey by working collaboratively to plan a story. We were so impressed by the imaginative ideas shared!

As musicians, we have been creating our own song lyrics! We have been blown away by the creativity shown by the children.

As computer technologists, we have been using our programming skills to create our own animations.

As artists, we created print with objects that we collected. We have been focusing on the artist Paul Klee and have looked at how we can make print using objects. We will be soon moving on to creating our own pictures of London landmarks using print.

In R.E, we have been focused on ‘The Good News’ .We looked at different readings from The Gospel and their meanings. We talked about how we can also spread ‘The Good News’ through our words and actions. We thought about the bible stories we had looked at and ‘freeze framed’ all the ways that Jesus had shown the good news by healing the sick, showing forgiveness and feeding the hungry.

In English, we worked collaboratively to plan our setting descriptions of famous London landmarks. We worked together to write similes, metaphors and expanded noun phrases. We worked as a team to improve adjectives using thesauruses.

In PSHE, we have been working together to create information posters to help inform people on how they can stay safe around medicines.

We have enjoyed performing arts this term where we have focused on working as a team and using our voices and bodies to communicate.

As musicians, this half term we have been using the electric drums to play popular drum beats.

As mathematicians, we have been looking at recognising, making and adding equal groups as we start our focus on multiplication. We have been making groups using concrete resources, by drawing pictures and thinking about addition and multiplication calculations for our groups. We have used our mathematical thinking to reason and answer problems.

As mathematicians we have also been enjoying our daily mastering number sessions. This half term we have been looking at composition of numbers with a focus on finding the doubles and near doubles within numbers. Well done Year 2!

As geographers, this half term we have been focusing on our capital city, London. We used our mapping skills to locate London on a map as well as exploring it’s human and physical geography. We learnt about famous London landmarks and located them on maps using grid references. We enjoyed using London Underground maps to plan our own routes to landmarks we would like to visit!

As designers, we have been exploring vehicles this half term in preparation for designing and making our own London bus linking to our London Humanities focus. We looked at the vocabulary chassis, axle, wheel and dowell before looking at how wheels work on different vehicles and sketching ideas.

We were very lucky to have a visit from Sam’s safari!

In PSHE we  had DSide come to visit! We learnt so much about the human body and thought about all the ways that we can look after our bodies and keep them healthy.

Year Two had a fantastic day at The National Coal Mining Museum! They explored the museum, met real miners and heard about their experiences down the mine. They saw canary birds and pit ponies and experienced a real coal mine. This was a fantastic way to end our topic and bring all our learning to life!

We have been blown away by the publishing in Year Two! We have published our setting descriptions of a mine.

In R.E we have written our Advent promises this week and have been thinking about what the word prepare means. We then reflected on the meaning of the Advent wreath and created our own Advent wreath art.

As scientists, we explored our school grounds for living things. We used our scientific knowledge of life processes using MRS GREN to help us. Here are some of the living things we found!


As artists, we have been continuing to focus on Josef Herman’s art work. This week, we thought about his use of colour and then created our own tints and shades. We recapped our knowledge of primary, secondary and teritary colours and then looked at the different between a tint and a shade. Well done artists!

As geographers, we looked at OS symbols and used these to find human and physical features. This will help us compare Rothwell to the Welsh mining town, Tonypandy. Well done Year Two!

As artists, we created our own miners pictures using charcoal. We were inspired by our focus artist, Josef Herman.

In R.E, we reflected on God’s choice of Mary to be Jesus’ mother. We then used our computing skills to retell The Annunciation.

As food technicians, we explored Welsh cakes and the ingredients we would need. We looked closely at where these ingredients come from. We then created our own mock ups before we move onto the ‘make’ stage.

As historians, we explored primary sources sent to us from The National Coal Mining Museum. We enjoyed predicting what they were used for and discussing what these sources told us about mining in the past.

As scientists, we worked in pairs to create our egg drop designs. We thought carefully about the materials and why we were choosing them. We can’t wait to test them out soon!

As historians, we have explored a day in the life of a miner. We used our computing skills to create our own comic strips.


As mathematicians, we have been partitioning numbers.

Year Two have been busy writing instructions on how to make a miners lunch. They then used the instructions to make them!

As an artist, I can create a painting in the style of Monet

We used watercolours to create our own paintings in the style of Monet. Here are some of our final pieces!