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With Miss Cohen, Mrs Williams, Mrs Sweeney and our thirty lovely Reception children!

Over the week we have some very helpful adults who come in to listen to readers or do special activities with us and we always   appreciate the help that they give to us.

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Early Years Curriculum: Development Matters

Early Learning Goals: Early Learning Goals Posters



Our class governor is Mrs Ashton.




Meet the staff!

Miss Cohen loves everything Disney, her favourite film is The Lion King. Miss Cohen loves spending time outdoors taking her puppy on long muddy walks. Miss Cohen loves to travel and explore our beautiful world.

Mrs Williams has a very cute dog called Olly who can be quite cheeky and mischievous, though he is learning to be better behaved! Mrs Williams and Mr Williams like to go for long walks with Olly and Mrs Williams is also an amazing cook. She makes delicious cakes and impressive meals. She once even made a wedding cake!


What happens in Reception?

We want to build children who are independent, confident and thoughtful. We understand that the building blocks of our school are in our hands and that is why we take a very holistic approach to education, understanding that every single one of our children is unique, individual and incredibly special! We love all of our children and that is why we are so keen to meet the varying needs of each one, ensuring that by the time they leave our Reception class they are ready to embark on the exciting journey of school life.

We like to have a very varied, lively and ever changing classroom environment where the outdoor activities and indoor activities give us the best chance of accessing the full foundation stage curriculum so that we can all do our absolute best!

In Reception we encourage lots of learning at home to help embed everything we do in school. We set exciting tasks half termly that are always completed amazingly! We also expect the children to do their flashcards/ phonic cards/ reading books on a near daily frequency so that all of the learning we do at school is underpinned at home. We really hope with strong links between school and home our little learners can achieve their full potential.

Finally, from our point of meeting we put a real emphasis on our relationship with you. We work hard to build these relationships with the hope that our parents feel happy to come and chat to us to celebrate, query and catch up on their child’s day.




 Reception Class 2018-2019

P.E. is on Monday and Wednesday

Children come to school in their P.E. kit with school uniform in a bag to change into.


Term newsletter

Our first class newsletter: Reception Newsletter – Autumn 1

Autumn 2 newsletter- Autumn 2 Newsletter

Spring 1 newsletter-Class Newsletter S1

It is the last day of the Spring term so we decided to go outside on the adventure playground and enhance our physcial development. We had an exciting time balancing, jumping and rolling whilst we enjoyed the lovely sunshine. 

We had lots of fun on our class trip to the Theatre to watch Dinosaur Live! We really enjoyed travelling on the coach, singing songs and playing games. When we got to the Theatre we got to see lots of Dinosaurs and learn a lot more facts about them. We were amazed by what we saw!

As we have been learning about Dinosaurs we decided to look at  Dinosaurs habitats and we really enjoyed learning about Volcanos. We decided to do our own Volcano experiment using fizzy drinks and mentos. The children predicited which one they thought would be the longest eruption and we made a tally chart to show our predictions. The children timed each test using the Ipad’s and wrote down the results. We found that Limeade had the longest eruption.


We have been learning all about number 8. We have used our mathematical skills to represent 8 in different ways using money, tally, shapes, drawings, number sentences, numeral, numberblocks and numicon. We have been using our knoweledge of smaller numbers to make 8, adding 2 and 3 numbers. We have shown this through our concept maps about number 8!

We set the Ipad’s up around school to film what came into our school. It was a T-Rex!

We used our knowledge of Dinosaurs to find out more about the T-rex. He left us some Dinosaur eggs to look after. We have put them in some water to protect them and watch them grow.

This morning when we came into the classroom we found that all the tables had been knocked over and that something had left a foot print. We wrote down our predictios with reasons why, to help the Police find out who it was.

Who could it be?


Today is World book day! The chidlren dressed up as characters linked to our topic about dinosaurs.

To mark the start of Lent the children attened Mass for Ash Wednesday. Then they thought of their own Lenten promises and hung them on our Lenten tree.

It’s pankcake day! As it was pankcake day the children wrote instuctions on how to make pankcakes, they all got to measure the ingredients and stir the mixture to make their own delicious DINOSAUR PANCAKES!!

This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year! We made our own Chinese masks, practiced Chinese dancing, tried on traditional costumes, wrote an acrostic poem about Chinese New Year and got to make our own dragon. It was big enough for the whole class!

This half term we have been learning about Jesus’ miracles in R.E. This week we retold the story of The Wedding at Cana and had our own wedding and pretended to turn water into wine.


We have been learning all about number 7. We have been busy representing 7 in different ways. We really liked number block 7 because he is all 7 colours of the rainbow and has helped us learn the 7 days of the week. We have shown 7 using blocks, clocks, money, tally, number sentences, numicon, dominoes, fingers and wearing the 7th badge.


We had a special visit from two explorers! They have both been exploring Antarctica and the Arctic. We were very lucky to listen to their fantastic stories and learnt more information about what these places are like and  the animals that live there. We had lots of fun trying on the special clothes, seeing how many children we could get inside the tent, riding in the sledge and getting to touch real animal horns. Our favourite part was learning to dance like a penguin!



This week we have been reading the story ‘The three snow bears’. The children were really interested in the igloo that the bears lived in. We decided to make mini igloo’s using chocolate and marshmallows. Then we wrote down what we would need to make a huge igloo that we would all fit inside. We used lots of different materials to create our igloo.



After the egg had cracked we thought of ideas how we could get the penguin back home to Antarctica. We built a boat ad designed maps so the penguin would know which way to go. We enjoyed our experiment of making and melting ice. We carefully put water into the freezer and in the morning it had turned into ice. We used warm water to place the containers in to see if the ice would melt quickly or slowly. We also tested if the container would make a cracking sound when it went into the water.



The egg has cracked!

This morning when we came into the classroom the egg had cracked. We couldn’t see anything inside until we lifted the egg to see an Emperor penguin chick inside!


In Maths we have been learning all about number 6. We have been learning different ways to represent 6. We used a dice, shape, numbers, counters, numicon,pence and time. We have been working really hard writing number sentences to add and takeaway numbers to equal 6.


There is an egg in the classroom!

This morning the was a trail of snow leading to a mystery egg. What could be inside? The children decided that we needed to be careful because the egg was delicate. We shared fantastic ideas about what could be inside. We hope it hatches soon.


This week in Literacy we having been reading the story ‘Emperor’s egg’. We have been looking at lots of facts about penguins and how they look after their egg. We have been writing key words about the Winter weather, looking at Antarctica on the globe,using materials to create our own penguins and building warm homes to protect penguins.

Who is this creature with terrible claws, and terrible tusks in its terrible jaws? It’s the GRUFFALO!

Reception have been reading the Gruffalo’s child this week and talking about weather changes in the story. We have been experimenting making shadows just like the big, bad mouse and writing about our favourite characters. Reception also enjoyed their Gruffalo day where they were able to dress up as a woodland creature, bake Gruffalo biscuits, design their own Gruffalo and retell the story using puppets.



Christmas festivities have begun in Reception. We have enjoyed putting up our Christmas tree, playing Christmas party games, singing Christmas songs and making decorations with our buddies.

Reception all did a fabulous in our Nativity performance. They remembered all their lines and sang so beautifully! We are very proud of all of you!



This week we have been looking at the celebration of Hanukkah. We listened to the story of Hanukkah and got to hold a menorah and pretend to light the candles. We took turns to spin the dreidel a game Jewish children play and we got to eat donuts, a special food children eat at Hanukkah.


Today we had a visit from our class Governor Mrs Ashton. We were very lucky that she shared her favorite story with us, brought us some treats and told us all about herself. We hope she comes to see us again soon.


This week Reception have been learning about birthdays! We have been celebrating Kipper’s birthday. We made cards, wrote invitations, made party decorations all ready for our party. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us.


We are grapheme detectives! This morning the children got their magnifying glasses and were on the hunt for the tiny graphemes hidden around the classroom. The children wrote down all the graphemes they could find and thought of words that had that inital sound. They used their robot arms to segment and write them down! Well done detectives we cracked the case!



Reception were fantastic and won the behavior award for the most children on gold that week. The children had a vote and decided they wanted to have a disco with biscuits. We had lots of fun!


This week we have been looking at weddings as our celebration of the week! The children really enjoyed listening to the story of The scarecrows wedding. We made a list of items we needed for the scarecrows wedding, created our own scarecrows, designed wedding dresses and dressed up to create our own weddings.



We have been learning all about number 4! The children have represented 4 in lots of different ways. They have been adding numbers to make 4, measuring 4cm, showing 4 o’clock,making tally charts,buying items for 4 pence and making shapes with 4 sides.




This week we celebrated Diwali! We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and wrote down facts about Diwali, created masks to retell the story and made our own rangoli designs using salt.

This half term our topic is Celebrations. To start of our topic we looked at bonfire night! The children enjoyed sharing their stories from bonfire night, using their senses to describe the fireworks in our writing activity, making sparklers and drawing their own fireworks.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been exploring the number 3! The children have shown how much they know about number 3 and represented this in multiple ways each time giving an explanation of why their items show 3.


We have been learning about people who help us and have had lots of visitors coming into school to explain what their jobs are. We had a  special visit from a dentist and a nurse. We practiced giving babies injections, putting on bandages and listening to each others heart beats using the stethoscope. We also practiced brushing teeth with help from the brushing bus song. We also learnt long we need to brush our own teeth for by using the 2 minute timers.



We were very lucky to have a visit from the fire service. We learn’t all about what a fire fighter does and how they keep us safe. We looked at safety uniform they have to wear. We got to try on some helmets, have a look around the fire engine and even get to use the hose.


Reception have been learning what a superhero is. We were very lucky to have a visit from a real life superhero. PC Beverly visited us from Rothwell police station. She talked to the children about how important her job is, how she can help us and keep us safe. We even got to try on the uniforms and become police boys and girls.

We have been representing 2 in multiple ways. We have been showing all our knowledge of 2 throughout the classroom. We have been exploring 2 using money, ordinal language, shape, blocks, bears, numicon and dice.



The Evil Peas have struck! They came into our classroom, messed up our home corner and trapped Supertato and his friends under a shopping basket. They left us a letter giving us instructions to set Supertato free. We used our Mathematical superpowers to crack the code. We had to work as a team to match the numicon keys to the number on the paddock. We did it! We set Supertato free and defeated the Evil Peas.



In literacy we have been reading the story of Supertato learning all about his super powers. We have been exploring materials to create our very own Supertato.

This week Reception won the trophy for having full attendance all week! Well done, lets hope we win again next week.





We have learnt all about the number one. We have been representing one in lots of different ways using resources.


   Information about Planning

Here is what is happening in our class this year:

2018-2019 overview

Summer One:
In R.E our topic is New Life:New Life

Our half term topic is Traditional Tales:Half Term Planning Overview

Spring Two:
In R.E our topic is Joy and Sorrow:Joy and Sorrow

Our topic this half term is Dinosaurs:Half Term Planning Overview

Spring One:
In R.E our topic is Getting to know Jesus: Getting to know Jesus

Our topic this half term is Winter: Half Term Planning Overview

Autumn Two: 

In R.E. our topic is God’s Family: God’s Family- RE A2

Our topic this half term is Celebrations:Celebrations


Autumn One:

In RE our topic is God’s World:God’s World

Our topic this half term is Superhero: Half Term Planning Overview- autumn 1









Helping at Home

Following our Maths information evening for parents, we have shared some useful documents to see how Maths is taught in school. The most effective way for you to help would be to practise the ‘progression in number facts’ and times tables.

Parents’ Information Evening Nov 18

Progression in number facts

Rothwell St Mary’s Calculation Policy