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Our Curriculum in Year 2

At St. Mary’s we go above and beyond to ensure that the firm foundations of knowledge are put in place in order for our children to achieve their full potential actively, creatively and holistically.

We have built our curriculum so that it is sequential so that children’s learning can build both depth and breadth ; it is purposeful in order to make learning here meaningful for children living in Rothwell whilst being spiritual at all times in order to fit with our Catholic Ethos Statement. 










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We have really enjoyed our History topic on The Great Fire of London this term. We have looked at what London looked like before the fire and even created our own voice over videos using I movie where we described in detail what we could see. We then used historical sources to compare London before and after the fire and looked closely at the impact the fire had on London. We created our own art work to express our ideas about the fire, focusing on using warm colours and different brush strokes. Inspired by the bakery on Pudding Lane, we then worked together to read and follow instructions carefully to make our own bread rolls. We were very happy with how they turned out! Well done Year Two!


We had our own book swap this week! We love reading in Year Two and we were so excited to swap books with our friends.

This week we experienced a drama workshop on Jack and The Beanstalk. We had a great time acting out the story and working collaboratively. Well done Year Two!

Our Trip to The Thackray Medical museum!

World Book Day!

This week we celebrated Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. We thought carefully about what we could do or give up for 40 days before Easter. We made Lenten crosses out of sticks and added our Lenten promises to them.

In R.E we have been focusing on ‘The Good News’. We ended this terms topic by presenting our ideas on how we can be good news people. We then used digital photography to create our own reflections and responses to the good news of God’s love.

We have been very busy leading our Science learning through enquiry as we continue with our focus on plants. This term we have created stop motion videos to show the life cycle of a plant. We have also been trying to answer our enquiry question ‘Do all seeds germinate in the same way?’.


In Science, we have been looking at plants and carried out a seed planting enquiry. We will be comparing the growth of our plants under different conditions to help us answer our enquiry question ‘What are the best conditions for plants to grow in?’


We have been fantastic geographers when exploring our new topic all about London. We have been exploring London using Google Earth, looking closely at where London is and how far it is from Rothwell. We have been researching London landmarks and learning how to safe search and save images to create our own  collages. We have looked closely at London landmarks on maps thinking carefully about where they are situated using directional language. We then used this information to plot them on our own maps.


In Art we have been exploring colour and tints as well as using everyday objects to print with. We are practising these skills in preparation for our final piece where we will be creating our own art work inspired by our London topic. We have been looking closely at art work created by Paul Klee to inspire us.


We have had a wonderful time bringing our Humanities focus to life through our school trip to the National Coal Mining Museum and our miners focus day. The children enjoyed exploring different primary sources at the museum and even experienced going down the mine! We then had a miners focus day in school. We started by using our map reading skills and compass directions to locate different areas we would find at a colliery within our school grounds. We explored more primary sources from the museum using our historical skills to ask questions and compare similarities and differences. We learnt about the miners strike and used role play to hold our own strike on the school field! Year 2 have been fantastic historians and geographers. We are very proud of them!






In Science this half term we have been looking at everyday materials. We have been exploring the different properties of everyday materials and looking closely at our enquiry question ‘Which material is suitable for making a mini mine-cart?’ We planned our enquiry carefully, making predictions based on the properties of the materials we were testing. We then carried out our enquiry by testing the materials for strength. Well done Year Two, you are super Scientists!



Year Two have been super mathematicians this half term in their focus on place value. They have explored concrete, pictorial and abstract representations of numbers to 100 using their super reasoning skills to prove their answers. Well done Year Two!




Class of 2020/2021

Take One Picture – Designing a dress

Our whole school took part in the very exciting ‘Take One Picture’ challenge, where we took inspiration from ‘The Finding of Moses’ by Orazio Gentileschi to create our own masterpiece. Year Two took on the challenge of creating a 3D version of the painting’s gold dress. For this, we weaved, printed, used watercolours and painted using anything that wasn’t a paint brush! We are so proud of our creation and the new skills we learnt. It was a lovely – but messy – day!

Holy Week – Palm Sunday

To start our look at Holy Week, Year Two held their own Palm Sunday procession as many of us still can’t go to church at the minute. We waved palm leaves and recreated the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem. It was fantastic to hear the celebration and remember the start of the most important week! 

This Green Moon – Our Outdoor Classroom 

Our whole school has been busy building our new Woodland Area with the brilliant help of This Green Moon! When it came time for Year Two to help, we painted the geodome, helped build the bug houses and worked out the best place to put the bat and bird homes. We loved every minute of helping out and even spent some time spotting all of the birds we could see in our playground. It was a lovely morning and we can’t wait to spend more time in our outside classroom! 


Science – Year Two’s Egg Drop

As part of our science topic – ‘Everyday Materials’ – Year Two has been putting different common materials to the test. This has all been with the aim of making the best parachute possible to protect an egg when dropped. After planning and building their parachutes, Year Two put them to the test (with the help of Mr Williams and a ladder)! Our builds were very successful, with over half of the eggs surviving the fall. We had so many brilliant ideas on what materials were useful and how we could improve our designs if we did this again. Our class has lots of budding engineers!



Welcome back to school!

We have loved having all of our Year 2 family back in school and have had such an exciting week! After a lot of planning by the class, we had a fun-filled week of making our own toys, cooking pizzas and our own Olympics. It has been lovely to see everyone’s faces (off Zoom!) and catch up with all our friends!

Science – International Women in Science Day!

To celebrate all of the amazing women who have made a difference in science, year Two spent International Women in Science Day looking at two very important scientists. In the morning, we researched Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, and looked at the incredible legacy she left for women in space. We then tried to make our own rocket launchers – a success both at home and at school. In the afternoon, we travelled back in time to celebrate Mary Anning and all the amazing work she did discovering fossils. For this, we even had a go at making our own fossils to discover! We are so thankful for these inspirational women who have taught us we can all be anything we want to be! 

History – Our Miners Day!

Today, we had our Miners Day to celebrate the end of our Rothwell Miners topic. It was fantastic to see all of the miners come in their work clothes –  a fantastic effort was made by all! We made check coins to let us into the mines, cracked a code, went on strike and competed in a design challenge to build a canary cage. We had a brilliant day and saw the history of our area come to life! 

DT – Building our Mine Carts

After lots of careful planning and testing, Year Two were ready to make their own mine carts! Over 3 weeks, they built, painted, decorated and tested their 4-wheeled creations to see if they were fit for purpose. Despite a few casualties (mainly wheels!), everyone made a working mine cart model. We especially had fun racing them around the playground!

Building a Bug Home – Science 

As part of our Living Things and their Habitat topic in science, Year Two has been exploring what makes a perfect habitat for insects.We have learnt that Autumn is the best time to build a bug home as they will be great places for insects to hibernate in during Winter. In our science lessons, Year Two explored habitats in our playground, used this information to plan their own bug homes and then built them. There was such amazing creativity on show as everyone thought about the best way to shelter insects of all sizes! We have left our bug homes outside and will be monitoring to see if any insects choose to make them their home!


International Dot Day – Art

On Tuesday 15th September, our whole school took part in International Dot Day – based on the book ‘The Dot’ by Peter H Reynolds. We started the day with a Zoom call with the whole school to show our amazing dotty outfits before spending the rest of the day exploring our creative side! In Year Two, we drew our self-portraits, took inspiration from Indigenous Australian art, worked on printing and painted with different materials. It was a day where we could express ourselves and experiment with what art meant to us. It was a brilliant day and we can’t wait to see our final dots on display with the rest of the school’s!


Living, Dead or Never Alive? – Science

Year Two have been learning all about life processes and what it means o be living. This week, we took our science work outside to think about our first scientific enquiry of the year – ‘What is living, dead or has never been alive in our own environment?’ As scientists, the whole class looked deeper at what it meant to be living, thinking long and hard about each item they found, using this to come up with amazing explanations using their scientific knowledge!


Researching 4 wheels and axles – DT

For our DT project this half term, Year Two are building mine carts! Before we could start planning our own mine carts, we needed to research what they looked like and how they worked. We knew we wanted ours to have 4 wheels and axles, so we spent our DT lesson this week exploring these on toy cars and trucks to see what we thought worked best. As well, we looked at the axles and thought about what  the purpose was – the answers were so thoughtful and inventive. We can’t wait to use all the information we found in our own designs!



Class of 2019/2020


Thank You NHS!

For a project over Easter, Reception, Year One and Year Two decided to say thank you to the wonderful NHS for all the hard work they are doing to keep us safe. Children across the 3 classes sent in art work, videos, prayers and special messages to tell the NHS how thankful we are for them. 


From everyone in KS1, we’d like to say a big thank you with our video!

Science – Carrying Out an Enquiry

For the past 2 weeks, Year 2 have been preparing to create their own science enquiry to answer the question: ‘Can we make ice cream without a freezer?’. We asked this question after reading the Gruffalo and wondering how they made owl ice cream in the woods. After much planning and investigating the best materials to use for the job, Year 2 got to work turning their flavoured milk into owl ice cream. Using the plastic bags we decided were best for the job (because they are strong, thin and can move easily), each child in Year 2 carried out their enquiry (with a quick break halfway through for Gruffalo crumble). We found out that most of us could make ice cream very well, but that in science, our enquiries won’t work every single time. It was a very successful (and delicious) enquiry!


Reading Week – World Book Day

For World Book Day this year, Reception, Year One and Year Two all came dressed as their favourite Julia Donaldson character. We had amazing costumes from a wide range of books, including The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom, Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book and more. Everyone looked amazing, it was a brilliant effort by all!


RE – Ash Wednesday

This Wednesday, our school marked the start of Lent with our Ash Wednesday mass. Following this, Year Two thought about what Lent means and how we will use this time to be an even better version of ourselves, following the guidance of Jesus. We wrote our Lenten promises that we are going to try our best to keep for the whole 40 days of Lent!

Collective Worship

“Let all that you do be done in love” – Corinthians 16:14

This week, Year Two reflected on this quote to think about how we show love in the classroom and in our lives. After thinking about this, we filled our paper hearts with love and displayed them for the school to see!

Geography – Exploring Our Oceans and Continents

As part of our new topic – ‘What a Wonderful World!’ – Year Two have been researching the oceans and continents that make up our world. Using atlases, we discovered the names of our oceans and continents, using compass directions to explain where they are in relation to each other. As a class, we know exactly where our school is, from the city we live in to the continent! 

Taking this information, we then used different resources to find out more information on oceans and continents, working independently. Using, maps, iPads and information texts, Year Two explored the world and presented their findings to the rest of the class. 

Music Week – Dress Up Day 

On the Tuesday of our Music Week, it was time for Year Two to really understand what fashion was like in the 1990s and there was no better way to do this than a dress up day. From the Gallaghers to the Spice Girls to Kurt Cobain, we had it all! It was amazing to see the dedication and enthusiasm behind each outfit and how well the children got into their roles. Thank you to all parents and children for how special and fun you made this day!



History – How did they put out the Great Fire of London?

Carrying on with our History topic of the Great Fire of London, Year Two has been learning all about a life before firefighters. We learnt that the citizens of London tried to put out the flames using water that they gathered from the Thames in buckets they could find. To test out how hard this would be, Year Two decided to put out their own ‘fire’. The class was split into 2 teams and had to gather water from ‘the Thames’ and pass it along the line to their house. After we finished, Year Two realised how hard it would have been for the people of London, as we had a lot of spills, breaking buckets and slow movers – it would have taken us a very long time to put out the Great Fire of London! We’re very thankful that we now have a fire service that can help keep us safe and put out fires quickly. 


History – London’s Burning, We’re Learning!

Year Two has been busy learning all about the Great Fire of London this week! The children were in control for their research, using different sources to become historians and uncover the story of Great Fire of London in their teams. We started by looking at pictures and picking out what important details we could see, before moving onto using iPads, information books and research sheets to piece together the events of 1666. By the end of the lesson, we had built up an impressive picture of what happened and why using the independent research of all the children!


Music – Our Piano Workshop

This week, Year One and Two were given the amazing opportunity to listen to and learn more about music thanks to our brilliant Music Coordinator Miss Jackson! Told through the wonderfully imaginative story of ‘Skylar’s Missing Note’, the children learnt all about different styles of music and how we can recreate the sounds around us. Not only were we all engrossed by the story of the missing note and the pesky pigeon, we all even joined in with the story by making music with our voices, our body and the floor.

The fun didn’t stop there either! Year Two then had their own workshop, where they learnt more about the way music is made and how we can use it to create different effects. We brought a train station to life by thinking about what sounds we’d hear, how we can create them and finally making all these noises together to create a bustling city location. Along the way, we learnt many musical terms:

  • Dynamics – loud or quiet
  • Pitch – high or low
  • Tempo – fast or slow
  • Rhythm – the pattern of the music

We had an amazing morning and learnt so much about music along the way!


Topic – Pirate Day!

On the last day of half term, we celebrated our Pirate Day! After a long half term of learning all about pirates, where they lived and what they ate, we decided to live like them for a day. This meant we had a treasure hunt, baked pirate biscuits and even wrote letters to pirates, all in our amazing pirate costumes!

School Council

Congratulations to our new Year 2 school councillors – Daniel and Olivia J! It was a very close race with 26 children running for the position in Year 2. We’re sure you’ll represent us brilliantly!



School Council Election

This week, Year 2 have been hard at work preparing for our school council elections. They have made posters, given speeches and proudly worn their rosettes all around school to convince the class why they are the best choice to represent Year 2. On Thursday, our whole class even went into St Mary’s polling station to choose their two representatives, making sure to post their vote in the ballot box. We can’t wait to find out who our next school councillors are! 


PSHE –  Friendship

Our PSHE topic this half term all about how we can be a good friend. We spent our lesson this week celebrating all the things that make our friends great. In groups, we took it in turns to tell our friends why we’re glad they are our friends and what makes them special. We all left our PSHE lesson feeling very happy and grateful for all the wonderful people in our lives!


Collective Worship – Teamwork

This week, our collective worship team decided to theme their worship around teamwork. They planned, organised and found their Bible passage themselves to deliver a beautiful message of how we are stronger together!

“Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed” – Ecclesiastes 4:9


Behaviour Time – Our Golden Class

Year 2 has been impressing the whole school with their improving behaviour, manners and work. We even had the most children on gold and won the behaviour award! To celebrate our gold time, Year 2 decided to have a camp out in the classroom. We built a fort, watched a film and had hot chocolate and marshmallows –  a lovely Friday afternoon!


English – Our Remarkable Readers

Our focus for English this week is descriptive writing. To help us produce the best work we can, Year 2 has been focusing on adjectives. In our guided reading and free reading time this week, we have been looking for new and interesting adjectives that we can find in our books that will help us with our own writing. As we read, we’ve been adding our new finds to our adjective wall and even using a thesaurus to find even more adjectives. As a result, our written descriptions have been amazing this week, with so much detail and imagery in all our work!

RE – Chosen People

Our topic in RE this half term is ‘Chosen People’. With Mrs Sheldon-Price, Year Two have been exploring and learning more about amazing people who God has chosen and how we too have been chosen by God. This week, they have been learning all about Abraham and Sarah. In groups, they retold the story – including modernising and evaluating it – and presented their work to the whole class! 

Science – Living Things and their Habitat

This term, our science focus is all about living things and their environment. In their science lesson this week, Year 2 explored their own habitat, discovering all the plants and animals that live in our playground. We even discussed how the cold and rainy day was the perfect conditions for the plants and animals that we see every day in Rothwell!


Maths – Place Value 

In our first week back, Year 2 have been investigating numbers and learning all about place value! Carrying on from our work in transition week, we have been working hard to show numbers with objects, numbers and words. Our aim is to be able to write all our numbers to 100 in words and numbers!

This week, our focus has been on how many tens and ones there are in numbers, what order we write our numbers in, and finding one more and one less than a number. 






Class of 2018/2019:

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