Keeping you safe!

We want to keep you safe!


At School, it is the job of all adults to keep children safe. This is the job of all of the adults in school. Have a look at the adults on the ‘Who can you go to’ page to see who our Safeguarding & Child Protection Officers are in school. Then have a look at the ‘Help Online’ section for online resources to see if they can help you.


Remember, we are here to help.

Who can you turn to?

There are four important people who you can go to if you have a worry. This is particularly important if you have been hurt in any way. These people are trained to help you.

They are:

Miss Leonard She is the Headteacher and her office is near the main entrance to the school

Mrs Hartley  She is the Deputy Headteacher and her office is near the staffroom. She teaches in the learning area near the hall on a morning.

Mrs McPherson  She is in charge of the office and she can be found in the school office.

Miss Coulson She is the Assistant Headteacher and her office is near the staffroom. She teaches in Y6 on a morning.

Remember, we also have Denise in school. Denise is part of Catholic Care and she is also here to help. If you want to chat to Denise either tell your adult, class teacher or pop in to see Denise in the Friends’ Room on a Monday.


There is a lot of help for you on the internet

Help if you are being bullied

Help with bullying and other issues if you have a learning disability

Stories to help you to be relationship safe

Help if you are suffering from abuse

Abuse is anything another person does that’s meant to cause harm. .

Help if you need advice about your mental health (the thoughts in your head)