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With Miss Cohen, Mrs Williams, Mrs Sweeney and our thirty lovely Reception children!

Over the week we have some very helpful adults who come in to listen to readers or do special activities with us and we always   appreciate the help that they give to us.

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Early Years Curriculum: Development Matters

Early Learning Goals: Early Learning Goals Posters


Our class governor is Mr Taylor.



Meet the staff!

Miss Cohen loves everything Disney, her favourite film is The Lion King. Miss Cohen loves spending time outdoors taking her puppy on long muddy walks. Miss Cohen loves to travel and explore our beautiful world.

Mrs Williams has a very cute dog called Olly who can be quite cheeky and mischievous, though he is learning to be better behaved! Mrs Williams and Mr Williams like to go for long walks with Olly and Mrs Williams is also an amazing cook. She makes delicious cakes and impressive meals. She once even made a wedding cake!


What happens in Reception?

We want to build children who are independent, confident and thoughtful. We understand that the building blocks of our school are in our hands and that is why we take a very holistic approach to education, understanding that every single one of our children is unique, individual and incredibly special! We love all of our children and that is why we are so keen to meet the varying needs of each one, ensuring that by the time they leave our Reception class they are ready to embark on the exciting journey of school life.

We like to have a very varied, lively and ever changing classroom environment where the outdoor activities and indoor activities give us the best chance of accessing the full foundation stage curriculum so that we can all do our absolute best!

In Reception we encourage lots of learning at home to help embed everything we do in school. We set exciting tasks half termly that are always completed amazingly! We also expect the children to do their flashcards/ phonic cards/ reading books on a near daily frequency so that all of the learning we do at school is underpinned at home. We really hope with strong links between school and home our little learners can achieve their full potential.

Finally, from our point of meeting we put a real emphasis on our relationship with you. We work hard to build these relationships with the hope that our parents feel happy to come and chat to us to celebrate, query and catch up on their child’s day.


 Reception Class 2018-2019

P.E. is on Monday and Wednesday

Children come to school in their P.E. kit with school uniform in a bag to change into.

Term newsletter

Our first class newsletter: Reception Newsletter – Autumn 1

Important dates for the term

4.9.18- School opens

20.9.18 – School performance of ‘A Little Princess’

1.10.18 – Book fair

8.10.18- Police visit

10.10.18- Fire service visit

15.10.18- Dentist and Nurse visit

19.10.18- Harvest festival

22.10.18 – Parent’s evening 3:30pm-6:30pm

23.10.18- Parent’s evening 3:30pm-6:30pm

26.10.18- Break up for half term



We have been learning about people who help us and have had lots of visitors coming into school to explain what their jobs are. We had a  special visit from a dentist and a nurse. We practiced giving babies injections, putting on bandages and listening to each others heart beats using the stethoscope. We also practiced brushing teeth with help from the brushing bus song. We also learnt long we need to brush our own teeth for by using the 2 minute timers.

We were very lucky to have a visit from the fire service. We learn’t all about what a fire fighter does and how they keep us safe. We looked at safety uniform they have to wear. We got to try on some helmets, have a look around the fire engine and even get to use the hose.

Reception have been learning what a superhero is. We were very lucky to have a visit from a real life superhero. PC Beverly visited us from Rothwell police station. She talked to the children about how important her job is, how she can help us and keep us safe. We even got to try on the uniforms and become police boys and girls.

We have been representing 2 in multiple ways. We have been showing all our knowledge of 2 throughout the classroom. We have been exploring 2 using money, ordinal language, shape, blocks, bears, numicon and dice.



The Evil Peas have struck! They came into our classroom, messed up our home corner and trapped Supertato and his friends under a shopping basket. They left us a letter giving us instructions to set Supertato free. We used our Mathematical superpowers to crack the code. We had to work as a team to match the numicon keys to the number on the paddock. We did it! We set Supertato free and defeated the Evil Peas.



In literacy we have been reading the story of Supertato learning all about his super powers. We have been exploring materials to create our very own Supertato.

This week Reception won the trophy for having full attendance all week! Well done, lets hope we win again next week.





We have learnt all about the number one. We have been representing one in lots of different ways using resources.


   Information about Planning

Here is what is happening in our class this year:

2018-2019 overview

Autumn One:

In RE our topic is God’s World:God’s World

Our topic this half term is Superhero: Half Term Planning Overview- autumn 1