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With Mrs Sweeney, Mrs Williams, Mrs Sheldon-Price and our thirty wonderful Reception children!

In the Reception class there is Mrs Sweeney, Mrs Williams and Mrs Sheldon-Price. Over the week we have some very helpful adults who come in to listen to readers or do special activities with us and we always appreciate the help that they give to us.

Early Years Curriculum: Development Matters

Early Learning Goals: Early Learning Goals Posters

Our class governor.

Meet the staff!

Mrs Sweeney really enjoys going to the cinema to see anything! She spends most of her time with her family and little pug Frank going walking in our beautiful county.

Mrs Williams has a very cute dog called Olly who can be quite cheeky and mischievous, though he is learning to be better behaved! Mrs Williams and Mr Williams like to go for long walks with Olly and Mrs Williams is also an amazing cook. She makes delicious cakes and impressive meals. She once even made a wedding cake!

Mrs Sheldon-Price has two lovely young children that she enjoys spending time with outdoors and getting messy!  Mrs Sheldon-Price loves to go away with all her family exploring new and exciting places. Mrs Sheldon-Price is also an amazing cook.

What happens in Reception?

We want to build children who are independent, confident and thoughtful. We understand that the building blocks of our school are in our hands and that is why we take a very holistic approach to education, understanding that every single one of our children is unique, individual and incredibly special! We love all of our children and that is why we are so keen to meet the varying needs of each one, ensuring that by the time they leave our Reception class they are ready to embark on the exciting journey of school life.

We like to have a very varied, lively and ever changing classroom environment where the outdoor activities and indoor activities give us the best chance of accessing the full foundation stage curriculum so that we can all do our absolute best!

In Reception we encourage lots of learning at home to help embed everything we do in school. We set exciting tasks half termly that are always completed amazingly! We also expect the children to do their flashcards/ phonic cards/ reading books on a near daily frequency so that all of the learning we do at school is underpinned at home. We really hope with strong links between school and home our little learners can achieve their full potential.

Finally, from our point of meeting we put a real emphasis on our relationship with you. We work hard to build these relationships with the hope that our parents feel happy to come and chat to us to celebrate, query and catch up on their child’s day.








 Reception Class 2017-2018

P.E. is on Monday and Wednesday

Children come to school in their P.E. kit with school uniform in a bag to change into.


Join us for collective worship every Thursday at 9am in our classroom.


Monday to Thursday the classroom will be open at 8:30am for the following:

  • Monday and Wednesday – reading and writing with your children

  • Tuesday and Thursday – Mathletics and Reading Eggs


Our class newsletter for this half term, the last half term in ReceptionNewsletter Su2:

We have been enjoying some new books in our classroom! We have been reading some of Robert Sabuda’s pop up books and attempting to make our own. We soon realised this is very tricky so Ms MacPherson wrote to Mr Sabuda and he showed us how to submit our own questions: 


We have been very busy in our class! So far this half term we have started our Spirited Arts project, found new life in Easter joy, recited the Jack and the Beanstalk story, learnt number bonds to 10 and made our own 3D shapes! Here are some pictures of our busy Reception learners:

Our class newsletter for this half term: Newsletter Su1 

Here’s whats happening in R.E this half term: WTL Summer Term 1 Newsletter

We were very lucky to have More Than Dance in our school. They helped us understand the story of Easter through dance, music and sign language. Here is our wonderful performance!

We enjoyed a week exploring Other Faiths and how they celebrate their special religious occasions. We had a special visitor come into school from REonDemand to explain all about Judaism and Hinduism.


Our class newsletter for this half term: Newsletter SP2

Here’s whats happening in RE this half term: Spring Term 2 Newsletters


Before the snow became too heavy we had chance to enjoy some of the beauty cold weather brings! We felt the snow in our hands and discussed why we could catch it. We described how it looked, felt and even smelt.



Spring has already been a very busy term with lots going on from parents in the classroom, a dinosaur on the loose, wonderful miracles being acted out and mathematician brains being developed even further. Here are just a few pictures of all the wonderful things that have happened this half term.


There’s a dinosaur on the loose!

One day we found some dinosaur eggs in our classroom dropped off by a dinosaur mum. We were not allowed to touch them in case they hatched!

Today we think the dinosaurs came out of their eggs. When we came into the classroom everything was a mess. The dinosaur area had been ruined! The dinosaurs had stomped on the cupboards, on the ceiling and on the floor and left big, scary footprints! In the nest, all that was left was broken dinosaur eggs but no dinosaurs could not be found.

In our teams we followed the footprints outside, into the hall, onto the roof, into the office and in the corridors but still no dinosaurs could be found. We found dinosaur drool, maybe some dinosaur poo and other things we think the dinosaurs might have left on their journeys around our school.

Although we haven’t found any dinosaurs yet we will keep looking. Some of our class think the dinosaurs might be in the trees, in the zoo, in the cars, in houses, in the water, on the roof or sleeping behind the stage. The dinosaur hunters will keep looking…

By Rothwell St. Mary’s Reception Class, The Dinosaur Hunters




This half term we are learning all about Dinosaurs. We were blown away with Olivia’s wonderful homework all about dinosaurs and how much she could tell us about the different dinosaurs she had drawn.

Our class newsletter for this half term:     Class Newsletter

In R.E. this half term:        Spring Term 1 R.E Newsletter


As part of our Christmas preparations we are decorating our Christmas tree with stories from the bible following the Jesse Tree sequence. Each morning we listen to the story and choose the bauble that matches that story and hang it on our Christmas tree. This helps to remember the true meaning of Christmas!



Our school became a Victorian school for the day. We had a taster of what it would be like to go to school as a Victorian. Key Stage One and Reception spent the day together writing their Victorian name, following traditional recipes, creating toys and games and designing their own pieces of Victorian art work.



We have begun our preparations as Advent has arrived!



We had a special visitor in class! Ivana’s mum came into our class to teach us about Nigerian food. She made us fried plantain and puff puff. This was delicious!


We have begun setting up our own focal point for collective worship. The children decide what they would like to support them in their worship.

We have had some brilliant mornings this half term with lots of parents coming to try our phonics sessions. We have focused this first few weeks on phonics teaching and activities to support each child’s development. Thank you for all of the support so far this year.


This week we have had a Polish inspired week. Artur’s parents came in for the morning and make potato pancakes with traditional Polish toppings.

This week have had an Italian inspired week. Matteo’s dad came in to teach us all about his home town and shared some Italian food.



Our class newsletter for Autumn Two: newsletter A2


In R.E. this half term: Autumn Term 2 Newsletter



We have started our new topic ‘Food Around the World’. In our first week we have explored our new restaurant and learned all about Spanish food.


We have been learning about the festival of Diwali. We heard how Rama and Sita defeated Ravana and everyone left candles to help them find their way home. We made Diwa lamps to remember this special part of the story.

We have found our robot arms! We have learned  how to chop up words into each individual phoneme to write it.


Reception are MATHEMATICIANS! We have recognised numbers to 10, ordered them, painted them, found them in the classroom and found one more or less. We have been so proud.


We had a very exciting day in school! The Wizard of Oz came to school and performed in our hall. We all went to see it and then had a special Wizard of Oz themed day. In our classroom we had Dorothy, Toto, witches, scarecrows and tin men.


Our school took part in the National Galleries ‘Take One Picture’ day. We explored the painting Penelope and the Suitors. We looked at different textures and made our own dress for Penelope.

We have been busy in our classroom getting to know each other, all the adults in school and our classroom routines. Here are some pictures of the wonderful adventures we have had in our first few weeks.

Welcome to all our children and families starting in Reception. We now have our class together and in school. We have had our first P.E sessions, first lunches and first assembly. We are all so proud of how the children have settled! We will keep you updated on the class pages with newsletters, upcoming events and achievements in our class.

Our first R.E. and class newsletter is here: Autumn Term R.E. Newsletter   Newsletter Autumn 1




























   Information about Planning

Here is what is happening in our class this year:

2017-2018 overview

Autumn One:

In RE our topic is God’s World: God’s World

Our topic this half term is Robots: Half Term Planning Overview

Autumn Two:

In RE our topic is God’s Family: God’s Family- RE A2

Our topic this half term is Food Around the World: Half Term Planning Overview 

Spring One

In RE our topic in Getting to Know Jesus: Getting to know Jesus

Our topic this half term in Dinosaurs: Half Term Planning Overview

Spring Two

In RE our topic is Sorrow and Joy: Joy and Sorrow

Our topic this half term is Space: Half Term Planning Overview

Summer One

In RE our topic is New Life: New Life

Our topic this half term is Traditional Tales: Half Term Planning Overview

Summer Two

In RE our topic is The Church: The Church

Our topic this half term is Superhero: Half Term Planning Overview