Year 2



Welcome to Year 2

Mrs Ronicle: Hello everyone! Welcome to Year 2’s Class Page!

We will keep this page updated with exciting pictures and comments about the things we have been learning in Year 2.

As well as teaching in Year 2, I enjoy singing, reading, drawing, walking, going to Mass, spending time with my family and friends, and eating fish and chips!







Our News



Year 2 were fortunate enough to receive a visit from D:Side this term! Dave talked to our class about what makes us special and how to keep our bodies safe and healthy. The children were able to try putting life-size organs back into their correct positions, using a brave volunteer! D;side 1

Spirited Art

In RE this term, we have begun to include the Spirited Art programme. In Class 2, we created artwork around the themes of making peace, prayer, Holy space and looking for God. We entered our pieces into a school-wide competition, and one of our children won the Outstanding Award for his chalk pastel representation of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Other Faiths week

During Other Faiths week, Year 2 explored Judaism! We learned about the origins of the religion and customs and beliefs that are still held today. The children made replicas of Torah scrolls and wrote a bible verse in Hebrew – we had to remember that it is written right to left!



Jewish Heritage Centre

We had a wonderful class trip to the Jewish Heritage Centre! The children made traditional Jewish bread, looked round the shetl (the Jewish supermarket), explored the Synagogue and tried some Jewish food and learned about Jewish history. The children were excellently-behaved and were a credit to our school!



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Seed planting

For our science project in Spring, we planted seeds and left them in different conditions to see which plants would grow or not!

Class Assembly

In Spring, the children in Class 2 wrote their own class assembly, all about being Chosen by God!

More Than Dance

More Than Dance came into school to do liturgical dance workshops with our class. We all really enjoyed performing our dance to parents and the school in our Holy Week liturgy.



In Year 2 this term, we’ve enjoyed lots of fun and exciting learning! Here are some of the highlights…

Take One Picture Art Day

We spent a day creating a collaborative piece of class art! We looked at the focus picture from the Take One Picture programme, and created our own class collage, using scraps from magazines! We wrote a piece of creative writing as a class to create the sails of the ship.

Christmas jumper charity run

We put on our festive jumpers and ran three laps outside school to raise money for St Gemma’s Hospice!

Victorian Day

In KS1, we turned our classes into a Victorian School for a day! Everyone dressed up in Victorian clothing and we had a range of activities in each of our classes, ranging from gingerbread-baking and Victorian calligraphy, to silhouette drawing and William-Morris-style tile-making!

Pirate Day! 

To celebrate our learning about pirates in the first half term, we had a day where we all (yes, staff included!) dressed up as pirates and made treasure maps, sang sea shanties and played pirate board games!

Road safety training

The children were lucky to have road safety training with a dedicated safety team this term. We discussed the Green Cross Code and the children were taught how to safely cross a road.

The Wizard of Oz Day

Our whole school was very fortunate to be treated to a performance of The Wizard of Oz! To celebrate, we dressed up as characters from the film and had lots of fun, focused learning in literacy and drama throughout the day.


Autumn 2

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