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Congratulations to our Year 5 children who made their First Holy Communion on Sunday 26th September 2021

May God bless them on this special day.

Our Woodland Area

Here is a video of what the area will look like once it is fully established. This has been an amazing development at our school and thanks to the work of Ash and Paul at This Green Moon, our vision has been brought to life. The children are now using this area for Circle Time, Easter activities, stories, and outdoor learning. It will be an area that will be here in years to come for many more generations of pupils.

Happy Easter to All

We want to send the warmest of Easter wishes from our hearts to yours as we all celebrate Jesus’s rising this Easter. The work that all children and staff have done to bring Lent, Holy Week & Easter to life has been amazing and we are incredibly grateful to all of them. Every chorus of song, movement of dance, word of prayer and voice of Liturgy has helped each child in our school – from our youngest Reception Children to our eldest Y6s to fully understand the message of Holy Week. We can’t wait to return to school to see what Y1 & Y4 have in store for us as they bring Easter Sunday to our classrooms.







Take One Picture 

As we prepare for our latest Artforms Award every class has been busily engaging with art & DT in so many varied forms! The talents and skills that were developed in one day were so inspiring – Miss Cohen described the final result as phenomenal! Have a look at the children’s artwork around the painting and artist- ‘The Finding of Moses‘ by Orazio Gentileschi. 


STEM at St. Mary’s 

This May our Science, Tech, Engineering & Maths work has really come to life with an exciting STEM week where all classes have focused on figures from History who have made amazing achievements. We have explored video-communication tech,  made and experimented with rollercoaster design, been in touch with local Engineering companies to find out about global Engineering projects and found out about some inspiring individuals who have changed our lives today. 

Excitement has been buzzing on our school field as the staff of Rothwell St. Mary’s have planned one of the biggest projects in school all around post-covid recovery & SEMH. From research, we know that outdoor learning (&fun!) have enormous benefits to children’s emotional and mental wellbeing so since November we have been busy planning an amazing piece of work that every single child has been able to take part in. New memories have been made, wonderful experiences have been had and class cohesion has been developed all amidst our brand new woodland area. We can’t wait to see what nature we will promote as we begin to use our newest outdoor area for learning.


Happy Easter 2021

‘Those women, in the end, “took hold” of Jesus’ feet (Mt 28:9); feet that had travelled so far to meet us, to the point of entering and emerging from the tomb.  The women embraced the feet that had trampled death and opened the way of hope.  Today, as pilgrims in search of hope, we cling to you, Risen Jesus.  We turn our backs on death and open our hearts to you, for you are Life itself.’ Pope Francis

During Holy Week of 2021 every single child has had the chance to take part in something we haven’t been able to do for a whole year – we have had beautiful singing, amazing dancing, wonderful acting & reflective prayer. The Class Liturgies of Holy Week have just blown us all away – well done everybody! Above we can see some of the beautiful Holy Week creations made my Mrs Sheldon Price and her Circle Time classes.

Virtuous Inspirations Everywhere!

This Spring we have helped all children and staff to re-focus on our school virtues and everybody has been so engaged! Our staff have thought of some of the most amazing ways that children have lived out our virtues and our children have loved nominating different members of staff. We are so proud of everybody who was nominated but special recognition needs to go to the role models below for living out our school values every single day: