Year 2


Welcome to Year 2!

In Year 2 you will find Miss Durn, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Mace.


Our class motto is to always push yourself to achieve your very best! We believe that anything is possible through hard work and determination and our wonderful class class of Year 2 children show us this every day. We love creativity, having fun and trying new challenges together. We treat every day as a new adventure and look forward to seeing what the year brings.

Here are our Year 2 bright sparks…

Year 2:

Miss Durn:         Mrs Thompson:         Mrs Mace:










Our News

Important information:

  • PE will take place on Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure that children bring their PE kits to change into in school.
  • Spellings in Year 2 will now take place on a Monday. Please ensure that children have their spelling books with them on a Monday.
  • Children are expected to bring their reading book and reading journal to school every day. Please note that if your child’s reading book is not changed then they are not ready for a new book at this time. We will include any information in children’s reading journals about reading in class. Please continue to use the assessment focus questions sent home this term to explore the book with children.
Year 2 reading and spelling information letter: Reading and spelling information- Y2

Check out our class updates:

3D landmark challenge – 12/07/19

Journey in love – 11/07/19

Mapping – 10/07/19

We Are Scientists! Plants – 28/06/19

We Are Scientists! Material Madness- 11/06/19

Outdoor Maths – 24/06/19

Year 2 Take Over! Minecraft Worlds – 21/06/19

Line Art: Developing our art skills – 20/06/19

This Green Moon Magic! – 11/06/19

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Adventures – 24/05/19

Stephen Lawrence Day- 29/04/19

Easter celebrations: The Tale of Three Trees  – 28/03/19

Year 2 Mother’s Day Assembly – 22/03/19

Writing themed week – 08/03/19

Artefact of the term- 06/02/19

Castle research – 24/01/19

Great Fire of London day – 20/12/18


Our Christmas celebrations – 18/12/18

More than Dance – 12/12/18

Great Fire Of London music exploration – 04/12/18

Our Advent promises reflection – 03/12/18

We made our Advent Promises in class today and shared our reasons why we were making our promise. Children worked extremely hard thinking about their reasons and it was wonderful to see all of our faith and knowledge about Advent in class. Well done Year 2!

PSHE: Friendship time -21/11/18

What a wonderful day in Year 2! Children explored the meaning of friendship and the rules of being a good friend. We made posters and presented our rules to each other. It was amazing watching children work so well together showing how to be a good friend. Great work Year 2!

Year 2 gold reward time – 16/11/18

Remembrance Day reflections – 09/11/18

We had a beautiful day reflecting on Remembrance Day and the people who were affected. Children wrote heartfelt poems and shared their feelings about the day. We left school feeling moved by all of the poems we shared together. Thank you for your hard work Year 2!

Pirate day celebrations – 26/10/18

Harvest art – 19/10/18

Chocolate man visit – 10/10/18

D:Side visit – 26/09/18

We had a lovely morning learning about how to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Year 2 had so many ideas to share and impressed our D:Side visitor with their scientific knowledge. Well done Year 2!

Year 2 gold reward time – 21/09/18

Collective Worship showcase:

13/09/18 – Coming back to school

The word of the Lord:  “Trust in the LORD with all your heart” -Proverbs 3:6

Thank you to our Collective Worship leaders: Isabelle, Edwina, Maxwell and Max P

20/09/18 – Kindness

The word of the Lord:  “Let all you do be done in LOVE” -Corinthians, 16:14

Thank you to our Collective Worship leaders: Thomas B, Maksymilian, Isabelle and Nathan

27/09/18 – God and his love for us

The word of the Lord:  “Love never fails” – 1 Corinthians 13

Thank you to our Collective Worship leaders: Callum, Maya, James B and Mason

11/10/18 – Looking after our beautiful world

The word of the Lord: God made the world “And God saw that is was good” – Genesis 1:10

Thank you to our Collective Worship leaders: Abigail, Ava, Xanthe and Henry

25/10/18 – Moses

The word of the Lord: “Be strong. Be brave. Be fearless. You are not alone” – Joshua 1:9

Thank you to our Collective Worship leaders: Max, George, Eliza and Zavier

22/11/18 – Looking after animals in the world

The word of the Lord: “In His hands are the life of every creature…” – Job 12:10

Thank you to our Collective Worship leaders: Joe, Iona and Bradley

17/01/19 – Turning sadness into joy

Thank you to our Collective Worship leaders: Charlie, Ethan, Joe and Florence

24/01/19 – Keeping Healthy

Thank you to our Collective Worship leaders: Zavier, Max and Iona

31/01/19 – Looking after the world

Thank you to our Collective Worship leaders: Henry, Edwina, William and Callum

07/02/19 – Teamwork

Thank you to our Collective Worship leaders: Abigail, Xanthe, Bradley and Maksymilian 

14/02/19 – Valentine’s Day

Thank you to our Collective Worship leaders: Thomas B, Max and Maya

25/04/19 – The true meaning of Easter

Thank you to our Collective Worship leaders: George, Mason, Iona and Maya

02/05/19 – Stephen Lawrence

Thank you to our Collective Worship leaders: Callum, James B, Bradley and Max

06/06/19 – Looking after the environment

Thank you to our Collective Worship leaders: Thomas L, Joe, Florence and Eliza



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Helping at Home

Following our Maths information evening for parents, we have shared some useful documents to see how Maths is taught in school. The most effective way for you to help would be to practise the ‘progression in number facts’ and times tables.

Rothwell St Mary’s Calculation Policy

Progression in number facts

Parents’ Information Evening Nov 18