Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

In Year One we have Miss Cohen, Mrs. Laycock, and our 30 wonderful Year One learners.



Our Curriculum in Year 1

At St. Mary’s we go above and beyond to ensure that the firm foundations of knowledge are put in place in order for our children to achieve their full potential actively, creatively and holistically.

We have built our curriculum so that it is sequential so that children’s learning can build both depth and breadth ; it is purposeful in order to make learning here meaningful for children living in Rothwell whilst being spiritual at all times in order to fit with our Catholic Ethos Statement.





Information about Planning

Planning for 2021- 2022

Long Term PlanLong term plan 2021-2022

Autumn 1: 

Home Sweet Home –medium term plan – A1 Y1

RE planning –Gods Great Plan

Autumn 2:

Home Sweet Home- medium term plan – A2 Y1

R.E. planning- 1-2-PS-Mary-Mother-of-God

Spring 1:

United Kingdom-medium term plan

R.E. planning- Sp1 Y1 1-3-PS-Fam-Cel-1

Spring 2:

United Kingdom-Medium-Term-Planning-Spring 2 2022

R.E. planning-1-4-Planning-Sheets-Following-Jesus

Summer 1:

Kenya-Medium-Term-Planning-Summer 1  

R.E. planning-1-5-PS-Resurrection









Helping at Home

End of year expectations:

To support parents in knowing what is expected of Year 1 pupils at the end of the year, we have put links below to documents which detail in child speak. These are here as an aid to support and give guidance only.

Band 1 Pupil – Maths –

Number Band 1 Pupil –

Maths – Other Band 1 Pupil –

Reading & Spoken Language Band 1 Pupil –

Science Band 1 Pupil – Writing

Following our Maths information evening for parents, we have shared some useful documents to see how Maths is taught in school. The most effective way for you to help would be to practice the ‘progression in number facts’ and times tables.

Parents’ Information Evening Nov 18

Progression in number facts

Rothwell St Mary’s Calculation Policy 

Year 1 Common Exception Words

Useful phonics links to access:

The Geraldine the Giraffe videos on you tube are a useful resource for your child to watch. We sometimes use these within the classroom.

Websites to access at home to help with your child’s learning:

Here is a useful video to help with the correct articulation of phonemes:




Please find below the spellings we will be looking at over the Autumn half term. If you would like to do any extra practise at home it is really beneficial to practise using the spellings within sentences. This encourages the children to use the correct spelling when writing independently.

Autumn Term Spellings

Please find below the list of Year 1 common exception words should you wish to practise these with your child at home.

Year 1 Common Exception Words